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What a month! We officially have more than 50 Residential members in our Dallas program and more than 140 Non Residential members that dedicate their time and effort to making this program stellar. We would be insane not to recognize some of the individuals that have shown teamwork, dedication and spirit over the past month. Keep rocking guys and continue to show us what you’re made of!

Theresa Mullins, Non-Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
“Back on My Feet has given me a great opportunity to connect, to give to others, as well as receive through running.  An extra gift is enjoying participating with my husband.  It is such a great way to start the day – & together!”
Sheretta B., Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
“If it wasn’t for Back on My Feet, I would have left a long time ago. I’m more prepared for a job and it’s overall helped my self-esteem really. I was not trying to do anything when I first came here, it helps me a lot. If it wasn’t for Back on My Feet, I probably would have never gone back to school.”
Melissa Dvorocsik, Non-Residential Member, Salvation Army
“It’s a real tangible way to reach out to someone, while still being able to do something I love…..RUN! It’s early in the morning so it doesn’t interfere with my day.  Our team has had some ups and downs….and one member told us on his birthday that he used to not like celebrating birthdays, but now with a Team to celebrate with it made it more fun.  How can you not have a great day after hearing that?”
Anthony R., Residential Member, Salvation Army
“I’m most looking forward to getting my weight down and getting my blood pressure down. At first I didn’t like to run but now I feel great and I look forward to getting back to the next 5K. After that, I look forward to getting my own place and finding a job.  I just think Back on My Feet is a wonderful program and I hope to be a member as long as I can run.”
Charla Lee, Non-Residential Member, The Bridge
“Back on My Feet has been such an eye opening experience for me. I had no real knowledge of homelessness before Back on My Feet and it’s shown me that we are all the same, just experiencing different things. It’s been amazing to see the growth in the members over the past few months and see their dedication to Back on My Feet, their desire to get back on their feet, and their positive attitudes in times of trial.”
Paula T., Residential Member, The Bridge
Paula has spent more than two months with Back on My Feet and already has a reputation for listening to gospel music when she runs and encouraging others to push the pace. She is a blessing to all those that encounter her sense of humor. Paula hopes to go back to school for medical billing and coding to support her disabled son.

With more than 150 days into the program, our Res members have made some serious headway towards their goals for the program. Our Non Res members have gone above and beyond the usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday commitment and have acted as a role model for many in the community. If you see the following all stars on a run, make sure to give them a double hug for their contribution!

Bryan Crabb, Non Res Member, Dallas LIFE
“I love the huddle the most. So many smiling faces and positive attitudes, great way to start the day! I like giving back to the community and I think BoMF is a great way to give back to something I love.”
Rachel Cook, Res Member, Dallas LIFE
“My favorite running buddy is Theresa. We always talk and start laughing and she always tells me about the things that she does to help her run and then I apply it to what I’m doing. We always help each other out during the runs. I love the teamwork and community of the whole group.”
Daniel Moore, Non Res Member, Salvation Army
“I like the concept of helping people through running. When I discovered running it pretty much changed my life. It started a lot of positive cycles in my life and I see how it can help others. The races are really fun because you get to see everybody accomplish something and reach their goals.”
Matt Deyermond, Res Member, Salvation Army
“It was an opportunity to start putting things back together. Start setting goals and achieving them and regaining some of the self-esteem that was lost in the process. Everything has been great and everything is coming together. In six months, I’m going to complete a 10K.”
Jon Lee, Non Res Member, The Bridge
“My favorite part about running with BoMF ironically has nothing to do with running at all. I just love getting to know all of the residential members. It’s been an experience learning their journey. The ability to hear about what they came from and see where they’re going now has been an unbelievable experience.”
John Brown, Res Member, The Bridge
“The people are so nice, so beautiful. I feel loved. The race was a lot more exciting than I thought. It’s a lot of fun and people are in very good spirits. I’ve learned giving and racing and running for a cause is a lot bigger than what I thought it was. It’s really exciting and I’m glad to be getting into it. Sophia is my favorite running buddy, she beat me in the last race and now I have to beat her.”

As a brand new nonprofit in one of the most philanthropic cities in America, the Dallas-Fort Worth staff thought it was high time we let you know exactly how your donations impact your community, Residential Members and the homeless population of our city.

For each dollar donated to Back on My Feet, 83 cents directly impacts our program which includes financial aid, vocational training, financial literacy programs, the Skills to Succeed program, race entries, social events and running gear. The majority of Dallas funding goes to programs and education crucial for our Residential Members to achieve self-sufficiency.

“Some of our Residential Members meet with a Back on My Feet staff member more often than they can meet with their own case workers,” said Lea Velez, Program Director. “Many of the facilities we work with are unfortunately understaffed. We are there to provide our members, which have shown accountability and perseverance, an extra push in the right direction towards moving out and moving on.”

For Back on My Feet DFW, every dollar counts. And that is why we are asking that organizations across our city participate in a Sneaker Day during the month of June. Sneaker Days allow employees to wear their running shoes in exchange for a $5 donation to our program. We ask that companies match employees’ donations and foster a spirit-filled, community building environment in the office. For more information about Sneaker Days, contact Kristen Kouk at