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April showers haven’t stopped these Members from running and improving their lives one step at a time! Their endurance and perseverance is down right inspiring.

jasonsmith Jason Smith, Non-Residential Members, Dallas LIFE
“I love being a part of Back on my Feet for a lot of reasons. The diverse stories across all members is refreshing. The confidence building, hope and determination is motivating. It’s a truly heart touching organization. I’m so proud and grateful to be a Member.”
BOMF(Dallas_Chapter)green Albert, Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
Albert joined the Dallas LIFE Back on My Feet family about a month ago and has been committed ever since!  He has maintained high attendance while participating in the nine month program at Dallas LIFE.  Albert has brought honesty and positivity to the team!
melissawaters Melissa Waters, Non-Residential Member, Salvation Army
“I started running only about four years ago. Once I developed this running habit and ran a race or two, I realized that there are very few things in life that can make you feel more encouraged, positive, and confident than reaching running goals. I feel that being able to run is a gift from God that I never knew was there. Now that I know, I want to share it! I love Back on My Feet because I get to do that very thing. Everyone needs some encouragement at some point in life. BoMF is a great way to encourage others and help them develop the confidence to get back on their feet. And It’s fun!”
BOMF(Dallas_Chapter)green Katherine, Residential Member, Salvation Army
Katherine is going three months strong as a dedicated member of the Salvation Army team! Since day one, Katherine has never missed a single run! She has challenged herself to start running and is making great strides towards accomplishing that goal!  
ginger Ginger Becker, Non-Residential Member, The Bridge
“Many people falling on hard times in their lives lose confidence in their abilities to succeed. And it’s completely understandable. We help people get through these trying times by giving them tools to succeed and providing important social integration through running. It’s through running that a person can learn a lot about themselves. These lessons in building physical and mental endurance, learning to push yourself beyond what you thought is possible, and even proper breathing technique easily translates to every day survival skills in life.”
claudis Claudis, Residential Member, The Bridge
Claudis has been a part of the Back on My Feet family for about a month and has had a smile on his face the entire time!  He brings such a positive spirit to Team bridge!  Claudis has challenged himself and has gone from not being able to run much at all to almost running 2 miles in the past month!  He has shown his commitment through 100% attendance and is the first to volunteer when given the opportunity.  He is an inspiration to many and on his way to his first 5K in the coming months!
jeffkuhn Jeff Kuhn, Non-Residential Member, Veterans Affairs
I love Back on My Feet because I truly believe that taking those first couple of steps to improve oneself is the hardest part to changing. I have truly enjoyed becoming part of the BoMF Family and enjoy my Wednesday’s Runs.”

barry Barry, Residential Member, Veterans Affairs
While Barry has served our country and survived a difficult past, he is looking towards his future! Barry has maintained 95% attendance with the Veterans team and is looking forward to moving out of the facility. Barry is the first to crack a joke, just ask his teammates!

Residential Member of the Month: Tim G.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.06.29 PM

Tim G. joined Team Helping Up last November and has run over 200 miles.  He says his biggest challenge is, “Forcing myself to take it easy once in a while and give myself a break.  I’m always pushing myself to do more.”  His effort and hard work have paid off too.  He set a personal record of 21:02 at the recent MammoJam Jug Jog.  When asked about his performance, he says, “I never thought I’d be able to run that fast and I think I can do even better.”  His next race is the Nikia Half Marathon this weekend—his first 13.1 race!  In the next 3 months, he hopes to be gainfully employed.

Quote from Helping Up Team Leader Nathan: “Tim’s dedication to BoMF, his teammates and achieving his personal goals is truly admirable.  He’s had nearly perfect attendance since joining last year and he’s always staying connected to his teammates by running with different groups, enjoying our social events and a slight fascination with Facebook.  He’s already achieved great mileage and personal accomplishments with BoMF and we’re thrilled to see his performance at the upcoming Nikia Half Marathon and future races.”

Non-Residential Member of the Month: Jocelyn S.

non res photo

From left to right: Hannah (now HUM), Jocelyn, and Christine (now SoBo)

Jocelyn S. joined Back on My Feet in 2010 and started running with Team American Rescue Workers.  While taking some time off to heal an injury, she moved to Patterson Park and started running with Team Helping Up.  Her best BoMF moment to date is from last year’s Philadelphia Marathon.  “There was a Baltimore BoMF cheering section somewhere within the last mile of the race,” she recalls.  “Someone must have recognized me and started cheering… loudly.  As I ran by, I smiled.  It was the first time I had smiled in ten miles!  And it made the finish line so much sweeter to have shared that moment with them.  I have no idea who was in that cheering crowd, but I am so grateful for their support.”  Jocelyn’s next race is the Nikia Relay, which she is running with two of her closest friends who have never run with BoMF.  Jocelyn says, “I am so excited to introduce them to the warmest and most supportive running group out there… and by that I really mean the most awesome!!”

Residential Member of the Month: Terrence Robinson
He’s Moving Up!

Terrence with Melissa and Jenn

Terrence R. is on a roll! Terrence has been a strong presence with team MCVET since he joined in April 2012 and has been serving as team captain since August. After excelling in his HVAC certifications this past Fall while managing responsibilities as Vet Guard (all while maintaining over 98% attendance with BoMF), Terrence was appointed to staff at MCVET and will transition to BoMF alumni status. Terrence is incredibly driven and brings so much to his team. We are so lucky to have Terrence among the circle and look forward to supporting him in these exciting milestones ahead.

Terrence was also featured this month!  Read more about Terrence here.

Non-Residential Member of the Month: John Ware
Man, Those are Some Cool Shorts!

John Ware with Shannon and Georgeanne

John W. has been running with Team MCVET since 2009 and now sits on the BoMF Advisory Board. Weekday runs, races and socials alike, John is there in support and often sporting one of his many pairs of snappy monogram shorts! In addition to his own contributions to the team John must also be noted for his solid recruiting of two additional cherished BoMFers – his wonderful wife Shannon and their newest addition “mini-MCVETer” Georgeanne.

The holidays have us cheering for joy! Joyous cheers for EIGHT members of the month! Congrats guys!

Steve Ward, Non-Residential Members, Dallas LIFE
“I love to run with Back on My Feet because of the opportunity to serve and run with others. I believe in the relationships we develop with the Residential Members and look forward to seeing them every week. The Residential Members help me more than what I can do for them. They are my family and I love them all.”
Adam, Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
Adam, a University of Nebraska alumni, is one of the most kind-hearted Residential Members at Dallas LIFE. He not only leads the pack in running, but will circle back to the walkers to ensure everyone’s safety on morning runs. Thanks for showing us how to be a team member Adam!
Lisa Tran, Non-Residential Member, Salvation Army
“I love Back on My Feet because the organization is a perfect blend of what I feel most passionate about: building a better community by serving others and running! In the past few months of joining the Salvation Army team, I have met amazing people who inspire me to truly live out the Serenity Prayer.”
Mike, Residential Member, Salvation Army
Mike is amazing! He has such a positive attitude. Mike goes out of his way to help Back on My Feet staff and he loves donuts! How couldn’t you love Mike??
Abraham Lagmay, Non-Residential Member, The Bridge
“At first, I was uncertain that I could commit the time to volunteering at Back on My Feet with my own selfish reasons. As time went on, I began to realize how Back on My Feet continues to change the lives of Residential Members, including mine. Seeing someone who was in the depths of despair suddenly has hope for the future is a gift beyond words.  It has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me so far. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.We are one big ‘human’ family!”
Sharon, Residential Member, The Bridge
Sharon has come back from great odds to rejoin her Back on My Feet family at The Bridge. She maintained 100% attendance in November and transitioned to the upstairs living facility. We are very proud of where Sharon is today and the depression she is fighting through walking every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
Dr. Mike Cunningham, Non-Residential Member, Veterans Affairs
Dr. C, as he is so affectionately called by the Residential Members, has been a constant support of the brand new program at the VA. We are excited to have his support as Dr. C is the supervisor of the entire program. His early morning runs with the team are a huge endorsement of the program within the VA Hospital. Thank you Dr. C!
Raymond, Residential Member, Veterans Affairs
Raymond always pushes himself further and refuses to walk with the team. His determination is contagious and he is an inspiration to his teammates. He has a quirky and fun attitude with his Back on My Feet family. Way to go Raymond!

The Back on My Feet DC chapter had a great showing at the Run for Shelter 10k on April 28th, 2012. There were over 20 resident members running and numerous more cheering at the finish line. The D.C. April Members of the Month are:

Blair House:

Res Member: Mike for his consistence and eagerness to keep running when the last race just didn’t seem long enough.

Non-res Member: Barbara for always being cheerful, and bringing muffins to the team meeting!


Res Member: Rodan for being ready to go each morning and always wanting to run more.

Non-res Member: Amber for her energy and commitment to the team.

Emery House:

Res Member: David for his great attendance and taking the extra steps necessary to make morning runs.

Non-Res Member: Wayne for always helping out the guys and giving training tips whenever needed.

La Casa:

Res Member: Steve for keeping up 100% attendance and helping the team through a tough transition.

Non-Res Member: Carolyn for a great positive attitude and her dedication to the team.

N Street:

Res Member: Tacarra for her cheerful attitude and welcoming demeanor.

Non-Res Member: Chris for consistent attendance and helping NSV get stronger.

The Indoor Track Meet was a big success and Team Uptown was well represented.  The winning team featured Larry, Charles, and Jim who skipped, walked, and sprinted their way to victory.  Biggest accomplishment…Larry ran an entire lap around the ¼ mile track.  He was very proud of himself and was smiling from ear to ear when he finished.  It was wonderful!!  Manny, Monica and Michelle joined in the fun and we learned that Manny is a pretty good skipper.  Everyone had a great time and a big thanks to Monika for chauffeuring our teammates.

We enjoyed an exciting Super Bowl party at Giordano’s!  What a game!  There was much friendly competition, but good pizza and funny commercials makes everything better.  Thank you everyone for coming and making it a memorable Super Bowl Party. Read more…

Last month was full of races with the St. Patrick’s Day 8k, the SunTrust Marathon, and the NSV Invitational. Members came out in full-force for each of the races—helped by very mild March training weather and some good racing days. The D.C. Members of the Month are:

Clean and Sober Streets:

Res Member: Orlando for keeping a strong attendance rating, increasing his mileage, and being on track to reach 100 miles in his first 3 months!

Non-Res Member: Eileen for always being an active, strong supporter of the CSS team!

Emery House:

Res Member: Edward P. for his consistently strong, upbeat presence at morning runs and speaking up to recruit new members at Emery!

Non-Res Member: Wayne D. for encouraging members to push their limits and being a strong team coach.

La Casa:

Res Member: Alphonso R. for having a great attitude, keeping up attendance despite late work nights, and quickly running over 50 miles!

Non-Res Member: Ann D. for being so active in the mornings and carrying out her team leader duties.


Res Member: Tonya for battling through her first month in the program and maintaining 100% attendance despite injuries.

Non-Res Member: Chris for consistently being active during the runs and helping N Street move forward!

Lydia Ghattas, Non-Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
“Back on My Feet has changed my perspective on life.  I love the friends, and now family, I’ve met through running in the mornings and races throughout the month.  At 5:45 AM everyone stands in the huddle the same.  Everyone has a unique story and the more I spend time with them the more I want to know and share my story.  Spending time with BoMF lets you be a small part of something greater going on across the country.  I recently ran with one of the Atlanta teams and was received with a warm welcome and of course, hugs!”
Channing, Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
Channing began running with his Dallas LIFE teammates in March 2012. Channing has maintained 90% attendance and is looking forward to completing the Next Steps portion of the Back on My Feet program. Channing was the first Member to cross the finish line at the Jog with the Frog 5K on March 31st. Way to go Channing! Keep up the hard work!
Bianca Hernandez, Non-Residential Member, Salvation Army
“When I joined Back on My Feet, I figured it would be a good way to log a few extra miles. I planned on going one day a week, but that changed quickly! I had no idea what a big part of my life it would become! Even though getting up before dawn is tough, I can’t imagine life without my teammates at the Salvation Army. Whether it’s a PR or a new job, watching them achieve their goals is inspiring, and I am proud to be a small part of such a great organization.”
Greg S., Residential Member, Salvation Army
Greg, a United States Marine Corps veteran, found himself at the Salvation Army facility after losing his job with Dallas I.S.D. Having worked as a crossing guard, Greg entered the grand per diem program for veterans and joined Back on My Feet in August 2011. Greg completed his first half marathon on March 25th and is currently applying for positions with Marriott. Run Greg Run!
Rosalyn Davis, Non-Residential Member, The Bridge
“When I joined Back on My Feet, I was not a morning person, nor was I a recreational runner. Back on My Feet has transformed me into a runner. Admittedly, the morning part still needs a bit of work. I love being greeted with genuine smiles and meaningful hugs, in the mornings. It makes the sacrifice of sleep worth it. I love witnessing the dedication, victories, and accomplishments of our Residential members. It’s inspiring.”
Montania, Residential Member, The Bridge
Montania is a valued member of Team Bridge and has been running with Back on My Feet since December 2011. He has competed in numerous local 5Ks and looks forward to applying for positions with our job partners having maintained 90% attendance. Keep running Montania!

The month of February has flown by for our St. Leonard’s team! Many positive changes have been happening for our team and everyone is very excited. During the short month of February, running has taken a backseat to employment, housing, and truly getting “back on our feet.”

We were lucky once again in February to experience some very mild winter weather with very little interruption to our running schedule! We are continuing to work on building our mileage by encouraging each other to try new routes and distances. February also welcomed two new members to our St. Leonards team. Donnie and Dylan have joined us and are a welcome addition to our squad. Both have been eager to run with us and we look forward to their future running accomplishments. Read more…

They say that the shortest month of the year can sometimes feel like the longest, but for the Lawson House it’s been a busy month that flew by. We’ve added members and celebrated with BoMF veterans like O.J., who recently moved into his own apartment! It seems like we’ve been indulging as much as running between Super Bowl gatherings at Giordano’s and lots of sweets shared for Valentine’s Day, but we just call that fuel! The Lawson House Machine joined the rest of BoMF Chicago on Sunday the 18th at our second annual Indoor Track Meet. Between the relay’s and head to head competitions we’re not sure what burned more calories: the activity or the laughing! The fastest thing this month was probably the Chicago Marathon selling out in 6 days! We’ve got a strong team of BoMF Fundracers and luckily have a few spots available for those in need of a spot. We closed out February with a fun new event in Glencoe. The Lawson House Machine took on Broomball (think hockey in sneakers) this past Sunday and it proved to be a blast! We certainly hope to make this an annual event, if not more often! We hope to see an early spring as we have some fun in store for March! Read more…