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This year at Back on My Feet Philadelphia’s holiday party the annual talent show is becoming an exciting and valuable tradition. We would like to share a particularly special talent shared by one of our resident members. Antwan B. composed and performed a rap about his experience with Back on My Feet, below we would like to share his lyrics.


Antwan performing his rap

Antwan performing his rap


























Trust I’mma let the truth be told

Trust that I will never bend, break or fold

Trust that I will never live in the cold

Since I met Back on My Feet

Gradually ya man is Back on his Feet

Tragically I had to endure some bad situations

But nevertheless I’m still out here motivated

Racing to the finish line, yea, the prize is mine

I’m in my prime, like Optimus Prime

But, this is not a cartoon

These streets can suck you in, just like a vacuum

or like a toilet in a bathroom

Killing you with bad fumes

So I suggest I get my A Game!

Straight like Kobe Bryant on a fast break

I have to penetrate my adversaries

The clock is ticking, the cops are riffing,the glock is spitting,

A young thug gets dropped, no pitty

See this is what I see in my cityof Brotherly Love,

you can see a brother get slugged

So I try to avoid these circumstances

And Back on My Feet they gave me second chances

Trust I’mma let the truth be told

Trust I will never bend, break or fold

Trust I will never leave you in the cold.

December has been a busy month for the team at Clean and Sober Streets.  They had a fantastic turnout for the Inaugural Open Mic Night and Talent Show, the not-so-warm Jingle All The Way 10K race on December 12th and the BOMF Hawaiian Holiday Luau Dinner on December 15th.  At the Open Mic Night David W. and team captain Ed J. represented the team with a rendition of Under the Boardwalk by The Drifters to start off the evening.  Like all families during the holiday dinner there was a spirited round of foosball games with non-residential member Shannyn S.’s much hyped foosball skills on display.  Worthy of mention from the holiday dinner is the award that Lewis S. earned for having the highest mileage of any member in Back on My Feet Washington DC, with 370 miles (at that time).  Marianne N., the coach for Clean and Sober Streets has worked tirelessly to keep the team running healthy and motivated on the long runs she plans, and runs, with them.  Several members of CSS are planning on running the National Marathon and Half Marathon coming up in March of next year.

The three newest members of the team, Marque E., George S., and Terrence W. have all jumped in with both feet.  They, along with James W. who joined the team in November, all helped volunteer for various duties at the Jingle All the Way 10K race and are looking forward to our January race.

In a somewhat unorthodox, but well deserved, nomination, team captain Ed J. nominated the four newest members of Clean and Sober Streets to be all be the residential Members of the Month.  Attendance for all of newest members is at, or very close to, 100% and when the weather is 20 degrees outside their desire to run and ability to endure the cold with their newfound friends and family within BOMF is a testament to their commitment to the program.  Never having been to a race before, all four men gladly volunteered to help out BOMF at the Jingle All the Way 10K, not entirely knowing what to expect but willing to lend a helping hand nonetheless.

Non-residential Member of the Month goes to Amy D., who has been consistently running throughout the cold weather season.  Her dedication to come out and run with the team when beds are warm and cozy at 5:45am is a shining example of her willingness to encourage her friends in BOMF to take that next step on the road to recovery, and race shape.

2010 was nothing short of exciting for the Baltimore Chapter! From the celebration of our 1st Birthday with Mayor Rawlings-Blake, to Nikia’s Nippy Nor’easter Half Marathon & Relay, to the Baltimore 10 Miler, to our massively successful Nonres campaign raising over $22,000, to the 2nd Annual Wipeout, to the Baltimore Running Festival, to an elegant evening at the Bash, the highlights are as moving as they are numerous.

Amidst the luster of so many events and accomplishments, Baltimore has remained home to 55 active residential members and over 250 active nonresidential members. Cumulatively between all 5 of our teams, 121 members have completed a competitive race and even more impressive, 58 members have obtained employment, 51 members have enrolled in job training and/or education programs, and 21 members have moved into their own housing.

For the sake of brevity, we’ll let the video express our warmest wishes to you for a blessed holiday.

Here’s to an equally riveting 2011!

~Jackie & Nikia

Back on My Feet Boston had the great honor of being celebrated at the Shops at Prudential Center’s 31 Nights of Light. Every evening in December, Boston Properties recognizes the hard work of different non-profits throughout Boston by lighting up the top of Boston’s iconic Prudential Center in the organization’s choice of colored lights. Of course, we chose our BOMF green and blue.

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Have you made your charitable donation this year?

As you begin your holiday celebrations with family and friends, and as the old year draws to a close, consider making a year-end tax-deductible holiday gift to Back on My Feet Chicago. Our hope is that this special contribution will not only provide you with an added tax benefit, but will provide much needed-assistance for those in our program who are working very hard to build a brighter future for themselves. Every little bit helps; donations outfit our members with the proper gear, cover race fees and fund job training, education and housing assistance.

Make your online donation here! Wishing you the merriest of holiday seasons!

For those who might have missed our official holiday video card that went out this week, we wanted share our deepest appreciation for all of those involved in Back on My Feet Boston since our launch on May 24. Our accomplishments in such a short time have been significant, and we are so thrilled that you were part of them.

From everyone at Back on My Feet, we wish you and your loved ones a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. Click here or on the above image to see our special holiday video card for you!

Back on My Feet Philadelphia currently serves 100 active members in our comprehensive program and is working to start 25 new members this holiday season! Our unique approach to combating homelessness has proven successful by moving over 220 members forward to educational opportunities, jobs and housing in 2010. We have a goal to start 20 new residential members each month in 2011, for a total of 240 new starts. Each new member who starts receives running gear, which consists of a running shirt, running pants or shorts depending on the time a year, socks and a pair of running shoes.

This holiday season, we’re asking that the Philadelphia Community to rally around BOMF and support our growth. Starting December 1st 2010 and ending December 23rd 2010 Back on My Feet will be holding a sneaker drive to cover our sneaker needs for 2011. BOMF is asking for donations of new sneakers to be sent or dropped off at their office located at 1520 Locust St Suite 804 Philadelphia PA 19102. For sanitary and safety reasons, all running gear must be brand new. If you cannot donate sneakers, you can give a donation online and we’ll purchase the sneakers at $35 per pair. We are currently in need of the following brands and sizes:

– Asics
– Nike
– New Balance
– Saucony
– Mizuno
– Adidas

– 9.5
– 10.5
– 11.5
– 12
– 13