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Another great month at Team Sheila Dennis!  It was still cold out but not as much snow so we kept warm by running!  We kicked off February with our new training program in preparation for the Caesar Rodney race at the end of March.   This month the ladies showed tremendous progress and increased their mileage significantly, look out – we’ve got some fast runners!  We also celebrated some big milestones this month. Marie exceeded the 50 mile mark with Grandma and Peaches not far behind, they will reach 50 miles any day now. Alberta hit 30 miles and Dawn and Sheila are close and at the rate they are running will there in a few days!  It’s wonderful to see all of the great progress the ladies are making, not to mention the great energy and spirit of the team!

This month we welcomed two new res members to team; Michelle and Althea both of whom rocked it out on their first run!  We are so excited to have new teammates and look forward to running side by side with them!

Res of the month – Dawn!

Dawn joined the team right after the holidays and jumped right into running!  In the past month she has increased her mileage significantly and now won’t go less then 2.5 miles each day.  She pushed herself from day one and has the right attitude to accomplish anything.   She is a sweet and down to earth women who is taking this opportunity to get back on her feet, seriously.  Like all of us, her son is very proud of her!

Non-res of the month – Stephanie!

Stephanie joined the team at the beginning of this year, but we feel like she’s been with us forever!  From her first run she has given 100% in supporting and encouraging the women.  She has more energy at 5:30am than most people have all day!  And she’s working to recruit her fiancée to run with us too!  Her positive attitude and true compassion for her teammates is incredible – she brightens up the circle with her wonderful spirit!

The first two months of 2011 have been exciting ones for the members of Team Ridge. Despite the snow, ice, and wind that has plagued the Philadelphia area over these months, Ridge showed true determination and continued to put in the long, cold miles in preparation for our upcoming races. Great job everyone!

This year started out with the wonderful news that both Calvin and Fiddy would be moving out of Ridge and into their own places. I am proud to say that two months have past and they are both settled in and doing well while continuing run and be an important part of the Back on My Feet family.

Since the beginning of this year we have had the pleasure to welcome a number of new members to our morning circle. Our newest res-members are Mark, Romond and George who took their first steps with Ridge this year and are all doing an amazing job!! Our newest non-res members are Scott, Alicia, Sean, Dan, Linsey, and Na’Tasha. Thank you all for all your hard work!!

Having put in the long miles Team Ridge got a chance the chance to join our fellow Back on My Feet teams in running both the Pickle Run and the Frostbite 5 Miler. These were the first races for many of our res-members and they all did an amazing job, congratulations guys! Having conquered their first races all the members of Team Ridge are focused on and training hard for the Caesar Rodney ½ Marathon and 5K and Philadelphia’s own Broad Street Run.

Members of the Month: Badger (res) and Scott (non-res)

Since joining Back on My Feet Badger has been a true leader for Ridge. He consistently offers help to any members who need it and is always there to encourage everyone on the morning runs. Badger’s running improves each morning he comes out and he recently ran his first 5 mile race during the Frostbite 5 Miler. Way to go Badger!!

It feels like Scott has been with running with Team Ridge forever even though it has only been a few short months, and we couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our team. Scott is always out early and ready to run no matter what the weather, even some days that were very questionable. Scott always goes above and beyond to lend a hand in running with either the fastest or slowest of runners while taking the time to get to know and learn about everyone. Thank you Scott for all that you do at Ridge!!

As the winter months come to an end Team Ridge is looking forward to the warmer weather and brighter mornings as we continue to put in the miles to get ready for the upcoming spring races.

We added tons of new volunteers and two new members to our New Jerusalem Now team during February. Our new residents are Ed and Carolyn, who have both started off with great attendance, attitudes, and running! On our volunteer end we welcomed the Villanova BOMF running club, Eric, Julianne, and Frank. Our circles have been huge in the morning and we have had some awesome runs! The weather started to warm up but was definitely a tease!

On our resident end, Shabazz and Malik both found jobs, moved out of the facility, and are doing amazingly well. They keep in touch and still come out for some runs! George is using his awesome work habits and picked up a second job. Dave hit 500 miles for his plaque! Go Dave! Mohamed and Dave ran in the Frostbite 5 miler where Mohamed set a PR. He beat his previous 5 mile PR by 6 minutes!

We started training for the longer races that are coming up this spring and are looking forward to more of this warm weather! Our goals for March are to get more people into the longer distances runs. We are also looking forward to a visit and nutrition talk from Dr. Garett to help everyone get healthy! The team is excited for the upcoming North Bowl social with the BOMF family. We love seeing everyone, and many have never been bowling before! Come out and join us Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5:40AM!

Our members of the month are Claude (res) and Callie (non-res).

Res Claude: “BOMF has brought me a lot of joy and I have never felt better!”

Non-Res-Callie: “Volunteering with the team has been so much fun!  I love getting to know each member and hearing about what they do and how much they have to offer.  I can’t wait to keep running with the team!”

Team OBP appears to be full of a new kind of energy as February wraps up, and we hope, takes the colder weather with it. We’ve also been infused with the excitement of two new res-members, Juan and Charles. They’re off to a quick start, already hitting the 10-mile mark. They made an early appearance at the Saturday training run kickoff at Lloyd hall. Our team shared in their pride as they tackled a 4-mile run like it was nothing. OBP had a strong presence that day as Olani, Laura, Dave S., Marisa, Jackie, Rebecca W., and Sebastian also made it out.

Many of us are training for upcoming events including Caesar Rodney and Broad Street, while a core group of non-res members are preparing for full and half marathons in Nashville, TN!

Our members of the month are Olani (res) and Laura (non-res).  They’ve been recognized in the past, and we couldn’t resist acknowledging them again for their ongoing spirit, consistency, and more importantly, for reaching some new milestones. Olani hit the 500 mile mark, and Laura recently wrapped up her tenure as team leader. We want to thank them both for all that they do. They are truly important to us as anchors of Team OBP.

Some Outley team members at the first Hauptman Health Center wellness event in March 2010.

The running renegades at Oultey continue to be a strong team.

We run through the streets of Southwest Philadelphia confidently and have become a recognizable group. Now that the weather has warmed up, it seems that we are getting more honks and waves from our Woodland Avenue neighbors.

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Thirty five members took part in the Casear Rodney Half Marathon and 5k Race on Saturday, March 20, 2010 in the bright warmth of early spring.

Of those 16 half-marathoners and 19 5K-ers, eight people ran their first race ever. BOMF Staffer Owen Camuso and eight members finished their first half marathon.

See photos of the day here.