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603693_10200287337004108_1469953829_nShoe Size? 9

Favorite post run food? Chocolate milk

Why do you run? In addition to keeping me sane most days, it centers me and helps me be a better person.

How many marathons/half marathons/5ks have you done? 4 marathons, around 10 half marathons and no 10k or 5ks.

Favorite race you’ve ever done? The Chicago Marathon, my first one, many years ago.

Bucket list item you plan to cross off soon? Learn to swim

Favorite music? I love all kinds, could never narrow it down to a favorite. Although, Jimmy Buffett is high on my list this time of year.

Favorite vacation spot? “Up North” Michigan

Family? Husband, John, and 2 kids. Vincent is 11 and Sydney is 7.

How did you hear about BoMF? What has BoMF meant to you? Why did you stick with it? I heard about BoMF through a friend at the same time I was looking for some new volunteer opportunities. I have loved every minute I have spent with BoMF. Through all the people I have met, residents and non-residents, they have inspired and encouraged me to learn to love better those around me and to always be grateful. Once you start, it’s easy to stick with because of the people. I continue to be humbled by the amazing people that I am surrounded with each time I show up to run.

What is your favorite memory of a time with BoMF so far?It’s hard to narrow it down. I have many great memories. If I had to narrow it down though, it would be a tie between running the Carmel half marathon with Joe, Barb and Deb and attending the BoMF Birthday Bash. It was especially great seeing all the guys,not only in the daylight, but also, all dressed up and looking sharp!

Advice for people who might want to start running with BoMF? 5:45am is not as early as it seems :). It’s a great way to start the day.


Thanks for your dedication to the team Lori!  Keep up the great work!

Pack the yogurt covered pretzels, sketch out the perfect indie playlist and grab the “run buddies” for a weekend in Austin. The Back on My Feet in24 Austin Race Challenge Presented by Ace Cash Express will have four unique races over the course of 48 hours that you’ll regret you missed. In24 takes place May 11th and 12th in Austin.

Besides racing for an incredible local cause, this weekend has something for everyone!

Five-Person Relay Challenge – Instead of competing against your friends, compete with them! This race offers options ranging from 5 to 30 miles per person. So pick your dose of crazy and loop the Camp with your friends after some classic Austin breakfast tacos (but before your dip in Barton Springs).

Sunset Run – Nothing is more satisfying than racing and beating the crap out of your friends during a legendary Hill Country sunset. This 5-mile race starts at 7:00 p.m. and ends with a pretty cool party. Stop by the beer garden post-race, stay for food from Austin’s legendary food trailers and check out groovy tunes that only the live music capitol of the world can provide…. all at in24!

Pajama Loop Run – Let’s hope you don’t sleep naked! Runners are encouraged to roll out of bed and stay in their pajamas for this 7:00 a.m. race around the 5-mile loop at Camp Mabry. This race for early risers has some serious prize money to be won!

LoneRanger Ultra-Marathon – The Lone Ranger is a true test for any long-distance runner who has tackled a marathon and is looking for something more. Challenge your will by running as many 5-mile loops inside Camp Mabry in the allotted 24-hour time period.

Whether friendly competition or changing perception is your motivation for running, we want you at in24 Austin. And here’s the best part – a hot discount!

We’re proud to be partnering with the Fairfield Inn & Suites Austin North/Parmer Lane. The hotel is just 15 minutes away from Camp Mabry. Runners who reserve their room before April 23, 2013 and use the promotional code bombomb when making their reservation get a discount. Camping at Camp Mabry is also welcome.

The holidays have us cheering for joy! Joyous cheers for EIGHT members of the month! Congrats guys!

Steve Ward, Non-Residential Members, Dallas LIFE
“I love to run with Back on My Feet because of the opportunity to serve and run with others. I believe in the relationships we develop with the Residential Members and look forward to seeing them every week. The Residential Members help me more than what I can do for them. They are my family and I love them all.”
Adam, Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
Adam, a University of Nebraska alumni, is one of the most kind-hearted Residential Members at Dallas LIFE. He not only leads the pack in running, but will circle back to the walkers to ensure everyone’s safety on morning runs. Thanks for showing us how to be a team member Adam!
Lisa Tran, Non-Residential Member, Salvation Army
“I love Back on My Feet because the organization is a perfect blend of what I feel most passionate about: building a better community by serving others and running! In the past few months of joining the Salvation Army team, I have met amazing people who inspire me to truly live out the Serenity Prayer.”
Mike, Residential Member, Salvation Army
Mike is amazing! He has such a positive attitude. Mike goes out of his way to help Back on My Feet staff and he loves donuts! How couldn’t you love Mike??
Abraham Lagmay, Non-Residential Member, The Bridge
“At first, I was uncertain that I could commit the time to volunteering at Back on My Feet with my own selfish reasons. As time went on, I began to realize how Back on My Feet continues to change the lives of Residential Members, including mine. Seeing someone who was in the depths of despair suddenly has hope for the future is a gift beyond words.  It has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me so far. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.We are one big ‘human’ family!”
Sharon, Residential Member, The Bridge
Sharon has come back from great odds to rejoin her Back on My Feet family at The Bridge. She maintained 100% attendance in November and transitioned to the upstairs living facility. We are very proud of where Sharon is today and the depression she is fighting through walking every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
Dr. Mike Cunningham, Non-Residential Member, Veterans Affairs
Dr. C, as he is so affectionately called by the Residential Members, has been a constant support of the brand new program at the VA. We are excited to have his support as Dr. C is the supervisor of the entire program. His early morning runs with the team are a huge endorsement of the program within the VA Hospital. Thank you Dr. C!
Raymond, Residential Member, Veterans Affairs
Raymond always pushes himself further and refuses to walk with the team. His determination is contagious and he is an inspiration to his teammates. He has a quirky and fun attitude with his Back on My Feet family. Way to go Raymond!

Thank you everyone who came out for the 2nd annual Back on My Feet 42K Relay! As always, we are thankful for your support and hope you enjoyed the race!

First leg ready to go!
Below are some more pictures of the runners:

Teams Keep on Runnin’ and The Brothers Thornberry

Great costumes and enthusiasm!
Winners for Best Costumes! The Smurfs! Manchester Residential Member Ed and Non-Residential Member Melissa.
Alumni Rob and James having a good time! We were so glad they made it out.
One of the most enthusiastic teams of the day… these ladies did push ups when the crossed the finish line of their last lap!

A big thanks to ALL of our volunteers from AT&T – there were 33 AT&T pioneers out supporting us for morning set up, registration, the water stop and working the course! We couldn’t have done it without them!

Congratulations to all who ran! Below are the rankings for the top three teams in each division!

All Race Results

A BIG CONGRATS to our Solo Runner  – Jack Gackenheimer, who ran a 3:29:48!

4-Person Male 4-Person Female 4-Person Coed
The Honey Badger Project Multifit Girls Chick Boys DAMG
Multi Fit 1 BABs Carmel Runners Club
Turtle Power Perfect Strangers High Performance. Delivered.
2-Person Male 2-Person Female 2-Person Coed
The Brothers Thornberry Purple Sea Urchins Two and Half Runners
Keep on Runnin Free2Run Team We’re NOT Old
Two for the Road Going Goofy again in 2013! I’m Ron Burgundy?

We also said a very special goodbye to Alumnus Member Mike. Mike ran with team Warman and after many great milestones is moving back home to Washington D.C. – we are so thankful and excited there is a Back on My Feet chapter in D.C., our friends over there are awfully lucky to get to have Mike in their lives.

Mike’s last lap of his last run with Back on My Feet Indy. (13.1 Miles!) Executive Director, Jamie and Program Director Brian right behind Mike, cheering him in!

We are all going to miss you so much Mike!

Back on My Feet Staff with Planet Adventure Staff. We had a great time working with our PA friends!

Thanks everyone for a great time! We are already looking forward to next year. All proceeds from this race directly benefit the Indianapolis Chapter of Back on My Feet, helping Members of our community overcoming homelessness move toward self-sufficiency.

Check on more pictures on our facebook page!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, including Title Sponsor:

OrthoIndy, Baldwin & Lyons, DOZ, Monarch Beverage, Endurance IT, Accenture, BlueMile, Carmel Marathon and Monumental Marathon

October brings some cooler weather and some cool runners! Remember to congratulate these individuals for their hard work and dedication to running. If you can catch ‘em!

Melissa Repko, Non-Residential Members, Dallas LIFE
“I love Back on My Feet because it’s a great way to start the day. Each morning that I attend, I get a chance to spend time with teammates, sharing our stories and working toward our goals — whether they’re running-related or more personal. Back on My Feet has introduced me to a wonderful group of new friends. With each step of our run, I like to think we’re waking up Dallas, raising awareness and making the world a little brighter.”
Sonja, Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
Sonja is a single mother of one and came to Dallas LIFE after escaping a bad relationship. She has run two 5Ks in her two months with Back on My Feet and looks forward to starting her interviews with Back on My Feet hiring partners in Dallas. Sonja is an inspiration to all women!
Bob and Laura Thurman, Non-Residential Member, Salvation Army
Bob and Laura have grown close with the Salvation Army team and we are excited to recognize their dedication to our team of runners! Thanks Bob and Laura!
Randy, Residential Member, Salvation Army
Randy goes above and beyond the M/W/F morning runs. What can we say? He just loves Back on My Feet! Randy is a pleasure to be around and he encourages his fellow teammates. We are excited to honor his positive attitude with Member of the Month for October! Keep up the hard work Randy!
Sophia Zabaneh, Non-Residential Member, The Bridge
“Back on My Feet has changed my life in numerous ways. It gives me more appreciation for the blessings I have in my life. I leave morning runs thinking I sometimes get more out of this than I can ever give them back. We encourage each other, we befriend each other and we support each other. When one of us is having a rough morning and needs to slow down or stop to walk-  the other does the same. We talk about things going on in our lives and seek advice from each other forgetting the barrier that lies between us. Back on My Feet is a special place for all parties involved and I am honored to be apart of it.”
Gary, Residential Member, The Bridge
Gary is doing great with his training and always pushes himself. He always has a can do attitude and offers a positive attitude to his teammates. We just love his spirit!

On Saturday, September 29th, many individuals who work in the Indianapolis community participated in the Indiana Sports Corp Corporate Challenge. The ISC Corporate Challenge is a fun-filled community event that emphasizes healthy lifestyles and company camaraderie.

Among the companies involved, our very own partner White Lodging participated, and who better than HVAF Warman Alumnus Member Lee, who is employed at the JW Marriott to represent White Lodging in one of their running events?

Alumnus Member Lee representing White Lodging in the ISC Corporate Challenge

Lee competed alongside General Manager of the JW Marriott and Back on My Feet Indianapolis Board Member, Scott Blalock. During the race, Lee communicated to Scott his desire to move up in the company and eventually become a chef.

Lee finishing strong.

Lee has been working full time at the JW Marriott since March, has moved into his own home and recently graduated from the Circles of Support, Getting Ahead program, which  is a community engagement strategy designed to reduce and end poverty by building both individual and community assets. In addition to all of these milestones, Lee has ran two half-marathons and is currently training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, his first full marathon!

Wow! Has it been a year since we last recognized our September Members of the Month?! It’s been too long, so let’s get down to it…

Kurt and Teresa Pennington, Non-Residential Members, Dallas LIFE
“We have been involved with Back on My Feet since May of 2011, and waking each Friday morning to run with our Dallas Life family has been nothing short of wonderful. Each week is filled with warm hugs, encouraging cheers, and open minds- an experience that truly blesses our newly-married life. We look forward to making more memories with Back on My Feet, and our Dallas Life family!”
Ricky, Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
Ricky no longer lives at the Dallas LIFE facility but continues to run with Back on My Feet. Ricky has maintained 90% attendance for the morning runs and more importantly maintains a great attitude! He is working on his resume and hopes to begin interviewing for a job very soon! Keep up the hard work Ricky!
Evie McGerr, Non-Residential Member, Salvation Army
“I’ve grown through this and am so encouraged through this experience. These great people are championing change and making a difference in their own lives. What a privileged to try and keep up with them!”
Regina, Residential Member, Salvation Army
Regina has 100% attendance!!! She brings a “can do” attitude to her team at the Salvation Army. Regina even showed up to a run the day after a root canal just to walk and show her commitment to the team. Thank you Regina for being such a dedicated and driven team member!
Rick Wilson, Non-Residential Member, The Bridge
“I think that Back on My Feet does a great job of teaching and blending both running and critical life-skill disciplines.  Since I work part-time in the fitness industry, the fact that Back on My Feet uses physical fitness as a foundation to helping others improve their lives in a huge way is really awesome! I decided to volunteer because of the people.  We’re like a big, loving family – growing, supporting and helping each other with every step.”
Gabrielle, Residential Member, The Bridge
Gabrielle has maintained 100%!!! We are so proud of her diligence and determination. Gabrielle is creating positive habits quickly and is helping to model a healthy lifestyle for those around her! Keep up the hard work Gabrielle, you can do it girl!

Back on My Feet DC was very excited to participate for the first time in the North Face Endurance Challenge!  Not only was this the chapter’s first time competing in this particular race, it was also the first trail race for many BoMF members, res and non-res alike.

On Friday, June 1, BoMF alumnus Walter B. spoke at a panel event at the North Face store in Georgetown, telling his own story in the program and representing Back on My Feet.

The following morning began a weekend of great racing and running! Chris H. and Walter B., Emery House alumni, started the weekend off at 5am with impressive showings of 50 miles each.  Emery House then distinguished themselves again by entering the Marathon Relay. Res members Edward P. and James S. collaborated with non-res members Michael G. and Erin D. to complete the 26.2 mile course.

Sunday’s accomplishments include Half Marathons by alumni Tyrone D. and David W.; 10k’s by Jeff M. (Blair House), David G. (Emery House), Hermon B., Orlando H., Michael J., George J – (CSS); and 5k’s by Porkchop W. (Blair), Donald, Clarence, Arnita, Arnold, Larry (CSS), Steve (La Casa), LaJuana, Sharon & Mary Virginia (NSV). Great job everyone!

BoMF DC poses for a pre-race picture.

The weekend was characterized by its relaxed atmosphere and sunny weather. Back on My Feet DC looks forward to more races with The North Face!

BoMF DC wants to give The North Face a huge thank you for allowing us to participate, and for their support- The North Face donated entries for new members as well as trail running shoes!!

Shane and Laurence getting ready for the Big Ten Hoops 5k!


Laurence started running with Back on My Feet in February 2012 and has completed several races with the team, each with a better time! We are excited Laurence decided to join our Progress House team and believe he has a bright future!

Running Shoe Size: 8.5

Hometown/Family: Carmel, In

Favorite Athlete: Lawrence Taylor

Favorite post run food:  Apples

Favorite Music: Rock and Roll

What brought you into Progress House? What were you overcoming?

I relapsed last May from a heroin addiction and eventually ended up in rehab after an intervention. Upon completion the counselors suggested I stay at a halfway house. They recommended the Progress House.

Why did you join BoMF?

I joined because I like running. I had run a little bit in the previous year but stopped after I relapsed. I picked it up again while I was in rehab. I ran 3 miles every other day.

What races have you completed with BoMF?

I’ve ran the Legacy Loop 5k, Polar Bear Doubler, Ground Hog 7, Big Ten Hoops 5k, and the Bulldog Jog 5k.

In your spare time, what do you like to do?

I enjoy working out, going to NA mtgs, and going out to eat with my friends.

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals):

I want to run a full marathon and maybe run the Boston marathon one day.

Lydia Ghattas, Non-Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
“Back on My Feet has changed my perspective on life.  I love the friends, and now family, I’ve met through running in the mornings and races throughout the month.  At 5:45 AM everyone stands in the huddle the same.  Everyone has a unique story and the more I spend time with them the more I want to know and share my story.  Spending time with BoMF lets you be a small part of something greater going on across the country.  I recently ran with one of the Atlanta teams and was received with a warm welcome and of course, hugs!”
Channing, Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
Channing began running with his Dallas LIFE teammates in March 2012. Channing has maintained 90% attendance and is looking forward to completing the Next Steps portion of the Back on My Feet program. Channing was the first Member to cross the finish line at the Jog with the Frog 5K on March 31st. Way to go Channing! Keep up the hard work!
Bianca Hernandez, Non-Residential Member, Salvation Army
“When I joined Back on My Feet, I figured it would be a good way to log a few extra miles. I planned on going one day a week, but that changed quickly! I had no idea what a big part of my life it would become! Even though getting up before dawn is tough, I can’t imagine life without my teammates at the Salvation Army. Whether it’s a PR or a new job, watching them achieve their goals is inspiring, and I am proud to be a small part of such a great organization.”
Greg S., Residential Member, Salvation Army
Greg, a United States Marine Corps veteran, found himself at the Salvation Army facility after losing his job with Dallas I.S.D. Having worked as a crossing guard, Greg entered the grand per diem program for veterans and joined Back on My Feet in August 2011. Greg completed his first half marathon on March 25th and is currently applying for positions with Marriott. Run Greg Run!
Rosalyn Davis, Non-Residential Member, The Bridge
“When I joined Back on My Feet, I was not a morning person, nor was I a recreational runner. Back on My Feet has transformed me into a runner. Admittedly, the morning part still needs a bit of work. I love being greeted with genuine smiles and meaningful hugs, in the mornings. It makes the sacrifice of sleep worth it. I love witnessing the dedication, victories, and accomplishments of our Residential members. It’s inspiring.”
Montania, Residential Member, The Bridge
Montania is a valued member of Team Bridge and has been running with Back on My Feet since December 2011. He has competed in numerous local 5Ks and looks forward to applying for positions with our job partners having maintained 90% attendance. Keep running Montania!