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The Boston Marathon is just five days away! We thought it would be good timing to share with you another one of Kelli’s blog entries as she is one day closer to crossing the Boston Marathon off her bucket list. Hopkington, here she comes… better yet, Boylston st. here she comes!

A post from Kelli’s blog during her training:

It was so good to be back at practice this morning.  After the Marathon Trials in Houston last weekend, I had a really hard time getting back into the swing of things.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the weather was a contributing factor to my funk for the past few days.  I came from short-sleeves in Texas to winds in the upper 20 mph’s and windchills in the teens in Indiana.  I felt super-tired and run down.  I was uninterested in training or running, and I felt burnt out.  The idea of taking a week or two off with no running at all was extremely appealing.  All I wanted to do was lay around and go to bed early and sleep in late.  So, unfortunately, I missed my workouts on Monday and Tuesday.  But, fortunately, I would not let myself miss practice with my Back on My Feet team this morning.

I got up and out and it was such a relief to get to practice.  I was so happy to see everyone.  It felt like ages since I had seen Rob and Shane and Katie and Karen.  It was also comforting to know that we were going to get some miles in together, and I wouldn’t have to do it all by myself.  We split up into our groups for the fartlek and headed out on the roads.  A few miles into the workout, my group came to a light at a busy intersection that was changing.  We were in the middle of a hard interval, so we were running really fast (the 8-9 minute pace group is really gung-ho about their hard intervals).  The front runners in our group shot out across the intersection in front of the cars, but by the time I reached the intersection, I didn’t feel comfortable going.  So I waited.  By the time the cars cleared, the front runners were gone.  I couldn’t even see them as they had disappeared around a bend and into the darkness ahead.  The four or so of us who hadn’t made it through the intersection turned left to continue our workout and ran smack into the 9-10 minute mile pace group.  After the dissolution of our fast pace group, I was happy to join the much more relaxed and non-death-defying group for the remainder of the workout.  I finished up with Rob and Joan, among others, and headed back to the Progress House after a nice workout that was refreshingly challenging, but not too difficult.

Kelli & Rob

At the closing circle, Dave announced that an email had been sent out a few weeks ago to our team about me running the Boston Marathon.  I didn’t know that an email had been sent to the whole team.  I’m a little embarrassed about having so much attention directed toward me, but I really appreciate the team’s help and support in getting me to Boston (both in terms of training and fundraising).  I really couldn’t do this without the team.  If it hadn’t been for practice this morning, I’m not sure I would have been able to get myself out of bed and get a workout done at all.  The power of a team you care about and respect and feel accountable to is surprisingly strong.  Today I was very grateful for that. – Kelli