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Nobody believed in them.  They scored 6 points in 2010.  They were tantalizingly ambushed by water-balloons and they weren’t sure they would even have more than 10 people come out for the event.  Stacked against all odds, Baltimore Station stood victorious at the end of the day on Saturday at the 3rd Annual Wipeout , not only embodying the spirit of Baltimore, but exhibiting a perseverance in the face of adversity that epitomizes the mission of Back on My Feet.

All teams came rowdy and ready to rumble on Saturday though, not just BSTAT.  Helping Up lived up to their reputation with a victory in the cheer category, (HUM Team Cheer) though ARW stole the spirit award from right under their noses, showing up with green face paint and fetching green streamer wigs.  Back on My Feet DC brought their A-game, particularly in the wheelbarrow event and in the tug-o-war, crushing the referees in a dominating fashion.  Although Team CP gave BSTAT a run for their money for the tug of war title, they truly exemplified their talents in the water balloon toss and leapfrog competitions.  TL Sadie also took home the Mike DiJulia Award for rallying her team throughout the day with the CP battle cry.

MCVET proudly boasted the best individual scuttler Greg S., who scuttled like nobody had ever seen before, locking up their victory in the crabwalk relay race.

When the scores were tallied and the field calmed down, teams left to begin plotting their strategy for revenge on the Ivan Drago impostor and the BSTAT team in WIPEOUT 2012.

Donnell W., John R., and John M. at Tuerk House

BOMF Baltimore participated in the Tuerk House 5k, held on November 6th.  We returned to Druid Hill Park for the second year in a row to support the Tuerk House, a provider of addiction recovery services in Baltimore. This race was the first 5k for several of our newest teammates, a return to racing for many who ran in last month’s Baltimore Running Festival, and a PR opportunity for many other runners.

Led by Baltimore Station Training Coach Dan, BOMF invited everyone to circle up and stretch with us before the race.  Nearly 300 racers joined in our pre-race stretching routine.

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During the Third Annual Stroehmann Back on My Feet 20in24, six Baltimore runners had one brilliant idea: to eat a Philly cheesesteak from a famous shop after each loop they ran.

These six brave souls are Peter Jackson, coach for Back on My Feet Baltimore team MCVET, Jon Lange, a Baltimore Station team non-residential member, Patrick Sullivan, a team American Rescue Workers non-res, Mike DiJulia,  team leader for THUMB, Patrick Range, ARW team leader, and Craig Lindemann, a BSTAT non-res.

Read their story, as told by Patrick Range, below:

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All five teams prepped for the Baltimore 10 Miler weekend with a lavish spread at the pre-race pasta party hosted by Christopher’s Place.

Over 100 people gathered Friday night to enjoy homemade pasta and rally their teams.

Team Leader Mike DiJulia (pictured above) surveys the table for something that could outshine his meatloaf stuffed with prosciutto and spinach.  The dessert spread was as big and as enticing as the dinner spread, and featured MCVET’s new favorite picture on a sheet cake (below):

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Thank you to all who attended the Bash! Around 250 members, volunteers and corporate sponsors attended the event. Through ticket sales, corporate tables, the silent auction, raffle tickets and merchandise, the event netted nearly $20,000 for the Baltimore chapter!

Kent Krabbe and Damian O’Doherty received the awards for “Board Member of the Year”. Arnold Shipman, who was recently featured in the article in Urbanite Magazine, was named “Member of the Year”. Team Leader Mike DiJulia was awarded “Non-residential Member of the Year” for his dedication to the program over the past few months.

A surprise to many in attendance was the arrival of a large cake –in the shape of a shoe! Duff and Lauren of Charm City Cakes generously donated a cake to the Bash. And where Charm City cakes go, so does the camera crew! Ace of Cakes was there to film the arrival of the cake and its grand presentation during the event. Don’t worry — no one dropped it!

Thanks again to everyone for supporting the Back on My Feet Baltimore Chapter! A wonderful night was had by all.

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Back on My Feet would like to give special thanks to the following sponsors of this event:

American Radiology

Brown Advisory Board


KO Public Affairs, LLC



o3 World