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Lydia Ghattas, Non-Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
“Back on My Feet has changed my perspective on life.  I love the friends, and now family, I’ve met through running in the mornings and races throughout the month.  At 5:45 AM everyone stands in the huddle the same.  Everyone has a unique story and the more I spend time with them the more I want to know and share my story.  Spending time with BoMF lets you be a small part of something greater going on across the country.  I recently ran with one of the Atlanta teams and was received with a warm welcome and of course, hugs!”
Channing, Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
Channing began running with his Dallas LIFE teammates in March 2012. Channing has maintained 90% attendance and is looking forward to completing the Next Steps portion of the Back on My Feet program. Channing was the first Member to cross the finish line at the Jog with the Frog 5K on March 31st. Way to go Channing! Keep up the hard work!
Bianca Hernandez, Non-Residential Member, Salvation Army
“When I joined Back on My Feet, I figured it would be a good way to log a few extra miles. I planned on going one day a week, but that changed quickly! I had no idea what a big part of my life it would become! Even though getting up before dawn is tough, I can’t imagine life without my teammates at the Salvation Army. Whether it’s a PR or a new job, watching them achieve their goals is inspiring, and I am proud to be a small part of such a great organization.”
Greg S., Residential Member, Salvation Army
Greg, a United States Marine Corps veteran, found himself at the Salvation Army facility after losing his job with Dallas I.S.D. Having worked as a crossing guard, Greg entered the grand per diem program for veterans and joined Back on My Feet in August 2011. Greg completed his first half marathon on March 25th and is currently applying for positions with Marriott. Run Greg Run!
Rosalyn Davis, Non-Residential Member, The Bridge
“When I joined Back on My Feet, I was not a morning person, nor was I a recreational runner. Back on My Feet has transformed me into a runner. Admittedly, the morning part still needs a bit of work. I love being greeted with genuine smiles and meaningful hugs, in the mornings. It makes the sacrifice of sleep worth it. I love witnessing the dedication, victories, and accomplishments of our Residential members. It’s inspiring.”
Montania, Residential Member, The Bridge
Montania is a valued member of Team Bridge and has been running with Back on My Feet since December 2011. He has competed in numerous local 5Ks and looks forward to applying for positions with our job partners having maintained 90% attendance. Keep running Montania!

Training is in full swing for St Johns!

The team kicked off September with long Saturday training runs and consistent morning runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. September wasn’t completely monopolized by training, however!

In early September, the team head down to Avalon for the Tim Kerr 7mile Island Run & 5K.  Troy ran a 30min PR in the 5K, Joe and Albert ran their first BOMF races and Eric and Az rocked the 7mile run!  Wesley also kicked butt in the 7miler, while Matt, Heather and Alison breezed through the 5K with speedy finishing times.  After all of the racing, the team was able to spend a beautiful day on the beach in Avalon.  All in all, a fantastic day with the entire Back on My Feet family!

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June 2010 has been a great month for Team MCVET.

Team members Charlie, Andre, and Torry were able to get full-time jobs, and Darryl M. moved into his own place!

The entire team celebrated, along with our friends from Marriott, and “Bad”  Burt’s lovely wife sent a delicious cake and cupcakes to make the celebration official. Our littlest teammate, Solveig, wore more of the cupcake than she ate, but we’ll let her get away with that because it was adorable, after all. Read more…