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Team BSTAT ended January with a get-together hosted by non-residential member Kati N.  It was great to see so many team members in regular clothes for a change!  There was more than enough awesome food to go around, which is quite an accomplishment.  It can be hard to feed so many runners at once.  All the residential members were presented with superlative awards that ranged from “Most Likely to Cheer for a Losing Football Team (Redskins)” for Walt J. to “Most Consistent and Most Miles” to the running machine himself, Kenny M.  A couple of big changes were also announced regarding core members.  Dana O. took over as social coordinator, Susan C. became the new training coach, and Anni I., the only team leader BSTAT has ever known, stepped down.  She has certainly left massive shoes to fill! Read more…

February was a busy month for team Christopher’s Place.  We survived another Baltimore snowfall and we’ve been anxiously awaiting daylight savings time and warmer temperatures.  Training for the Delaware Marathon and the Nikia Half Marathon is underway, and mileage continues to increase.

We welcomed our newest runner, Dominique B., to the team in late January and he joined us for his first official run in February.  He’s literally hit the ground running and now has more than 75 miles with the team! Dom, Donte E., and Ron W. also completed their first 5k with the team – the Valentine’s 5k in Millersville, Maryland.  Johannah, Training Coach Preston, Joe, Next Steps Coordinator Andrea, Krystle, Avery B., Erin N., and Erin R. also represented Team CP. CP’s Brendan O’Kane took first place in the 5k, edging Baltimore Station Team Leader Dan Miranda at the finish line.  That same morning, other CP teammates hosted the Saturday long run for the marathon and half-marathon training group.

In February, we also celebrated the birthday of our Program Director Jackie, by meeting all the other teams at the Inner Harbor for a pre-dawn birthday gathering. As always, there’s no better way to start the morning than with BoMF!

We also wished Donnell W. good luck as he moved out of CP and into community housing.  Donnell joined CP in October 2009 and has been one of our most consistent runners.  Ricky P., who joined CP in March 2010, is also preparing to move out as well.  We are excited to support them in this next phase and look forward to continuing to run with them in the mornings!   Team CP also celebrated 50 miles with Ron W., 175 miles with Mike M., 200 miles with Ricky, and 275 miles with Mike H. In addition, Avery, Ron, and Dominique started new jobs.

March will be a big month for team CP, as we tackle the Kelly St. Patrick’s Day 5k and the Nikia Half Marathon & Relay.  Many of our teammates will be running in both races, and some will be attempting these distances for the first time. We’ll also host the first game night between CP and MCVET, and we’ll celebrate BoMF’s second birthday.   We’re excited for all the big events coming up this spring!

Team C.P. in February

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Team THUMB, ice skating at Patterson Park

THUMB welcomed three new residential members to our team:  Domonic R., Michael W. and Steven W.  These guys came out with plenty of enthusiasm and are a great addition to our already strong team.  This month saw some pretty cool milestones.  Mike H. reached 500 miles and is training to run his 2nd marathon in May!  Domonic R. and Steven W. already reached 5 miles in their first month with the team.  Michael B. reached 50 miles and Reggie H. had a big month and received his medal for running 5 consecutive miles and he reached 10, 25 miles, and 50 miles.  Moses had a great month reaching 25 miles and 50 miles with the team.  Jaime W. also had a big month as he received his medal for running 5 consecutive miles and 25 and 50 miles.  Donnell M. reached his milestone of 175 miles with the team and John L. reached 100 miles with the team as he prepares to run another marathon in May! Read more…

February was another chock-full and exciting month for Team MCVET.  We welcomed new member Greg H. to our ranks, as well as a handful of new non-res members.  Additionally, the beginning of February saw Mitch G. step into the role of team race coordinator. He almost instantly got to work brainstorming what races and adventures the team could hope to get itself into.

Just a few short days later, on February 12th, the team got together for the very first of those races, caravanning south to Millersville, MD to join the strong contingent of Baltimore Back On My Feeters at the Valentine’s Day 5k.  Included in that showing were MCVET alums Carlos B., who was on hand to offer his support, and Darryl M., who laced up his running shoes to join his teammates on the course.  Although there were a number of notable BOMF performances that day, one of the most momentous  belongs to one of our newer members, Mark D., who completed his very first race with the team!

The team would like to thank Mike S. for all the time and effort that he put in as our former race coordinator over the past few months .  Many of our team’s best moments have been at the races that Mike so graciously helped to put together for us and we truly appreciate it. Thanks Mike!

While most of the team was racing through Maryland’s chilly weather that weekend, Team MCVET alum Charlie T. was enjoying the warmer weather of Dallas, Texas, where he was on hand to speak at the BOMF Dallas Chapter launch.  Accompanied by Jackie, Baltimore’s Program Director, Charlie delivered a truly moving speech to the newest members of the BOMF family in the Lone Star State, sharing his experiences and demonstrating just how great of a potential impact BOMF can have on their lives.

That next weekend, following our Saturday long run, the team headed south once again for a field trip to Maryland’s historic capital city of Annapolis.  Social Coordinator Erin D. organized an informative tour of the State House for the team, where we learned a bit about the national and historic importance of our state’s capital, and some of its native sons and daughters.  After burning so many calories during the morning’s run and afternoon’s walking tour, and in the interest of proper recovery of course, the team concluded its trip with a well-deserved stop at the Annapolis Ice Cream Company!

As the team continues to grow and move forward, everyone is excited for what these next few months have in store for us, including what will mark the two-year anniversary of BOMF Baltimore coming together outside of MCVET for our very first mile together. With so many of our team members, both res and non-res, having been a part of that momentous morning two years ago, we’re especially looking forward to celebrating that event and what it means.

Team MCVET in Annapolis

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