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Sheretta B., 25, began the program at Dallas LIFE in February 2011 after leaving an unhealthy family situation. Sheretta entered the shelter and immediately found herself overwhelmed by the environment. She constantly worried for her two children, Taylor (five years old) and Tylor (two years old), and the effect the shelter would have on them. She didn’t know what the future held for her and her small family. She even contemplated returning to the unsafe atmosphere she had just escaped.

Sheretta and her children were shy, withheld and timid when interacting with others. They were a product of an intense and constantly changing dynamic at the shelter. They had each other, but they had no direction.

Sheretta joined Back on My Feet in May 2011. With two kids under five, making the morning runs was more difficult for Sheretta than the average participant. Showing up with less than a few hours of sleep, knowing she needed to prep and get the kids to daycare before 7:00 a.m., fueled on by little to no emotional support from family… this high school athlete proved she could do it, and some.

Sheretta has attended all financial literacy courses, the Skills to Succeed course, a computer literacy course, all exclusive job fairs, a mock interview workshop, studied for her GED and lost more than twenty pounds over the past six months. She was recognized as member of the month in September 2011 and she is currently interviewing for available positions while going to school at El Centro Community College part-time.

“If it wasn’t for Back on My Feet, I would have left a long time ago. I’m more prepared for a job and it’s overall helped my self-esteem really. I was not trying to do anything when I first came here, it helps me a lot. If it wasn’t for Back on My Feet, I probably would have never gone back to school.”

While Taylor and Tylor don’t yet understand the meaning of their time at Dallas LIFE, they do understand the joy that Back on My Feet brings their mom. Sheretta and her family smile now because of the Non-Residential members on the Dallas LIFE team. Sure, we run a lot, but here are two very happy examples of how Back on My Feet is so much more than running…

Sheretta and her family were recently featured in a D Magazine article. To join the Dallas LIFE team, click here.