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Residential Member of the Month: Tim G.

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Tim G. joined Team Helping Up last November and has run over 200 miles.  He says his biggest challenge is, “Forcing myself to take it easy once in a while and give myself a break.  I’m always pushing myself to do more.”  His effort and hard work have paid off too.  He set a personal record of 21:02 at the recent MammoJam Jug Jog.  When asked about his performance, he says, “I never thought I’d be able to run that fast and I think I can do even better.”  His next race is the Nikia Half Marathon this weekend—his first 13.1 race!  In the next 3 months, he hopes to be gainfully employed.

Quote from Helping Up Team Leader Nathan: “Tim’s dedication to BoMF, his teammates and achieving his personal goals is truly admirable.  He’s had nearly perfect attendance since joining last year and he’s always staying connected to his teammates by running with different groups, enjoying our social events and a slight fascination with Facebook.  He’s already achieved great mileage and personal accomplishments with BoMF and we’re thrilled to see his performance at the upcoming Nikia Half Marathon and future races.”

Non-Residential Member of the Month: Jocelyn S.

non res photo

From left to right: Hannah (now HUM), Jocelyn, and Christine (now SoBo)

Jocelyn S. joined Back on My Feet in 2010 and started running with Team American Rescue Workers.  While taking some time off to heal an injury, she moved to Patterson Park and started running with Team Helping Up.  Her best BoMF moment to date is from last year’s Philadelphia Marathon.  “There was a Baltimore BoMF cheering section somewhere within the last mile of the race,” she recalls.  “Someone must have recognized me and started cheering… loudly.  As I ran by, I smiled.  It was the first time I had smiled in ten miles!  And it made the finish line so much sweeter to have shared that moment with them.  I have no idea who was in that cheering crowd, but I am so grateful for their support.”  Jocelyn’s next race is the Nikia Relay, which she is running with two of her closest friends who have never run with BoMF.  Jocelyn says, “I am so excited to introduce them to the warmest and most supportive running group out there… and by that I really mean the most awesome!!”

Terrence on ice

Terrence Robinson has served as the Team Captain of the MCVET team ever since his teammates nominated him last August. Although Terrence’s work and school responsibilities sometimes prevent him from running with the BoMF team in the morning, he usually takes the time to circle up with his teammates for a few minutes before they start running. On these days, he playfully reports his distance as 0.1 miles – the distance from MCVET to the BoMF circle that gathers across the street.

When Terrence is out, he coaxes his fellow runners up hills and distracts them with carefree banter about his adolescent son who runs track. He consistently encourages his teammates, which he appreciated during his first race: the MCVET 5k last May. The former MCVET Team Leader paced Terrence during the race, yet Terrence knew the Team Leader could have easily outrun him. The dedication and camaraderie this action displayed struck Terrence and enabled him to realize that BoMF is about supporting others as they move their lives forward from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

Terrence is pleased with the ways his accomplishments are leading him toward self-sufficiency, especially his recent promotion toSecurity Staff at MCVET. While his new position still requires him to log his activities like a Vet Guard, he will now report to the Chief of Security and be solely responsible for the safety of every person in the building during his shift. This means that Terrence will be responsible for remedying emergency situations and for resolving conflicts that arise between MCVET residents.

Soon, Terrence plans to move into Single Room Occupancy (SRO), the final phase of the recovery program at MCVET. He happily says that this move “will allow me the good fortune of becoming an alumni of BoMF.” He’s also considering running the Nikia Half Marathon or joining a relay team in April. He says it depends on his schedule and ability to fit in training with his responsibilities for his recovery, school, and work. By August, Terrence plans to add 18 months clean and sober to his list of accomplishments and to complete the Commercial Industrial Maintenance Program at North American Trade. Looking more long-term, Terrence hopes to buy a home and send his son to college once he graduates in 2016. He believes that his ultimate goal of reintegrating into his family and community is well within his reach.

As he moves his life forward, Terrence hopes to give back and help others do the same through volunteering or sharing his story from addiction and homelessness to self-sufficiency in order to inspire others. Terrence says BoMF and MCVET have “plac[ed] me in position to take advantage of opportunities that I would have not been able to access otherwise…Skills to Succeed, financial assistance, credit counseling, and the renewing of my mind as well as my body.” The job preparation, job training, and financial literacy skills Terrence has learned, along with the support from his teammates, will help enable Terrence to accomplish his goals.

February kicked off incredibly well for Back on My Feet Baltimore, with a flag football showdown at Dunbar Field early on Superbowl Sunday morning. In a feisty competition pitting Baltimore Station and MCVET against the rest, many runners showed off fancy footwork and clever plays. It may have been a more exiting match up than the real event later in the evening! The following weekend found BoMFers off the field and back on the course, with a wet and wintry Valentine’s Day 5k at Kinder Farm Park. This sold-out race was, for many, a stepping stone toward the Nikia Half Marathon. Training (and enthusiastic betting, FundRacing, and costume-planning) is well under way for the big spring race, and all teams are focused on having a great showing! As for what else each team has been up to…

ARW is thrilled to announce that Joseph Wheeler reached 500 miles this month. This wonderful accomplishment was celebrated by ARW (with the help of other teams passing through) at Inner Harbor on February 17th. Joseph has been running with Back on My Feet since American Rescue Workers became a team in March 2010 and says he will continue to run as long as he can. He insists that “If I can do it, anyone can do it!” Congrats to Joe!

Baltimore Station also saw a member reach the 500-mile-mark; congratulations to Len on this success! Teammate Eddie reached 50 miles this month as well, and BSTAT hopes he will continue to say his catchphrase, “I made it,” after many more runs and miles. Two of our loyal Res have moved from BSTAT, but Gary and Daniel promise to return and keep training when they can.  BSTAT also welcomes new Non-Res members Jessica and John, and welcomes back an old friend in Katie.  We look forward to a team dinner coming up soon, and of course, to the spirited competition sure to be found as many of our teammates run in the Nikia Half.

For Team Christopher’s Place, February has been an awesome month. We had five guys run their first race! Even the guys that couldn’t run came out to support their fellow teammates by participating in the now famous CP band.  We also had eight members reach their capstone in February, which means they have graduated and are job ready.  Congrats to Tim, Dean Michael, Brian, Sheldon, Robert, Charles, Paul, and Brendan on this awesome accomplishment.  Dean Michael was voted this month to be team co-captain to assist Jerome in motivational duties.  George has also found employment at Mercy and will hopefully be starting soon.  We’ll miss him in the morning, but he’s still committed to evening runs and weekends to keep training for the Maryland Half.  Sarah M has taken over for Amy U as our Non-Res coordinator full time.  We fully appreciate everything that Amy has done and welcome Sarah to the core group at CP.  We also had a dessert happy hour(s) hosted by Amy and Scott.  Delicious cakes, pies, cookies, etc. were had by all.  I don’t think anyone left without being in a sugar coma ;).  Training for the Nikia Half is still going strong.  We thank Team HUM for their hospitality on longer distances Saturday runs.  It’s been great for all of us to have some new and familiar faces when getting out there for long distances.  We’re looking forward to acquiring a few more guys to round out a full 15-person team in the near future.  Go Team CP!

As for Team Helping Up Mission, in February we added 3 new teammates – Dwayne L., Joe M. and Ryan T.!  The team continues to remain strong with generally 20 – 40+ teammates attending each run.  Several of our teammates have increased their distances while training for the Nikia Half Marathon and others are taking part in training for the MD Half Marathon which just began.  Both races promise to be filled with lots of excitement and celebrations…and watch out for the amazing spirit that HUM teammates will bring!  Several teammates ran the Valentine’s 5k on February 11th with the following times:  Bryant J. 28:58, Dave H. 25:57, Mike B. 20:33, Frank P. 21:16, Barry B. 25:42, Tim B. 24:49 and Paul P. 23:42.  We also had a crew of boisterous supporters!  On February 12th, we went ice skating at Patterson Park Ice Rink and found out why most of us are runners and not professional ice skaters!  That is of course with the exception of the lovely Amie Bettencourt who dazzled us with her jumps and spins!  We had a great time and another fun social event is in the books.  We are looking forward to a fun March, including the Nikia Half Marathon!

All of Back on My Feet is excited for springtime weather, the sun coming up during morning runs, and of course, much racing and reveling ahead.

Christopher’s Place’s Members of the Month: Sheldon and Ben

Sheldon N. joined Christopher’s Place in December 2011 and has accumulated 48.6 miles. After running for about two months, he signed up for the Valentine’s Day 5K.  Sheldon says “Hills!” are the most challenging part of running, but he still bested them all at the 5K race. He says, “I was really happy to finish my first race.” He certainly follows him own advice for a new runner to “be persistent.” Through the program, Sheldon looks to start and graduate from the culinary program at the Maryland Food Bank. Although he knows how to roll sushi, his favorite post-race meal would include a salty-sweet combo of oranges and pretzels and a carb-reload with bagels.

Sheldon’s team leader, Jordyn Manucci, says, “Sheldon is hilarious!  When you run with him, it’s like a comedy club most of the time.  The miles go by so fast with him as he just keeps you engaged the whole way.  It’s been great seeing him go from running one to two to three miles on a consistent basis.”

Ben H. joined Christopher’s Place as a non-residential member.  While an awesome runner, Ben has expanded his horizons and gained some experience with the CP Band at the Valentine’s Day 5K.  His favorite memory with Back on My Feet was while cheering for people running on the National Mall at SnOlympics.  His advice for a new runner would be “When you need to run slow, run slow. When you need to run fast, run fast.” He’s training for his first marathon, the D.C. National Rock-and-Roll Marathon, after which he’ll enjoy his favorite Cool Mint Clif Bar and a banana washed down by chocolate milk.

Jordyn Manucci says, “Ben has been a great member of the team since he started.  He brings this incredible energy to the circles.  He’s also great in that you know he is training for a much longer race than what many others are currently training for, but is more than willing to just walk a mile or do some easy work to get to know people.”

Helping Up’s Members of the Month: Tony and Nathan

Tony B. started running with Helping Up last November and has already run 71.5 miles. An experienced 5K runer, Tony ran his first 5 miler, which was his favorite memory with Back on My Feet. He says it’s challenging “to get my feet and my mind to work together.” To continue moving forward, Tony says, “I want to get my license back and the get my CDL license.” He’s looking forward to running with some teammates for the Nikia Relay in March.

Tony’s Team Organizer, Meredith Eppley says, “”Tony (Blue) has been a wonderful addition to THUMB!  Not only does he bring smiles to people’s faces, his character beams determination and perseverance, which permeates to other members.  Even though he has been nursing an old ankle injury it hasn’t deterred him from coming out and bringing all that he has to the table.  It was awesome to run with him for his first road race – the Celtic Solstice, which wasn’t a 5K, but a 5 miler!  He ran it strong and made a sprint into the finish with a huge smile on his face.  His next race is the Nikia Relay.  Don’t let his timid personality fool you at first, he can crack jokes left and right and he also has some suave dance moves! Blue’s a wonderful teammate and friend.”

Nathan B. joined Helping Up as a non-residential member last month and remembers “THUMB’s epic comeback tiein the Super Bowl flag football game.” When he’s out running, he’s thinking about breakfast. “I eat a lot for a skinny guy.” But when he’s racing, he’s thinking about how to be super spirited.  His next race with Back on My Feet will be the Nikia Half-Marathon and Relay. “Farmer, Greg and I will be out in full costume… be on the lookout!”

Rob Carfagno, Team Leader of Helping Up, says, “Nathan has been a great addition to our team!  He is so enthusiastic and friendly and has already taken part in many team events in the short time he’s be on the team.  You can tell that he genuinely enjoys being a part of the team and he’s always smiling.  I’m excited to see the great things that the future holds for Nathan and our team!”

MCVET’s Members of the Month: Arnold and Melissa

Arnold S.‘s Team Leader, Peter, says, “Arnold was one our original residential members and although he’s been officially an alum for almost a year now, his recent accomplishments deserve special recognition.  After enrolling in a radiography program through Essex College during our first year running together, he recently graduated last month and received his Associate’s Degree! The manner with which he went about achieving this goal was most praiseworthy as well, choosing at one point to delay graduation in order to take on two jobs in order to fufill all his obligations. Over the years, our team has seen him cross the finish lines of 3 marathons (Baltimore, Delaware and Marine Corps), been greeted by him at the Aquarium where he still works, watched him testify in the Senate, and now receive his college degree. Through it all, he’s been a steadfast and dedicated friend to all of us and we look forward to seeing where life continues to take him.”

Melissa S. has been running with MCVET since November.  Having recently moved to Baltimore in July 2011, she says that running gives her a chance to learn the city.  She likes to be aware of who is running with her and chat with them. “But the moment that sticks out most in my mind was MCVET’s run to see the lights on 34th Street. Since it was my first Christmas in Baltimore, it was exciting to see a Baltimore holiday tradition. And pairing it with a run and hot chocolate and cookies, couldn’t have made it any better. Having everyone come together to  see the lights was a great moment.” While she’s only planning to cheer at the Nikia Half and Relay, her next race is a 10 miler in May and maybe the Baltimore 10 Miler in June if she stays injury-free. Her biggest challenge is staying healthy. “I’ve had a few stress fractures and bruised bones that have sidelined me from running in the past. But by keeping my mileage low and running every other day, I’ve been stress-fracture free for a year. ”

Peter says, “A recent transplant from BoMF’s hometown of Philly, Melissa has wasted no time in becoming a fixture of Team MCVET.  Her joyful and positive attitude are a welcome addition to the circle and she’s quick to help out the team as whole or any of its individual members, whether it’s baking cookies for everyone to enjoy over the holidays or devotedly playing the role of navigator and making sure her teammates don’t get lost during our more circuitous morning runs.  Her fiancee, Jeremy has even become a welcome addition to team social events and outings joining us for runs through Hampden to enjoy the “Miracle on 34th” or for weekends ice skating in Patterson Park.  We’re lucky she chose to join us at MCVET and are delighted to help introduce her to Baltimore.”

March was a busy month for Team BSTAT.  There were multiple races, and Back on My Feet Baltimore celebrated its two year birthday.  On March 13th, the team ran in the St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K.  The race is known for drawing huge crowds (over 3,000 finishers this year) and having a fast point-to-point course with the first mile being downhill.  Roy T., Kenny M., and Sam M. all joined in and ran well.  Mitch S., BSTAT’s newest alumni, also made an appearance at the race!  They were joined by many BSTAT non rez members including Training Coach Susan C., Chris C., Jon L., Amy C., and Dana O.  It was certainly a great day for a race.

The very next week, BSTAT joined the rest of BoMF Baltimore for a 2 mile run from MCVET to the downtown Maryland Athletic Club.  Everyone donned party hats before starting the run; it certainly made an interesting scene for onlookers!  Once at the MAC, we were served a very healthy breakfast consisting of bagels, cookies, and cupcakes; all perfect post run food.  The celebration continued Friday evening at Christopher’s Place with cake, ice cream, and t-shirt decorating.  Roy T. showed his creative side that evening!

Saturday the 19th, marked our second consecutive racing weekend.  Roy T, fresh off his 5K went out for a half marathon at the 2011 Nikia’s Nippy Nor’Easter Half Marathon and Relay.  He was looking real focused and confident the morning before, and it showed on race day.  He came through in 2:03 and was very happy with the result.  Although George H. was unable to run, he still pitched in and helped at one of the water stops.  Volunteers are what make races happen!

Even two consecutive weekends of racing were not enough for BSTAT.  We put together a relay team, consisting of Roy T., Kenny M., and Sam M. to go down to Washington DC for the National Half Marathon Relay on Saturday the 26th.  The relay consisted of two 5 mile legs and a 3.1 mile leg.  At 4:30AM our three runners as well as Race Coordinator Greg S. piled into Social Coordinator Dana O’s car for the trip down.  We joined BoMF DC for a very large cross-chapter circle right before the early 7am start.  Roy T. led off the relay, joined by Greg and Dana.  He would go on to run the entire half marathon, for his second consecutive half in a row, very impressive!  Kenny M., not content with just his 5 mile leg also continued on to get 8.1 miles total.  Sam M. brought the relay in with is strong 5K effort.  Greg, Dana, and Roy were lucky enough to finish just as local legend and overall marathon winner Michael Wardian crossed the finish line.  They are still bragging that they got to run alongside one of the fastest amateur runners in the region!

As March comes to a close training for the Delaware Marathon is ramping up.  We’re all looking forward to warmer weather and the promise of fast times and strong races this Spring!

March 2011


Roy, March Member of the Month

Shoe size: 10

Member since: August 2010

Number of Miles accumulated: 510

Best BOMF moment: the National Race

Biggest challenge with running:
Stop smoking

Goal in the next three months: Complete Delaware marathon

What do you think about when you’re running?:

What was your last race and how did you do?: National Race

Favorite Post Race meal?: Pasta

What advice would you give a brand-new runner?: Just show up

“March was huge for Roy, he participated in 3 races, two of which were half marathons, and surpassed 500 miles.  He attritubes a lot of his running success to kicking his smoking habit, and the results have certainly been telling.  Despite running so well, he rarely worries about times and paces.  He is most interested in just getting out there each morning, getting his miles in, and will run with whoever needs a partner that day.  His ever positive attitude and willingness to run all paces have made him a very integral part of team BSTAT.” -Fast Dan Miranda, BSTAT Team Leader


Mark, March Member of the Month

Shoe size: 9.5

Member since: January 2011

Best BOMF moment: I’ve never run with a community so each morning is great encouragement!

Biggest challenge with running: before BoMF, it was consistency in training

Goal in the next three months: hopefully to PR at the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon in May

What do you think about when you’re running?: I dream of whirled peas and other global anomalies

What was your last race and how did you do?: The last race was the Baltimore Half–just 9 hours after getting back from our honeymoon.  We weren’t well trained and the race was painful!

Favorite Post Race meal?: a fat omelet with veggies and cheeses.  if hash browns are involved, that’s a bonus.

What advice would you give a brand-new runner?: slowly build on the amount of time you run and soon you’ll be surprised with distances you can cover.

Fact most people would not know about you: when I used to do track and field, I was a thrower and never thought much of running.  I was always amused by the t-shirt stating “why run and puke when you can throw and eat?”

“Mark is one of our newest non-rez members.  Despite only being with the team for two months, he has become a consistent presence at morning runs and other events.  If I ever need a driver for a weekend event, I know who to call!  To become dedicated so quickly just shows how important BoMF is to Mark.  Consistent members who are eager to pitch in are what truly makes a team function.  Mark has been a great addition!  Of course, he is only half of an awesome pair, but you have to tune in next month to hear about the other person!” -Fast Dan Miranda, BSTAT Team Leader

Happy 2nd birthday, Back On my Feet Baltimore! March was a big month for Christopher’s Place and the entire Baltimore chapter, as we celebrated our birthday week, ran a 5k race, and ran a half marathon!  March events also included the first Game Night, hosted by CP and attended by CP and team MCVET. Read more…

Baltimore hosted the 2nd Annual Nikia Nippy Nor’easter Half Marathon and Relay in March. This race, held on the NCR Trail in northern Baltimore County, was created and managed exclusively by the Baltimore team and is named after Nikia Williams, our Director of Member Services.

pre-race warmup circle

This year’s event had 184 participants (92 in the half marathon and 92 in the relay) and raised more than $6,000 for BoMF Baltimore!  The race committee incorporated many unique BoMF details, such as customized mile markers honoring race participants and all-star fundraisers, BoMF-branded travel mugs and cloth shopping bags for finishers, post-race raffles, and costume awards.

David Foy (MCVET) was the overall male winner with a time of 1:21, and Reisel Berger (Christopher’s Place) was the first female finisher with a time of 1:33.  Team Born to Run (Greg S., Mitch Greenberg, and Steve Muchnick of MCVET) won the relay category with a time of 1:26.

BoMF age group award winners included Kayla Amin (Christopher’s Place, 19 and under), Justin Kuk (THUMB, age 20-29), Eric Voboril (Christopher’s Place, age 30-39), and Frank Mannarino (THUMB, age 40-49).

Kayla (age group winner) and Greg S. (relay winner)

Best Dressed went to Krystle (Christopher’s Place) for her tutu ensemble, and the duo of Dee and Lauren (MCVET) took home the Best Barry’s Pants award.   Team THUMB won the Clydesdale relay category, and the Battling Bradleys of THUMB won the ‘Highest Years for a 2-Person Relay’ category. Kristian (Christopher’s Place) won Most Spirited Individual, and the ARW relay team of Winter is a Beach won the Most Spirited Team award.

The Christopher's Place band, cheering on the runners

Congratulations to all participants! We hope to see you next year!

As February came to an end, we all knew March would be a busy month for Back on My Feet Baltimore and Team MCVET, but we never expected just how much it would bring in addition to all the races and birthday celebrations on the calendar!

As the month began, several of our residential members celebrated milestones in their lives including Jeff W, Arnold S and John T who all found new jobs.  Jeff started driving trucks for Gunther Transportation and moved out of MCVET and into his own apartment. His new schedule keeps him on the road most of the time, but he’s been quick to make it out for all the runs when he’s back in town, and he still has his eyes set on the Delaware Marathon in May.  (Apparently it’s 34 laps around an eighteen-wheeler to a mile!)  Arnold meanwhile found two part-time positions to complement his full time school commitment and transitioned into SRO at MCVET, joining MCVET’s growing alumni ranks in the process.  John T has also taken advantage of his CDL to find employment, taking a job driving for Dillon’s Bus Service. Congratulations and best of luck to all our members as they take these big steps forward in their lives.

In addition to celebrating these individuals’ accomplishments, the team has also come together this month for two races including the Shamrock 5k and the Nikia’s Nippy Nor’easter Half Marathon and Relay where we were strongly represented on both courses by res, non-res and alumni members alike. Special congrats are in order for MCVET team members Dave F, who was the overall winner of the half marathon event, and “Saturday” Steve, Mitch G and Greg S, whose Team Born to Run won the relay event.

Even with all the racing and marathon training going on, the team made sure to find time this month to relax as well, meeting up with Team CP on a Friday evening to kick back and enjoy a night of good food and games including Wii bowling and Cranium. Special thanks to Christopher’s Place for hosting us and to our new social coordinator, Maria D, for helping to organize both that event and all the other festivities this month.

Those festivities included BoMF Baltimore’s second anniversary celebration which, as one of this chapter’s original teams, marked an especially important moment for Team MCVET.  All of Baltimore’s teams circled up together outside MCVET on the morning of  the 16th to commemorate the very first time we came together to run as a city and as a chapter two years ago. Several of our team members were recognized for their continuous involvement since that day.  Among them were alumni members Terrell S and Arnold S, in addition to non-res members Theresa, Maya, Jill, Jenn S, Maria D, Sean F, and Kate G.  The birthday celebrations provided a really great opportunity for each of us to think and reflect over all the moments and accomplishments we have been able to share together as a team.  It has really been a tremendous experience for all of us these past two years and we are looking forward to what year three has in store for us.


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THUMB welcomed three new residential members to our team again!  Tony M., Brian L. and Tom C. were added to an already large and strong team.

This was another month of milestones.  Donnell M. reached a big milestone when he hit 250 miles with the team.  Reggie H and Michael B. reached 100 miles.  Brian L. reached 5 miles while Tony M. and Tom C. reached 10 miles in their first month on the team.  Domonic received his medal for running 5 consecutive miles and he reached 10 and 25 miles.  Chris C. reached 175 miles.   Steven W. reached 10 and 25 miles.  Michael W. reached 10 miles with the team.

We are very excited that another one of our teammates, Mike P., celebrated two years of sobriety this month!  Mike continues to stay in touch with the team and it always great when we get to see him!

The team participated in two races this month, the Kelly St. Patrick’s Day 5k and the Nikia Nippy Nor’easter Half Marathon & Relay.  On Sunday, March 13, 2011,  THUMB had ten res members run the Kelly St. Patrick’s Day 5k.  It was a fast race and there were a few PR’s set by the guys!  Jamie W. ran his first race in 23:49.  Reggie H. ran 29:16, Andrew F. ran 29:12, Barry B. ran 27:10, Chris C. ran 24:22, Mike B. ran 23:09, Donnell M. ran 24:24, John L. ran 24:10, Moses J. ran 23:49 and Mike H. ran 20:06.  There were also several non-res runners and supporters in the crowd.  The weather was beautiful and it was a great day!  On Saturday, March 19, 2011,  the team participated in the 2nd annual Nikia Nippy Nor’easter Half Marathon and Relay.  The field had doubled to 200 runners and it was a fun event for all runners and supporters who were there to cheer on their friends, families and teammates!  The weather was great and the runners looked strong.  Donnell M. ran his first half marathon in 2:04:45, Zach R. ran 3:07:05 , Chris C. ran 2:17:43, Barry B. ran 2:02:58.  Teammates who ran the relay included Steven W., Domonic R., Michael B., and Michael W.

On Wednesday, March 16, 2011 Back on My Feet Baltimore celebrated it’s second birthday!  The morning was quite a celebration with over 100 of our teammates gathering at MCVET for opening circle. We ran a 2 mile route over to the MAC in Harbor East and finished with cupcakes and cookies.  On Friday, March 18, 2011, BoMF Baltimore continued it’s birthday celebration with a party at Christopher’s Place that night.  There were lots of goodies and teammates had the chance to make their own BoMF shirt!  It was a fun night for everyone.  Also to help celebrate our second birthday, many of our teammates took advantage of free workouts at the MAC all week long.

So now that the Nikia Nippy Nor’easter Half Marathon and Relay is behind us, the focus turns to the Delaware Marathon.  There are less than two months until the big race and training is going well for all of our teammates who are participating.

THUMB team picture at the Kelly 5k

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January was a relatively quiet month for the Baltimore Station team. On January 8th, we ran the Frozen Finger Five Mile race. It was a cold, snowy Saturday morning, and we were thankful that the race swag came in the form of a toasty pair of Baltimore Road Runners Club gloves! Residential member Roy T. ran a particularly fast race alongside Gina R., and BSTAT’s own training coach, Dan Miranda, took home second place! The five miler was our newest residential member Sam’s first race and his longest run to date. He ran the entire course and was absolutely glowing at the end.

This month we also started planning for spring marathon and half marathon training. We have many members planning to run the 2nd annual Nikia Nippy Nor’easter Half-Marathon in March and several hoping to complete the Delaware Marathon in May. We will begin training, including BOMF-Baltimore-wide Saturday long runs, the first weekend in February. Many runners attended marathon informational sessions led by Mike D. (THUMB) and Peter J. (MCVET) this month, where they received training schedules, learned about nutrition and injuries, and were given some race-day tips. All attendees reported that they learned a lot and are excited for the training season ahead!

BOMF-Baltimore’s second Orientation 2.0, which are intended to further educate non-residential members on addiction and homelessness, was held this month and several BSTAT members attended. Rob Aldrich, long-time BSTAT residential member, spoke at the event. Everyone enjoyed his funny, sweet, educational, and sincere story. As each event offers new stories, insights, and information, we look forward to future Orientation 2.0’s to be just as successful.

On January 30th, the Baltimore Station team will come together at non-residential member Katie N.’s home for food and some team fun. As always, we are excited to spend a bit of non-running time together as a team family.

Team Baltimore Station at the Frozen Finger Five Mile

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