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Collin with Manchester Residential Member Ed at the Back on My Feet 42K Relay. They have logged many miles together!

Shoe Size?  10

Favorite post run food? It’s a toss-up between donuts and my favorite, go-to sandwich: toast with peanut butter, sometimes with a little Nutella, and bananas

How many marathons/half marathons/5ks have you done? I’ve run three marathons, ten half-marathons, and a handful of 5- and 10-k races.

Favorite race you’ve ever done? It’s a three-way tie between the marathons I’ve run.  My first was the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon.  It’s a great race with a beautiful course.  Like many runners’ first marathon, it’s very memorable.  The second was the 2011 Carmel Marathon.  It was fun to be a part of the inaugural race.  Much to my surprise, I placed 9th and qualified for the 2012 Boston Marathon, my 3rd and most recent marathon. 

Favorite music? Indie (Alternative, Rock, Folk)

Favorite athlete/team/sport?  My favorite sport?  Football…err…what we call “soccer” here.  I played growing-up and I’ve always loved the sport.  I’m a big fan of Manchester United, an English football club.  I do love the Colts, though; gotta support the hometown team!  My favorite athlete is ultra-runner Dean Karnazes.  I’ve read his books and even had the chance to run with him when he came through Indiana in April 2011 during his “Run Across America.”  I question whether or not he’s a human with the mileage he’s able to endure (ha), but he’s an inspiration to me and many other runners.      

Favorite vacation spot?   Siesta Key, FL.  My family’s gone there for years.  It’s a great location and we have so many great memories there.

Bucket list item you plan to cross off soon?  I plan to run thirty miles on my 30th birthday this coming May.  If all goes well, I’ll sign-up for an ultra-marathon, more than likely a 35-miler. 

Why do you run?  Tough question!  My dad ran when I was younger, so I guess you can say it’s in my genes to be a runner.  When I was a Senior in college, though, one of my best friends who happened to be an amazing Cross Country and Track runner, challenged me to run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon.  I took him up on the challenge, even though the race was on graduation day.  Since that day, it’s been a part of my life.  Also, when I was 12-years old, I was in a pretty serious “bicycle vs. car” accident, I being on the bicycle.  It was a serious accident, one that threatened my future physical abilities.  The fact that I came very close to losing the ability to walk, let alone run, is cause for me to give thanks for the ability to run and not take each mile for granted.

Tell us about your family?  My wife, Anna, and I have been married for nearly six and a half years.  We actually met in pre-school; corny story, right?  We grew-up knowing one another and reconnected in college.  She’s awesome in every way and is very supportive of my running endeavors, which is a huge blessing.  Not everyone can understand and/or appreciate when you say “Hey, I’m going to be gone for the next 2-3 hours on a training run. I hope you don’t mind!”  We don’t have any kids, yet, but we do have a dog, Basher, who’s a Miniature Schnauzer.

What is your day job?  I work for ExactTarget, an Indianapolis-based SaaS (Software as a Service) company on the Existing Business Sales team.  We work with clients of all sizes in their marketing efforts through channels like Email, Mobile, Social, and the Web.  It’s a great company and I am extremely thankful to be part of the ExactTarget team.

What is your most memorable BoMF memory?  It’s tough to pick just one memory as there have been many memorable moments.  My first run with BoMF, May 9, 2012, is pretty special, though.  As anyone entering a new community or team, there’s always a bit of hesitation and anxiety; it’s almost inevitable that you experience some sort of “me and them” type of feeling.  The special, unique thing about BoMF is that there is no “me and them.”  Sure, there are residents and non-residents.  When we gather to run, though, we’re all runners.  Honestly, it took me two weeks to figure out that one of the guys I was running with was a resident; I had no idea!  That’s a testament to the community BoMF creates.           

How did you hear about BoMF?  I heard about BoMF through Social Media.  It was early 2011 when I began seeing tweets about BoMF-Indy.  I began to research and was really intrigued with the organization.  At the time I was living in Fishers and working in Anderson, so making it downtown for the 5:45 AM runs was a logistical challenge.  I had committed in my mind, though, that when I began working downtown I would begin running with BoMF.

Why did you stick with it?  I knew before my first run with BoMF that it was something I wanted to be a part of, so it wasn’t and isn’t a hard thing to commit to.  Sure, the 4:30 AM alarm can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but I love running – the confidence it builds, community it creates, the health benefits, etc.  I know not everyone loves running, even those that get involved with BoMF, at least initially.  I’m not sure if it’s a “gift,” but I definitely enjoy it and if I can use running to help build community with others, I’m happy and grateful to do it.

What has BoMF meant to you? Like any endeavor in life when you set out to help someone else, you end-up learning, growing, and receiving more than you thought possible.  BoMF has done just that for me.  When I began with BoMF, I thought I’d be using my love and enjoyment of running to help someone else.  While that may be true, I’ve been given much more than I could have imagined.  My time with BoMF has been humbling and enriching.  There’s nothing like a bunch of sweaty runners, standing in a circle, reciting the Serenity Prayer to remind us that we need one another in life.  Regardless of age or where our lives have taken us, we can improve not just in running, but in many aspects of life.

How is BoMF helping you with your future career?  The obstacles and life challenges that I’ve seen BoMF residents overcome (or are currently overcoming) are constant reminders that I can overcome the challenges in my life.  Whether that be work-related or not, I’m reminded of the inner strength that I believe lies within all of us.  Work presents challenges to all, but often those challenges pale in comparison to some of the “life” challenges that many deal with.  I know that with perseverance and commitment, like I’ve seen with BoMF, the goals in my life can be achieved.

Advice for people who might want to start running with BoMF?   Just Do It! (credit to Nike for that one).  If you have the slightest inclination or curiosity about BoMF, attend one of the interest meetings.  Even if you’re not a runner, we have groups that walk.  And if you’re not a walker, there are other ways to volunteer. 

Anything else you want to share with readers?  Obviously, you’ve made it this far in this Q&A and know that I love running.  I’m an advocate for BoMF, but I also realize running may not be everyone’s “thing.”  If you know what your “thing” is, though, find a way to share it with others.  Whatever it is, be it running, mentoring, or something else, it’s a gift and talent you’ve been given.  Share that with others and in the process of sharing that gift, your life will be blessed as well.

Thank you everyone who came out for the 2nd annual Back on My Feet 42K Relay! As always, we are thankful for your support and hope you enjoyed the race!

First leg ready to go!
Below are some more pictures of the runners:

Teams Keep on Runnin’ and The Brothers Thornberry

Great costumes and enthusiasm!
Winners for Best Costumes! The Smurfs! Manchester Residential Member Ed and Non-Residential Member Melissa.
Alumni Rob and James having a good time! We were so glad they made it out.
One of the most enthusiastic teams of the day… these ladies did push ups when the crossed the finish line of their last lap!

A big thanks to ALL of our volunteers from AT&T – there were 33 AT&T pioneers out supporting us for morning set up, registration, the water stop and working the course! We couldn’t have done it without them!

Congratulations to all who ran! Below are the rankings for the top three teams in each division!

All Race Results

A BIG CONGRATS to our Solo Runner  – Jack Gackenheimer, who ran a 3:29:48!

4-Person Male 4-Person Female 4-Person Coed
The Honey Badger Project Multifit Girls Chick Boys DAMG
Multi Fit 1 BABs Carmel Runners Club
Turtle Power Perfect Strangers High Performance. Delivered.
2-Person Male 2-Person Female 2-Person Coed
The Brothers Thornberry Purple Sea Urchins Two and Half Runners
Keep on Runnin Free2Run Team We’re NOT Old
Two for the Road Going Goofy again in 2013! I’m Ron Burgundy?

We also said a very special goodbye to Alumnus Member Mike. Mike ran with team Warman and after many great milestones is moving back home to Washington D.C. – we are so thankful and excited there is a Back on My Feet chapter in D.C., our friends over there are awfully lucky to get to have Mike in their lives.

Mike’s last lap of his last run with Back on My Feet Indy. (13.1 Miles!) Executive Director, Jamie and Program Director Brian right behind Mike, cheering him in!

We are all going to miss you so much Mike!

Back on My Feet Staff with Planet Adventure Staff. We had a great time working with our PA friends!

Thanks everyone for a great time! We are already looking forward to next year. All proceeds from this race directly benefit the Indianapolis Chapter of Back on My Feet, helping Members of our community overcoming homelessness move toward self-sufficiency.

Check on more pictures on our facebook page!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, including Title Sponsor:

OrthoIndy, Baldwin & Lyons, DOZ, Monarch Beverage, Endurance IT, Accenture, BlueMile, Carmel Marathon and Monumental Marathon

On April 21st, 2012 Members of the Indianapolis Back on My Feet chapter set out to accomplish a distance many had yet to attain in a race atmosphere. The Manchester Milers had their sites set to complete the second race of their careers and first 8k. Progress House Members Shane, Laurence, Keith, and alumni Member James, along with Team Warman Members Will, Lee, and OuttaSite Mike all had their eyes on the half marathon prize. Non-Resident Members from all three teams were out in full force to support our Members in whatever race they were running that day.The chill of the day saw many PRs for the elite runners as well as many of our BoMF runners!

Half Marathoners all smiles before the race!

Manchester doing a circle up before their 8k

Cheering Janice on home!


One of the volunteer water stops! Thanks to all of our 60+ volunteers for spending your Saturday so BoMF could participate in the Carmel Marathon weekend!

Good lookin' 8k!

What it's about folks! Coach Steve congratulating Milton on his finish.

Keith lookin' good as he finishes his first 1/2 marathon!

Thank you to the Carmel Marathon for once again donating bibs to our Members this year. The Carmel Marathon has been a great supporter of our teams since we launched the chapter and we are grateful for their support year after year! Congratulations to their team for putting on a well organized race!

This past weekend was incredibly special for the Indianapolis teams. We have been training for a half marathon for the past three months and the day finally arrived! There were a total of eight resident members who ran the Carmel Half Marathon and two who ran the 8K.

I had the privilege of running with Eric Arnold, who is a member of team Progress House. During the training process I have had the opportunity to run with a good handful of the guys on the team- each one of them special to me. On race morning I had pretty much decided that I would be running with Eric for the race.

I honestly had the most fun in a race that I have ever had…. and I have ran a lot of races. For the first five miles, I was running back and forth between different team members while taking pictures and videos. After those first five- I decided to stop being the crazy girl with loud footsteps, a backpack and a camera sprinting back and forth between runners and stuck to running right with Eric the rest of the way.

We worked hard, we laughed, we met new friends along the way and learned a little bit about what it means to be a real runner. You have to OWN the hills! (Right Eric?!) Other than the tiny incline the team used to think of as a mountain, we hadn’t been training on hills.  If you are familiar with Indianapolis at all, you know that there are no hills downtown! Well, there were quite a few long, gradual hills waiting for us up in Carmel. We all marched right up those hills like we were born to do it.

A couple of highlights from my race with Eric-

1. The sarcasm & humor through the whole race- even when it was painful

2. Running with Brian Donnelly for the first 7 miles

3. Seeing all of the BoMF supporters along the course working water stops and cheering us on

4. When I told him we were doing great and nobody was passing us- and as soon as I said that it seemed as though herds of runners came stomping past

5. The friend we met at mile 10

6. Finally catching up to John & Guy – and working together to finish a strong race

7. Sprinting it in on the last straight away

8. The hugs & tears at the finish line

9. Eric donating his hard earned medal to Medals for Mettles without thinking twice about it

10. Cheering on our teammates once we were done

Thanks Kelly McCulluch for supporting us while you were out of town!

After Eric & I finished our 13.1

Eric & John celebrating after racing neck & neck almost the whole race

Group pic of some of the team while we waited to cheer on the one and only Joe Kendrick!

Thank you to the Carmel Marathon for donating bibs to our team and thank you to all of our friends, family members and supporters who came out to work a water stop on behalf of Back on My Feet! We appreciate all who supported us in this journey!

Congratulations to our Half Marathon Finishers:

Mitch Righter, Doug Griffith, Eric Arnold, John Stultz, James Boyd, Rob McEntire, Ron Gephart, Joe Kendrick, Glenn Hein, Courtney Sheppard, Guy White, Beth Olson, Christel Avenhall-Harding, Susan Fox, Brian Donnelly, Marty Posch, Krista Washington, Shrell Sims, Brent Wadkins, Tom Gardner, Steve Kerr, Phyllis Parker, Niki Schmidt & Sandy Knox

Congratulations to our 8K Finishers:

Brian White, Leslie Ray, Tony Alexander & Deb Gardner

And a big Congratulations to Progress House non-res teammate Kevin Fine for completing the Full Marathon with a brand new PR!

Name: Kevin Fine

Why did you decide to FundRace for Back on My Feet: Back on My Feet is the most inspirational running group I have ever been a part of… it is the least I can do to try to support it!

How long you’ve been running- Running was always a punishment or conditioning for the other sports I played…I hated it… but for some reason in 2003 I took my first steps and got hooked!

Favorite Athlete: Tough one… Lance Armstrong or Michael Phelps… though I wish controversy or issues would not follow them!

Favorite Race: Tie between BoMF 20 in 24 Lone Ranger or the Philadelphia Marathon

Favorite post run food: Italian Beef Sandwich from Fat Dan’s in Broad Ripple

What kind of music gets you pumped up to run: U2… especially Live recordings.

What races are you running for BoMF: Kevin’s Midwest Triple- Flying Pig Marathon, 500 Festival Mini Marathon and the Carmel Marathon.

Name: Holly Plotnick

Why did you decide to FundRace for BoMF: I was inspired by the dedication and hard work of each resident member that has participated in this journey.

How long you’ve been running: Since High School; started around 1991

Favorite Athlete: Drew Brees

Favorite Race: Disney half-marathon

Favorite post run food: Corndog

kind of music that gets you pumped up to run: 80’s music

Name: Amy Gnagy

Why did you decide to fundRace for BoMF: The night I heard Anne speak something clicked.  I knew that I had to commit to running this race on behalf of BoMF.

How long you’ve been running: Oh boy – too long!  18 years?

Favorite Athlete: Mary Lou Retton – call me old school

Favorite Race: Indianapolis Town Trek.  We ran around town solving clue Amazing race style.  That’s me running the race (actually solving a clue)

Favorite post run food: Bananas and bagels

Music that gets you pumped up to run: really have a huge variety on my iPod.  I can never resist “Baby Got Back”

This is my 7th half marathon!

Name: Jaime Feller

Why did you decide to FundRace for BoMF: “I run because I can”. The BoMF res members have that same opportunity, and I wasn’t about to let money stand in the way of helping them getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other. I knew I could do something…anything…to help.

How long have you been running: 3.5 years

Favorite athlete: Phil Mickelson;

Favorite runner: Shalane Flanagan

Favorite Race: Chicago Half Marathon

Favorite Post Race Food: Anything I can get my hands on!

Music that gets you pumped up to run: Pop, Hip Hop, Rap

It has been such an honor to raise money for Back on My Feet. If between my FundRacing and talking about the organization I have increased even one person’s awareness, then I am helping :)

Name: Michelle Fox

Why did you decide to FundRace for BoMF: We all have our downs, and I hope that someone is there to help me when I need a hand.  I felt moved by the efforts of Back on My Feet, but am unable to do weekly runs right now.  FundRacing for BoMF was the right thing to do!

How long you’ve been running: One year

Favorite Athlete: I am motivated by the stories of “average people” who juggle it all – work, run and strive to make a difference in their community.  Reading about volunteers with programs like Back on My Feet and Run Buddies in Runner’s World magazine inspires me.  Favorite elite athlete – Joan Benoit Samuelson.

Favorite Race: 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Favorite post run food: Pizza

Music that gets you pumped up to run: Love lots of music – from Pink to Simon and Garfunkel!

Thank you all so much for everything-  you guys are all kicking butt and we appreciate every bit of your efforts!