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As March comes to a close, it is hard to believe that spring has just begun! After so many 80 degree days, it seems as though we should be in the middle of summer! March was a great month for our St. Leonard’s team with many of our team members finding employment and beginning to recommit to new running goals.

Two of our alumni members, Issac and Mingo, both obtained employment this month. We are so proud of all their hard work to get to this point. Issac will be cooking for St. Leonard’s and Grace House and Mingo will be working for a local landscaping company. Both are very excited about the opportunities and we know that they will do an incredible job. Not only did Issac and Mingo find work, but Charles and Dylan also began new jobs this month. March was so busy and full of good news! Read more…

Despite joining Back on My Feet only two months ago, Dylan has already become a seasoned runner and integral member of the St. Leonard’s team. He regularly logs 3-4 mile morning runs, helping to explain his quick accumulation of nearly 50 miles. More importantly, he has maintained 100% attendance in the process. Dylan says he is “using the experience to show my children that if you set achievable goals for yourself and commit yourself to them, anything is possible.” He hopes to complete a half marathon before the end of 2012.

Dylan will tell you that his favorite thing about Back on My Feet is “the great group of volunteers that have committed their time to give me a chance to turn my life around.” And Dylan really has turned his life around! Since joining Back on My Feet, Dylan gained employment as the Customer Service Manager at an auto clinic. Ultimately, he hopes to one day obtain a managerial position at a major corporation.

Dylan can tell you more about his experience with Back on My Feet:

“Back on My Feet has given me a new perspective on what I am able to accomplish if I put my all into everything I do. Thank you so much to the volunteers and team members who put their confidence in me; without them my goals couldn’t be achieved.”

Another great month at Team Sheila Dennis!  It was still cold out but not as much snow so we kept warm by running!  We kicked off February with our new training program in preparation for the Caesar Rodney race at the end of March.   This month the ladies showed tremendous progress and increased their mileage significantly, look out – we’ve got some fast runners!  We also celebrated some big milestones this month. Marie exceeded the 50 mile mark with Grandma and Peaches not far behind, they will reach 50 miles any day now. Alberta hit 30 miles and Dawn and Sheila are close and at the rate they are running will there in a few days!  It’s wonderful to see all of the great progress the ladies are making, not to mention the great energy and spirit of the team!

This month we welcomed two new res members to team; Michelle and Althea both of whom rocked it out on their first run!  We are so excited to have new teammates and look forward to running side by side with them!

Res of the month – Dawn!

Dawn joined the team right after the holidays and jumped right into running!  In the past month she has increased her mileage significantly and now won’t go less then 2.5 miles each day.  She pushed herself from day one and has the right attitude to accomplish anything.   She is a sweet and down to earth women who is taking this opportunity to get back on her feet, seriously.  Like all of us, her son is very proud of her!

Non-res of the month – Stephanie!

Stephanie joined the team at the beginning of this year, but we feel like she’s been with us forever!  From her first run she has given 100% in supporting and encouraging the women.  She has more energy at 5:30am than most people have all day!  And she’s working to recruit her fiancée to run with us too!  Her positive attitude and true compassion for her teammates is incredible – she brightens up the circle with her wonderful spirit!

Congratulations to the St. Johns’ team in the 1st week of March Mile Madness!

St. Johns had a great week of attendance from both new and existing active members on the team, totaling 94% in attendance!!

“St Johns is more than a team, they are a family.  Within every family there is a great deal of support and a dedication to be better for those around you.  Each morning these guys wake each other up not only to log the miles, but to support each other towards a common goal.  I’m definitely not surprised to see them leading the March Mile Madness challenge.  They have come together as a unit to succeed, and I think you can expect to see them atop the leader board for weeks to come” – Abby, non-res and former team leader for St. Johns

Learn more about where your team stands in week 1 of the competition HERE. Keep up the great work and attendance!

Get ready for the training season this spring with a team face-off during March Mile Madness! Throughout the month of March, BoMF Philly will be taking advantage of the warm weather to get ready for race season! Cheer your team on and encourage your teammates to participate, as each MWF and Saturday run counts toward your team’s overall attendance! At the end of March, BoMF will announce the winning team, and present them with a surprise social event!

How will it work?

Each day, attendance will be taken for every residential team member. At the end of the week, we will get an attendance average for each person that will then be averaged to create a team attendance percentage. Saturday runs will help individuals who miss during the week, but will not count against people who are unable to run on Saturday.

So encourage your team to get ready for all the upcoming spring races, and work toward winning the exciting, surprise social event!