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The Indoor Track Meet was a big success and Team Uptown was well represented.  The winning team featured Larry, Charles, and Jim who skipped, walked, and sprinted their way to victory.  Biggest accomplishment…Larry ran an entire lap around the ¼ mile track.  He was very proud of himself and was smiling from ear to ear when he finished.  It was wonderful!!  Manny, Monica and Michelle joined in the fun and we learned that Manny is a pretty good skipper.  Everyone had a great time and a big thanks to Monika for chauffeuring our teammates.

We enjoyed an exciting Super Bowl party at Giordano’s!  What a game!  There was much friendly competition, but good pizza and funny commercials makes everything better.  Thank you everyone for coming and making it a memorable Super Bowl Party. Read more…

The month of February has flown by for our St. Leonard’s team! Many positive changes have been happening for our team and everyone is very excited. During the short month of February, running has taken a backseat to employment, housing, and truly getting “back on our feet.”

We were lucky once again in February to experience some very mild winter weather with very little interruption to our running schedule! We are continuing to work on building our mileage by encouraging each other to try new routes and distances. February also welcomed two new members to our St. Leonards team. Donnie and Dylan have joined us and are a welcome addition to our squad. Both have been eager to run with us and we look forward to their future running accomplishments. Read more…

As February ends, Team Lake View YMCA is thankful we only had to battle a couple of very cold days this month! Joe, Steve C. and non-residential members Jay, Laura, Tricia and Elenore participated in the indoor track meet. Although dizzying at times, it was great to see members of other Chicago Back on My Feet teams and brush up on our skipping and side shuffling abilities! We have exciting mileage mile markers to celebrate, as well. To name a few, Steve C. and Marvin surpassed 20 miles, while Raymond reached 150! Carmelo made it to 300 and Joe surpassed 375! Michael and Steve L. have exciting numbers in their futures, as they are closing in on 150 and 250 respectively. Lakeview is also happy to welcome new member, Dan, this month and proud to support Joe as he plans to take on the Chicago Marathon in October 2012.

They say that the shortest month of the year can sometimes feel like the longest, but for the Lawson House it’s been a busy month that flew by. We’ve added members and celebrated with BoMF veterans like O.J., who recently moved into his own apartment! It seems like we’ve been indulging as much as running between Super Bowl gatherings at Giordano’s and lots of sweets shared for Valentine’s Day, but we just call that fuel! The Lawson House Machine joined the rest of BoMF Chicago on Sunday the 18th at our second annual Indoor Track Meet. Between the relay’s and head to head competitions we’re not sure what burned more calories: the activity or the laughing! The fastest thing this month was probably the Chicago Marathon selling out in 6 days! We’ve got a strong team of BoMF Fundracers and luckily have a few spots available for those in need of a spot. We closed out February with a fun new event in Glencoe. The Lawson House Machine took on Broomball (think hockey in sneakers) this past Sunday and it proved to be a blast! We certainly hope to make this an annual event, if not more often! We hope to see an early spring as we have some fun in store for March! Read more…

Mayo joined the St. Leonard’s Back on My Feet team in September 2011. Prior to joining the team, Mayo spent several years in prison, where doctors told him that he was no longer healthy enough to run. Rather than give up, Mayo sought to prove them wrong, and in the six months since joining the St. Leonard’s team, he has done just that. Mayo has accrued over 100 miles, participated in two 5k race events and one day hopes to complete a half marathon. Even more impressive, Mayo has maintained 100% attendance at Back on My Feet morning runs. Not only does he boast a clean slate of health, he has also regained his confidence, and is planning to return to school in August to pursue his master’s degree in sociology.

Mayo can tell you how much he enjoys being a part of the St. Leonard’s Back on My Feet team:

“I have found Back on My Feet to be very inspirational because I love the camaraderie and enjoy the motivation they give people like me to help get our lives back in order. I wish Back on My Feet had a chapter in every state in the US! I enjoy the camaraderie and the enthusiastic volunteers that make you feel like you’re special and a human being, even after going through what we have gone through. I send hugs out to all the volunteers for being so dedicated and coming to run with us!”

Wow! It’s been one whole year since we launched the Back on My Feet program in Dallas and we couldn’t have done it without some incredible people along the way! This month, let’s celebrate love, by hugging and high fiving our friends that have taken the next step to self-sufficiency or helped a friend along the way.

Megan Sanders, Non-Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
“Back on My Feet is a message of hope, for everyone involved, and has given me a sense of purpose. I am excited every day to spend time with my Dallas LIFE family, sharing stories and being a part of each others’ lives. The lack of judgment and welcoming environment is what drew me in; hugs, prayers, and friendships are what keep me coming back. I am so happy to be able to continue celebrating every milestone that each member makes along the way.”
Sheila W., Residential Member, Dallas LIFE
Sheila, a victim of abuse, came to Dallas LIFE in December 2011 and began running with Back on My Feet in January 2012. Sheila inspired others with her performance at the Hot Chocolate 15K and is training for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in March 2012.
Elizabeth Bauman, Non-Residential Member, Salvation Army
“I like Back on my Feet because it gives me the opportunity to share my love of running with others who might not have ever enjoyed the sport before. Not only do I get to run with them, but I get to share my life and learn about their lives as well. All this and the end result encourages Residential Members and myself to become better runners as well as better people.”
Bobby R., Residential Member, Salvation Army
Bobby, a U.S. veteran, joined Back on My Feet in June 2011. Bobby has recently moved out of the Salvation Army shelter and continues to run with the team on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. What a teammate!
Catherine O’Neill, Non-Residential Member, The Bridge.
“I’ve been a member of Team Bridge for about 6 months.  I love the camaraderie and watching new runners find strength through running!  And most of all I love the fun.  When training for a race, it’s easy to get wrapped up in training plans, mileage, and target pace, but when I run with Back on My Feet, it’s about people, not numbers.  Thanks Team Bridge for making my morning runs full of smiles, support, and fun!”
Terry J., Residential Member, The Bridge
Terry joined the Back on My Feet team at The Bridge in December 2011. He completed his first 5K at the Hotcake Hustle in Addison, Texas. Terry recently accepted a position with the Omni Convention Center. Go Terry!

Another great month at Team Sheila Dennis!  It was still cold out but not as much snow so we kept warm by running!  We kicked off February with our new training program in preparation for the Caesar Rodney race at the end of March.   This month the ladies showed tremendous progress and increased their mileage significantly, look out – we’ve got some fast runners!  We also celebrated some big milestones this month. Marie exceeded the 50 mile mark with Grandma and Peaches not far behind, they will reach 50 miles any day now. Alberta hit 30 miles and Dawn and Sheila are close and at the rate they are running will there in a few days!  It’s wonderful to see all of the great progress the ladies are making, not to mention the great energy and spirit of the team!

This month we welcomed two new res members to team; Michelle and Althea both of whom rocked it out on their first run!  We are so excited to have new teammates and look forward to running side by side with them!

Res of the month – Dawn!

Dawn joined the team right after the holidays and jumped right into running!  In the past month she has increased her mileage significantly and now won’t go less then 2.5 miles each day.  She pushed herself from day one and has the right attitude to accomplish anything.   She is a sweet and down to earth women who is taking this opportunity to get back on her feet, seriously.  Like all of us, her son is very proud of her!

Non-res of the month – Stephanie!

Stephanie joined the team at the beginning of this year, but we feel like she’s been with us forever!  From her first run she has given 100% in supporting and encouraging the women.  She has more energy at 5:30am than most people have all day!  And she’s working to recruit her fiancée to run with us too!  Her positive attitude and true compassion for her teammates is incredible – she brightens up the circle with her wonderful spirit!

Team OBP appears to be full of a new kind of energy as February wraps up, and we hope, takes the colder weather with it. We’ve also been infused with the excitement of two new res-members, Juan and Charles. They’re off to a quick start, already hitting the 10-mile mark. They made an early appearance at the Saturday training run kickoff at Lloyd hall. Our team shared in their pride as they tackled a 4-mile run like it was nothing. OBP had a strong presence that day as Olani, Laura, Dave S., Marisa, Jackie, Rebecca W., and Sebastian also made it out.

Many of us are training for upcoming events including Caesar Rodney and Broad Street, while a core group of non-res members are preparing for full and half marathons in Nashville, TN!

Our members of the month are Olani (res) and Laura (non-res).  They’ve been recognized in the past, and we couldn’t resist acknowledging them again for their ongoing spirit, consistency, and more importantly, for reaching some new milestones. Olani hit the 500 mile mark, and Laura recently wrapped up her tenure as team leader. We want to thank them both for all that they do. They are truly important to us as anchors of Team OBP.