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As August quickly rolled in, so did the dog days of summer. Although it was already sizzling by 5:30 most mornings, the heat didn’t stop THUMB from getting in the miles…and a few social events too! Read more…
August was another scorching hot month for Team MCVET. We kicked things off with the Nick Markakis Right Side Foundation 5K on the evening of Sunday August 8th. Jeffrey W. and Lauren Lake both rocked their respective age groups, bringing home hardware for BOMF. Runners enjoyed a tour of the “county-side” at Charm City Run/BOMF Baltimore’s joint Grand Reopening. Read more…

“WE!  ARE!  RESCUE!  RANGERS!!”  These hallowed words were shouted by men and women that come together for a common purpose of determination, and those words echoed from the trampled earth to the blue sky on the grassy knolls of Patterson Park.  On a hot Saturday afternoon in August, the Rescue Rangers ran full steam ahead through the dog days of summer at WIPEOUT with the rest of Back On My Feet Baltimore.

As the ‘babies’ of BOMF in Charm City, the Rescue Rangers pulled in the silver cup at second place following closely behind our brothers and sisters in arms at CP.  It was a wild and crazy break to the training for the BRF, and allowed many of the team to showcase their various talents. Read more…

Charm City Run, a running store, has pledged to donate 15 pairs of sneakers to Back on My Feet members. Beforehand, Back on My Feet Baltimore residential and non-residential members will participate in a 14-16 mile training run with Charm City Run’s half marathon and marathon groups.

It’s all part of a grand re-opening celebration for one of the franchise’s four retail stores.

The runs start at 7:00 a.m, will be held on Aug. 14 and anyone is welcome to join.

The meeting place will be Charm City Run, 2045 York Road Timonium, MD.

Download a full PDF here or view it on the website here.

They will also be offering donation “packages” that will cost $40 each and put a pair of
sneakers on an additional Back on My Feet Baltimore chapter members’ feet. A thank you gift
will be given in return for supporting the organization. This campaign kicks off Saturday, Aug. 14 and will
remain live indefinitely.

As many as 15 new Baltimore chapter members will be fitted for sneakers donated by Charm City Run at 9 a.m.

Charm City Run is working closely with Back on My Feet to provide a sustainable model for procuring gear for organization members so that they have the proper attire and footwear whenever they pound the pavement.

Since Back on My Feet launched in Baltimore in March 2009, Charm City Run has been a huge supporter of our efforts.

CCR, who has a strong presence not just in the running community, but throughout the greater Baltimore area, jumped at the chance to include BOMF in their already extensive list of community partners.  Not only has CCR been the sole carrier of BOMF merchandise in Baltimore, but they have also worked tirelessly with us on securing race entries, hosting runs at their store for our members and offering a generous discount for BOMF affiliates.  In recent months, CCR and BOMF have expanded on their partnership and are excited about the potential that lies in the upcoming months.

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