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Joe setting his pace at the Legacy Loop 5k

Joe began running with team Progress House in June. He came with his friend Tom and we immediately started calling them the New Pal guys because they are both from New Palestine. Joe and Tom have both taken on leadership roles on the team and we are grateful for their efforts.

Joe is the team coach for Progress House. He is always available for a smile and good piece of running advice. We recently found out  he is a very good cook, when he brought delicious cream cheese bars & blueberry muffins to practice one day!

Running shoe size: 10

Favorite post run food: Ice cream

How many marathons/half marathons have you completed: 3 marathons and probably 30 plus half marathons.

What marathons have you participated in: Monumental Marathon, California International Marathon, Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Favorite race you have ever done: Scotibank Toronto Waterfront Marathon because it was my first marathon.

Favorite music: Classic Rock, Country, Jazz

Favorite athlete: I was a catcher when I played little league baseball and Johnny Bench was my idol.

Favorite vacation spot: When I get a chance to take a vacation, where ever I end up is my favorite vacation spot!

Tell readers about your family: I have 4 children- my son John (he goes by JJ) is 22, 20 year old twin daughters Amy and Kay, and Julie who is 17. Amy is a BoMF volunteer.

Bucket list item you plan to cross off soon: My daughter Amy and I are planning on jumping out of an air plane in June together.

Why do you run: I have run since junior high and it is always something I have enjoyed doing. It is a good stress reliever as well.

Tell us about your professional position: I work as a project manager for a multi-family developer/builder.

Why did you choose Team Progress House: The facility location is closer to my home.

What has BoMF meant to you: The program is amazing!

You originally committed to running only one day a week with the team, what made you take on the role of coach and not a lesser position:

I knew after a month or two of running with BoMF I wanted to be more involved. The reason I took the coaching position, well, at the time it was the only position open.

Advise for people who might want to start running with BoMF: Join this program! It will be one of the best things you ever do!

Anything else you want to share with readers: This is an amazing program and I am glad I have the opportunity to be involved with it.

BoMF HVAF Team Leader Joe Kendrick brings it in on a morning run with Tony, Sandy and Niki


Who: Joe Kendrick

Team: HVAF

Shoe Size: 12

Favorite Athlete: Julius Erving

Favorite Hobby: Running with Back on My Feet

Favorite Music: Jazz

Joe is one of the charter members on team HVAF and he’s been running with the team since he showed up sporting a Fat Albert sweatshirt back on March 8th.  Not long after, when the HVAF team planned on running in its first 5K race, Joe was not quite at 90% attendance and was unable to participate in the race. However, he was so determined to get back on track and keep up with his training, he took it upon himself to go out to the canal and run a 5K on his own. Ever since that run, Joe has had perfect attendance and is a vital member of the HVAF team.

Joe grew up in Clarksville, TN. Before running with BoMF, the farthest Joe had run was 2.5 miles when he was a Marine in 1972! He has made considerable progress over the past three months. In fact, this Saturday, June 11th, Joe will be running the Carmel Half Marathon. He’s discovered that he really enjoys the racing atmosphere after having participated in the 5K Mini Marathon and loves being around people from all different walks of life. “I can see why people get out and run these races” said Joe “I’m hooked.”  When asked what motivates him to get out at 5:30 am and run Joe answered, “The non-res runners.  We have a good core group of very inspiring, genuine people.”

Joe is our HVAF resident Team Captain and he’s grown tremendously in so many ways. Recently he started a community garden alongside fellow HVAF runner, Ron Gephart. Joe believes the garden is great for his soul, bringing him a sense of peace and serenity. He promises HVAF non-res runners his special recipe of prepared greens once the garden turns a good harvest. Joe’s desire to expand his boundaries has also led some of us to begin a book club of sorts. Besides holding each other accountable to running, we also hold each other accountable to our assigned reading and talk about them on our runs.  Although Joe is very well read, having read many of the classics, he has a desire to expand to some contemporary authors, beginning with Laura Hillenbrand’s new book, Unbroken. It seems like we’re moving past just talking about favorite snacks, super heroes and songs to taking next steps and expanding horizons on many fronts.

It’s a lot of fun to run with Joe on our team runs and for lots of different reasons! He’s got an extraordinary smile and a most unforgettable, friendly laugh. He is an impressive runner that works through some painful back issues without complaining.  One of his favorite phrases is “that’s just cold blooded” and he says it with a unforgettable southern drawl. He most recently used this phrase when a lady passed us in the Mini Marathon 5K walking when Joe was running. He said quietly, “Oh that’s just cold blooded- she’s walking and here I am running getting passed.” And then he just smiled and charged ahead.

At the most recent team meeting, Joe shared one of the most heartfelt and memorable statements of thanksgiving I’ve ever heard. The humility and transparency of this man is inspiring.  He said, “You know I try not to get too attached because I know people move on. But running has really helped me clear my head and if it wasn’t for you all, I wouldn’t be out here running.  When I know you will show up; I show up. I’m doing stuff I never thought I’d do and I thank all of you.” We are very proud of Joe and grateful for his commitment and leadership to our team.  Through his gardening, reading, running and coursework at Ivy Tech toward a degree in Computer Information Technology, we know he will continue to take steps forward, together with our team.

Whether he's finishing up a run, planning, planting and receiving his running watch for reaching the 100 mile mark, Joe, continues to reach his goals.