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Branch of military: Army

Shoe Size: 10.5

Longest race with BoMF: Drumstick Dash (4.6 miles)

Favorite food before/after race: I LOVE all food minus tomatoes

Favorite Movie: Tie between Brian’s Song and Billie Jack

Favorite kind of music: all kinds, favorite song is Kid Rock’s Born Free

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite place to visit: Hawaii, Italy or France

Life dream: Go to golf school

What do you like about BoMF: I hated running when I got out of the Army because it was my job. Now I do it for fun and enjoy it. It helps me set goals and every run I finish is achieving a goal. I battle addiction and this helps me get through it and I find it therapeutic. I feel better, set goals, achieve them and set larger goals.

 Jay has hit the ground running, literally. Jay quickly took to jogging and now has been running with our fast pace run group. He’s excited seeing his miles accumulate quickly in the running group and has inspired other guys to push themselves harder.



Damon with his stocking that the Manchester Non-Residential teammates put together for the Residential teammates!

Branch of military: Army

Family: Mother, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 2 daughters (28 & 26) and one son (24)

Shoe size: 12

Hometown: Indianapolis

Favorite pre-race food: he doesn’t eat despite all the good advice given to him :-)

Favorite post-race food: bananas and water

Favorite music: Pop – he loves Michael Jackson – no wonder why he was seriously shaking a tail feather at the Drumstick Dash!

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite movie: Scarface

Place he wants to visit: Africa

Goals: get married again, be a good husband, father, grandfather and product member of society

What do you like about BoMF: It’s the true meaning of team work. It’s a relationship with no conditions and provides me with a sense of health. I never thought I could run, but I realize I can!

Damon has been on our injured list for quite some time, but Damon is out with us to open and close the morning with our prayer circle and he does it with a great attitude. He is the first to volunteer for something when we need help and his smile and laugh is always a great start to any one’s morning!

Damon with his Back on My Feet 42K Relay teammates! Team “I’d rather be eating”

There’s always a reason to celebrate when one of our teammates scores a job, however recently we were kicking up our heels when we learned that one of our long-time team members was awarded Associate of the Month by the Sheraton Indianapolis City Center Hotel.

Having been on the job for a little over four months, Jeffrey Powell was recognized for his performance, productivity and dedication to the property and the guests.  “Being a maintenance engineer, you never know what you’re going to be called to fix or build. It could be anything from a leak to drywall repair. Sometimes it’s as easy as plugging the lamp in for the guest.  Whatever it is, I respond as soon as I get the call. A lot of times I work ahead to keep on top of possible problems that might occur”, said Jeffrey.

Jeffrey, who previously served in the United States Navy, has been an active team member with the BoMF Indy Warman Warriors team.  Throughout his 15 months with the team, he has maintained 100% attendance and continues to humor our early morning runs with his “Jeffreyisms” that include words of wisdom appearing to be more of a cross between an Aesop Fable and witty sarcasm. Being one to “call it like he sees it” he is quick to recognize the BoMF volunteers as the  most upbeat and dedicated folks he’s ever known and explains, “Everyday the volunteers come down here and they’re always happy, even early in the morning. They never complain about the gas or the time. They are real leaders who lead by example.  I wouldn’t be doing what I am today without Back on My Feet and the volunteers.”

As the Warman Warriors’ featured Runner in the Month last January, Jeffrey cited his reason for joining “Happy Feet” as he refers to it, was to obtain a job. His goal was to eventually move out of transitional housing and be a home owner again. Obtaining a job through one of Back on My Feet’s job partners has moved Jeffrey one step closer to his goal.

Jeffrey and volunteer Emily Hickman finish the Hoosier Hoops 5K together.

Indy BoMF Program Director Brian Meyer, Jeffery and volunteers celebrate the accomplishments of helping Hoosier Hearts and Hands get closer to their goal of renovating homes in the Haughville community.

Circling up at the end of a run with the Serenity Prayer.

Running Shoe Size:12

Joe finishes the Joseph Maley Foundation Run

Home Town/Family: Hallsborough, NC

Fav Athletes: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan

Fav Music:  R & B, Jazz

Fav Post Race Food: Banana and water

Fav Meal: Steak and Chef Salad

Fav Quote: “It matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

In what branch did you serve?  Marines

Most memorable BoMF memory? The most recent 42K Relay!

Why did you come out for the BoMF team? I was living in the same house with Ron and Lee and they told me about BoMF.

What difference has BoMF made in your life? I think it helps with morale. It’s good to be active and around positive people. It’s the fellowship.

What’s most challenging aspect of your life right now and how are you meeting that challenge? Probably school. I’m in school right now earning a B.S. in Business and a certification in medical billing and coding.

What races have you run in with BoMF? Which one was your fav? The Polar Bear Run, The Bull Dog Jog, March Madness, Joseph Maley Memorial Run, Eagle Creek Trail Run, Pogue’s Run, Carmel 5K and the most recent one, the BoMF 42K Relay.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Watch sports, especially pro football.  Favorite pro teams are the Colts and Pacers. Favorite college team is UNC Chapel Hill. I’m also fairly good with computer technology and enjoy helping others learn more about their computer and solve technology problems.

Joe’s BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) I want to finish school and someday return to North Carolina. I’d like to purchase property and live near the ocean.

We give a runner’s salute to Joe for his dry wit and sense of humor and also his commitment to move his life forward through furthering his education.  Our team wouldn’t be the same without him!

Joe (pictured front left) and some of the Warman Warriors in the BoMF Indy Chapter

Carmel 5K Finisher!

Reggie Epperson

Running Shoe Size: 8.5

Home Town/Family: Indianapolis, 1 daughter, 2 grandaughters

Fav Music:  Classic Rock, Country

Fav Beverage: Coffee, black

Fav Post Race Food: Prime Rib

Fav Quote: “Well there are a couple I can’t say, but I’d have to say ‘That’s life’ – C’est la vie!”

In what branch did you serve? Army as a mechanic

Most memorable BoMF memory? Probably my race at the Bull Dog Jog at Butler University with Tom and James.

Why did you come out for the BoMF team?  Improve my health, obtain resources and build friendships.

What difference has BoMF made in your life? I would say I’m in better shape.

What’s most challenging aspect of your life right now and how are you meeting that challenge? Probably getting and keeping a job I like. I really loved my job in maintenance at the school. I’m a people person and I liked being around all the kids at school.

What races have you run in with BoMF? Which one was your fav? The Bull Dog Jog was my favorite but I’ve also run in Carmel 5K, Outrun the Sun, the Race Around the Reservoir, and the Eagle Creek Trail Run.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Play cards like Euchre. I don’t watch a lot of TV – I like to get out and do things.  I like cooking and working on cars but my grandkids are the love of my life!

Reggie’s BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) I would have to say get a job I like and own a home of my own with a yard.

We give a runner’s salute to Reggie for bringing his
easy going attitude and his appreciation for the simple joys in life to our BoMF Warman Warriors Team.

Warman Woods Runners Reggie and Sam received their first team SWAG

Reggie and Deb just before the Planet Adventure Trail Run at Eagle Creek Park

Reggie finishes his first race with BoMF – The Butler Bull Dog Jog

Running Shoe Size:11

Home Town/Family: Oklahoma City, 2 sons

Fav Athletes: Peyton Manning

Fav Music:  Enya

Fav Beverage: Coffee, Mountain Dew

Fav Quote: “You only fail if you give up.”

In what branch did you serve? U.S. Navy, 12 years

Most memorable BoMF memory? The finish line at the Bull Dog Jog at Butler University. Everyone was waiting at the finish line giving high fives.

Why did you come out for the BoMF team?  There were a few reasons: 1) I always enjoyed running, 2) begin to learn to deal with people again, and 3) it was a group (all vets) in which we were all a family.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your life right now and how are you meeting that challenge? The most challenging aspect of my life right now would have to be medical issues. I have a back surgery and knee surgeries coming up. I’m just taking it one day at a time.

What races have you run in with BoMF? Which one was your fav? I’ve participated in the Legacy Loop 5k, Polar Bear 3 miler, Big Ten Hoops 5k.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Well basically, let’s put it this way, I don’t really like having spare time.  If I were physically able I like diving, flying, spelunking but since the medical issues I’ve begun enjoying different things like cooking, gardening, reading and working on the computer. I volunteer quite a bit.

James’ BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). That would be to finish my PhD in Physics.

We give a runner’s salute to James for jumping in whenever anyone needs help. He is a most capable, helpful and contributing team member and our team would simply not be the same without him!

It’s our BIRTHDAY!

We have had an incredible year and can’t thank all of our supporters enough. There are so many people who have helped make this year so successful and we are grateful for every single one of you.

Thank you to all of our partner facilities HVAF of Indiana, Progress House, Resident Members, Core team members, Non-res runners, FundRacers, Volunteers at races, Corporate supporters and anyone else who has been involved in nurturing and growing this amazing chapter.

Purchase tickets for our upcoming Birthday Luncheon!

2012 in a nutshell:

  • 3 Partner Facilities
  • 45 active resident members
  • 3 active alumni members
  • 80 volunteers
  • 77 members served since March 8, 2011
  • 49 members who have completed a competitive race
  • 13 members who have completed a half-marathon
  • 3 members who have completed a full-marathon
  • 8 members who have obtained housing
  • 25 members are currently employed
  • 56 members have enrolled in financial literacy, job training programs or schooling
  • 83% of members in Next Steps

Check out the year in pictures:

Our first circle as a team- at the first of many BlueMile shoe fittings! Thank you BlueMile for being such an amazing supporter.

Members from team HVAF Warman at the launch luncheon at JW Marriott.

White Lodging helping us get our chapter started! Thank You!

Heading to the start line of our first race!

Ron, Sandy & Phyllis finishing up our first 5K with BoMF Indy.

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