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There’s always a reason to celebrate when one of our teammates scores a job, however recently we were kicking up our heels when we learned that one of our long-time team members was awarded Associate of the Month by the Sheraton Indianapolis City Center Hotel.

Having been on the job for a little over four months, Jeffrey Powell was recognized for his performance, productivity and dedication to the property and the guests.  “Being a maintenance engineer, you never know what you’re going to be called to fix or build. It could be anything from a leak to drywall repair. Sometimes it’s as easy as plugging the lamp in for the guest.  Whatever it is, I respond as soon as I get the call. A lot of times I work ahead to keep on top of possible problems that might occur”, said Jeffrey.

Jeffrey, who previously served in the United States Navy, has been an active team member with the BoMF Indy Warman Warriors team.  Throughout his 15 months with the team, he has maintained 100% attendance and continues to humor our early morning runs with his “Jeffreyisms” that include words of wisdom appearing to be more of a cross between an Aesop Fable and witty sarcasm. Being one to “call it like he sees it” he is quick to recognize the BoMF volunteers as the  most upbeat and dedicated folks he’s ever known and explains, “Everyday the volunteers come down here and they’re always happy, even early in the morning. They never complain about the gas or the time. They are real leaders who lead by example.  I wouldn’t be doing what I am today without Back on My Feet and the volunteers.”

As the Warman Warriors’ featured Runner in the Month last January, Jeffrey cited his reason for joining “Happy Feet” as he refers to it, was to obtain a job. His goal was to eventually move out of transitional housing and be a home owner again. Obtaining a job through one of Back on My Feet’s job partners has moved Jeffrey one step closer to his goal.

Jeffrey and volunteer Emily Hickman finish the Hoosier Hoops 5K together.

Indy BoMF Program Director Brian Meyer, Jeffery and volunteers celebrate the accomplishments of helping Hoosier Hearts and Hands get closer to their goal of renovating homes in the Haughville community.

Circling up at the end of a run with the Serenity Prayer.