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Tom Gardner has been a faithful leader for team HVAF from day one. He has only missed TWO days of practice since our launch early March. He has been at every race running next to one of our veterans, including the Carmel Half Marathon with Ron Gephart (pictured above!)

Some things you can always expect when you see Tom early in the morning are a lot of smiles, high energy, encouragement and a positive attitude. I have never heard a negative comment out of Tom- NEVER. That is a testament to his character- among many other great qualities.

Shoe Size: 9

Favorite Post Run Food: A great big bowl of Blueberry morning cereal with a great big glass of orange juice. (After a marathon, I love a great big meal of anything and a cold brewski)

How many marathons have you done: 5 (Big Sur, MCM, Boston, Mardi Gras, Tecumseh)

Favorite Music: David Gray (It reminds of when I met Deb and these were the 1st songs we listened to together).

Favorite Athlete: Lance Armstrong, I have to admire everything he has been through in life, and what he has accomplished

Bucket List Item you plan to cross off soon: Riding the RAINSTORM

LH: Why do you run?

TG: I love the finish line.  I love the feeling when the endorphins kick in.  The heart rate slows, the breathing calms and you feel like you can run forever.  Of course the benefits of running and your overall fitness benefits is why I run as well.  I love going out running by myself, with the opportunity to just let your mind wander and think about things in life.  I love going out and running in a group and solving the world problems with great conversations during the run.

LH: What is the favorite race you’ve ever done?

TG: Gosh, I love things about every race.  I guess the highlights are the last three miles of MCM and qualifying for Boston; the last mile of Boston;  Big Sur, running along the coast of CA, and stuffing my mouth with fresh strawberries at mile 23, and seeing that finish line to complete my 1st marathon.

LH: Why did you choose to get so involved with BoMF?

TG: I was in the process of starting up a new company, Endurance IT.  The reason for this company was to fund and support the Endurance IT Foundation.  I was doing lots of investigating of local organizations that I might get involved with.  All of a sudden out of the blue, I get an email from BlueMile inviting me to an orientation meeting.  I have been hooked ever since.   It really wasn’t a choice to get so involved.  It just came naturally.

LH: What has BoMF meant to you?

TG: I keep telling Deb, I can’t imagine my life without BoMF.  I look forward to getting up in the mornings and go see our running friends (both res and non-res).  It is so great to see how this running has changed people’s lives.

LH: What is your all-time Favorite BoMF memory?

TG: I have many favorites:  Seeing Joe’s  big smile when he finished the 5K Finish Line run.  Hearing Ron and Joe tell us how this program has changed their life.  Their heartfelt stories of accomplishment in such a short time.  Seeing/hearing Frank sprinting towards the finish line with his patented bark & sprint.  During our training runs and seeing Nanette with the Gatorade stops and saying “hi” to the Progress group as we pass each other at the canal.

LH: Anything else you would like to share with our lovely readers?

TG: This a wonderful program.  We are blessed to be part of this program with great leadership and the opportunity to meet such great people

This is the power couple- Tom and Deb Gardner – Back on My Feet Indianapolis would not be what it is today without these two. Look for a feature coming up soon at a blog near you highlighting the one and only Deb!