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Emily and 'Outta Site' Mike preparing to run the New Year's Eve Masquerace 5k!

Emily started running with HVAF Team Warman every Wednesday and almost every Friday in October. She has committed to being the Volunteer Coordinator of our new facility and we are excited for her to take on a stronger role in our little family!

Running shoe size? 8

Favorite post run food? Chocolate Milk

How many 5ks have you completed? Santa Hustle 5k, Acts of ‘5K’ indness New Year’s Eve Masquerace, and Legacy Loop 5k

Favorite race you’ve ever done? Santa Hustle 5k

Favorite music? I like many different artists but feel auto tune and techno are the downfall to music and radio as we know it.

Favorite athlete? Well, my favorite team is the Chicago Cubs! I love baseball!

Favorite vacation spot? Grandma’s house

Bucket list item you plan to cross off soon? Run a half marathon! Also travel somewhere warm.

Why do you run?

After participating with BoMF for three months now, I no longer think about the running but the familiar faces I get to spend time with. The wellness aspect of BoMF is just a bonus to all the relationship building and networking going on. I have made many meaningful friends and connections because of this organization. With all BoMF has done for me, I can only be excited to continue my journey with this organization.

Family and work? I have a great family! I am a Bilingual Women’s Advocate for women and children in transitional housing at The Julian Center. The Julian Center is a shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

What is your most memorable BoMF memory?

I have several memories, but my favorite was completing a service project with the HVAF Warman Team guys gutting a house for Hearts and Hands. This was the first time I felt part of the BoMF team.

What has BoMF meant to you?

I was initially drawn to BoMF as possible programming for the women I work with in transitional housing her in Indianapolis. I was sold when I met a few key individuals here in the Indianapolis chapter who shared their personal journey to being part of the organization and why they believe so firmly in the mission. Just as those key individuals shared their passion for BoMF, I too feel very strongly now in promoting BoMF to continue bringing individuals to success. I have met a great deal of amazing individuals who are all like minded in simply that they want to help their community however that may be through BoMF.

How is BoMF helping you with your future career?

BoMF is an exemplary model in volunteerism and community building. As I am working to build a better community, BoMF provides an existing framework to outline. The organization works to further other community initiatives by partnering with them, strengthening not only the Indianapolis chapter but the possibilities for both organizations.

Advice for people who might want to start running with BoMF?

BoMF is not about speed, pace, running the fastest or longest. BoMF is about building character and social capital. Each person needs and wants to have meaningful connections with others. BoMF provides a safe and welcoming environment of intentional friendship-making. The rapport building and formation of these friendships have helped me personally and professionally. I have met and listened to the triumphs and struggles of residents and non residents. BoMF offers support where one may not have it, an ear for someone to listen, and several laughs to keep you smiling. I am privileged to be part of Back on My Feet, Indianapolis.