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Carmel Half running mates, Lee and Mark all smiles after a great race!

Mark Tracy came to BoMF Indy from Illinois and will be leaving to go back home and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Programming. While Mark has been in Indianapolis he was a great asset to the Indianapolis Chapter. Mark is always willing to jump in and help out where he was needed and if you throw food in the picture he will be the first in line! We are going to miss Mark, but we wish him luck in his bright future!

Thank you Mark for all of your hard work and dedication to the program. All of our Members, both resident and non-resident will miss having you on the team. Your passion to help others shines through in the work that you do.

When you first came to BoMF, what were your expectations and what did you want to get out of the program?

When I was looking at internships last fall at University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, I really wanted to find an internship where I could help change lives through recreation. I heard about Back on My Feet in one of my classes and went online and said to myself “I want that internship.” When I came to Indy I really did not have any expectations except I knew I would have to get back in running shape fast! I was expecting to interact with the residents a lot, but I am been so happy to have gotten to know many non-residents well, too. I did not expect to meet this many good people, residents and non-residents.

Why did you choose BoMF for your internship in Indianapolis when there is a chapter in Chicago?

Well I chose Indianapolis over Chicago because it is a smaller city without a Program Coordinator, so I knew I would get a lot of hands on experience. Also, Indianapolis is actually closer to school than Chicago for me.

Explain your role in the Indy chapter to readers..

Well when Brian says jump, I say how high. I am just kidding sort of. I am technically the Program Intern. I filled the role of Program Coordinator for Brian. I did new resident orientations, helped with resident retention, and a lot of resident relationship building as well as non-resident relationship building. I also assisted in getting the guys signed up for races, transporting them for new shoes, and even counted a bit of inventory. Also, I did a lot of paperwork for Brian.

What races did you compete in while with BoMF?

Legacy Loop 5k, Big Ten Hoops Day 5k, Bulldog Jog, Carmel Half Marathon

What is your favorite BoMF memory?

There have been so many favorite memories from the races to meeting all kinds of great people. I think my favorite memory would be seeing Will hit 500 miles and after the 13 mile run, Tom and Deb treating us to breakfast afterwards. I still remember the pancakes and the biscuits of gravy!

What are your BHAG? (Big Hairy Audacious Goals, things you can’t complete on your own, you need help completing.)

To spread the word and the love of God to every person I meet through my words and most importantly my actions. I want to spread the good news of redemption told through the Gospels to all people I meet through loving my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as I love myself. I also hope to spread the love and mercy of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ, our Savior who is the way, the light, and the truth to eternal life.

What’s next for Mark?

I am planning on his summer to walk across the country again this summer. Last, summer I walked/ran from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. This summer I am walking/running from San Francisco to Washington D.C.

Manchester Miler member Kevin said, “It is clear Mark has passion and cares about what he does, he would come have lunch with us everyday and ask us how we were doing. He will go far.”

“I get up every morning and look in the mirror and thank God for my great looks,” Mark told Warman Team Leader, Tom while running the Carmel 1/2 Marathon!

Tom hit the nail on the head on how to get Mark to run at Warman, “Tell him we will have food!”

Emilie, JP, and Mark awaiting their volunteer shift at the Polar Bear Doubler. Thanks for volunteering on this cold day!


Mark, Dwayne, Nan, and Andrea at the Bulldog Jog

Finishing the Big Ten Hoops 5k all smiles!

Jeffrey, Mark, Deb, and Andy at the Hearts and Hands Picnic


Tom and Mark chat about the Carmel Half Marathon while Ron listens and thinks I'm sticking to the 8ks!

Mark and a few Manchester Milers awaiting the start of breakfast at the Marriott Downtown.

The end is near for Lee and Mark of the Carmel Half Marathon!

On September 21st, in conjuction with the one year anniversary of Back on My Feet in Chicago, Back on My Feet partnered with Harris Bank to launch the first installment of monthly Financial Literacy courses for residential members.

Financial Literacy comprises two courses covering key concepts in basic banking and credit. One course will be held each month, and course content will alternate monthly between banking and credit. Back on My Feet residential members will now be required to complete both Financial Literacy courses as part of the Back on My Feet Next Steps program.

Sixteen residential members attended the first installment of this monthly series, which focused on banking principles. Attendees found the course informative and helpful.

Thank you to Harris Bank for providing financial literacy to Back on My Feet members. We look forward to attending the credit course in October!

Sheretta B., 25, began the program at Dallas LIFE in February 2011 after leaving an unhealthy family situation. Sheretta entered the shelter and immediately found herself overwhelmed by the environment. She constantly worried for her two children, Taylor (five years old) and Tylor (two years old), and the effect the shelter would have on them. She didn’t know what the future held for her and her small family. She even contemplated returning to the unsafe atmosphere she had just escaped.

Sheretta and her children were shy, withheld and timid when interacting with others. They were a product of an intense and constantly changing dynamic at the shelter. They had each other, but they had no direction.

Sheretta joined Back on My Feet in May 2011. With two kids under five, making the morning runs was more difficult for Sheretta than the average participant. Showing up with less than a few hours of sleep, knowing she needed to prep and get the kids to daycare before 7:00 a.m., fueled on by little to no emotional support from family… this high school athlete proved she could do it, and some.

Sheretta has attended all financial literacy courses, the Skills to Succeed course, a computer literacy course, all exclusive job fairs, a mock interview workshop, studied for her GED and lost more than twenty pounds over the past six months. She was recognized as member of the month in September 2011 and she is currently interviewing for available positions while going to school at El Centro Community College part-time.

“If it wasn’t for Back on My Feet, I would have left a long time ago. I’m more prepared for a job and it’s overall helped my self-esteem really. I was not trying to do anything when I first came here, it helps me a lot. If it wasn’t for Back on My Feet, I probably would have never gone back to school.”

While Taylor and Tylor don’t yet understand the meaning of their time at Dallas LIFE, they do understand the joy that Back on My Feet brings their mom. Sheretta and her family smile now because of the Non-Residential members on the Dallas LIFE team. Sure, we run a lot, but here are two very happy examples of how Back on My Feet is so much more than running…

Sheretta and her family were recently featured in a D Magazine article. To join the Dallas LIFE team, click here.