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Now that the Boston Marathon is behind us, Back on My Feet Boston would like to take just one more moment to thank all of the incredible people who made this year’s marathon the best EVER for Back on My Feet: John Hancock, b.good, Ben & Jerry’s, the Burger Brigade, and each and every one of our fundraisers.

While raising funds for a deserving cause like Back on My Feet is ALWAYS awesome, it’s not always easy. And no matter what, it takes a lot of passion, energy, and creativity. That’s why we’re so very thankful for the amazing men and women who have spent so much of their time pounding pavement, sending emails, and shaking buckets for Back on My Feet.

This year’s FundRacing team brought in a total of $75,133 combined with our Burger Brigade who raised $17,887 for a grand total of … drum roll please … $93,020! AMAZING!

Much of the Burger Brigade’s contribution would not have been possible were it not for the awesome efforts of Dean Davis, the “King of Ketchup” of this year’s Burger Brigade. Dean took on the not-so-easy role of leading the 2012 Brigade with the goal of beating last year’s fundraising record. And they did! So you also can get to know how great Dean is, we had him answer some questions below.

Meet Dean

1. Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do?
My Name is Dean Davis and I am a business student from Berklee College of Music. I am originally from Pittsburgh, Penn. and born and raised in Robinson TWP with a wonderful family of support. I have performed, toured, and recorded with award winning artists such as Eric Kloss, Yolanda Barber, Daphne’ Khoo, Shannon Selig, and many more. I currently perform with the band Canary and we have played festivals (SXSW) and venues (House of Blues). I also am a freelance project manager, having the responsibility of the planning, execution, and closing of any project. I also have composed and produced music for film, artists, and musicals that can be heard all over the east coast. I plan on graduating Berklee the Spring of 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurial Business.

2. How did you first get involved in the b.good Burger Brigade?
This is a great story actually … So last year I was sitting at a hibachi grill with my mom (Terri) and my sister (Madie). I was looking at my phone being anti social when I saw a post from b.good with a ton of burger and french fry costumes. I clicked it and it said who is crazy enough to run the Boston Marathon with us in these suits. Never being a runner, I looked at my mom and told her wouldn’t it be hilarious. Being the motivator she is, she said do it! So I emailed Jon, got a response and I had a fry suit! I found out later that it was the “Burger Brigade,” and I found out the reason behind it. That drew me in closer to the cause and I was hooked as a mini member.

3. Why did you decide to step up in to a leadership position for the 2012 Boston Marathon?
I love the pain and hard work that leadership brings. Call me sick but, I love solving difficult issues, staring failure in the face and kicking it’s butt when my vision crosses that finish line of success. I love the challenge to step up to a task after someone has led the trail of amazing leadership. Sam Novey was a fearless and unbelievable leader. He is the one to inspire me to take over. When Jon asked me last year if I wanted to get started on this thing for 2012 I instantly took the ropes and after meeting with Sam and Jon, I attained the leadership role for the “2012 Burger Brigade.”

4. What is it about Back on My Feet that drew you in? Why is this important to you?
Back in Pittsburgh I led a non profit organization that raised over $100,000 for the less fortunate around Christmas time called the Hidden Angels. Back on My Feet reminded me of that organization that I fought so hard to maintain and control. What I love about this organization is the fact that they know where the money is going, they see the results, and they make sure there are results. Back on My Feet does not just drop someone cash and says good luck, like some of the other organizations I have worked with. Now being an avid runner, the whole concept of using running as a form to get these members back on their feet is priceless! I love the underlying message about chasing your dreams and crossing that finish line of life.

5. What was your favorite part of this year’s Burger Brigade campaign?
This was my favorite part:

photo credits: Scott Eisen

I finished the marathon … great.  We raised a ton of money for BoMF … unbelievable. I can finally sleep at night … awesome. But when I sat down after all of this and looked at this photo, I teared up. The camaraderie this year was unbelievable. We have all become great friends and no one gave up in the end. The thing is, everyone was a leader this year, I was just the guy that told them where to be and kept the positive energy flowing. Just look at the photo, that is more than words can describe. I loved this team, and I will never forget the 2012 Brigade

6. What’s on the horizon for Dean Davis?
Oh boy, what’s on the horizon for Dean Davis eh? My goal in life is own and operate my own company. The business plan is already in the works and I cannot disclose that information … yet. As of right now I plan on really taking my project management skills to the next level by offering my services to consultants/businesses/start-up projects, really anything that needs a strong leader to get the organization off the ground. Short term however, I plan on staying in Boston this summer performing with Canary, working at b.good, and continuing my freelance project!

All I have to say is “Play with your heart and soul and live the music. Simply put… love what you play and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams …”

Photo credits: Scott Eisen.

Jeanne one chilly winter morning at the Boston Common

Boston has a rich sports tradition of legendary coaches who have pushed their teams to the limit to achieve athletic excellence. From Red Auerbach once leading the Celtics to 8 consecutive NBA titles, to Bill Belichick guiding the Patriots to five Super Bowls, now maybe it’s time to add BoMF Boston’s Team Common Ground non-resident member extraordinaire Jeanne Monaghan to that pantheon of coaching greatness. That’s right; Jeanne Monaghan. And why? Like a Zen riddle, not unlike the sound of one hand clapping, Jeanne is not only a charter member of BoMF Boston, legend has it that she was part of BoMF Boston before there even was a BoMF Boston. That is a strange yet true fact according to BoMF Boston guru, executive director and self-appointed chapter historian, Vic Acosta.

Kidding aside, Jeanne has really been here from the very beginning. Not only has she always been a constant presence at St. Francis House and Boston Rescue Mission team runs, but of late, she has taken it upon herself to introduce first time resident member road runners to the “Couch to 5K” training technique. “Couch to 5K” is a program which takes novice runners of all shapes, sizes and abilities through graduated timed walk/run increments so that within two months they can complete a 5K road race.

So throughout this past winter at 5:45 a.m., Coach M could be seen diligently taking would be first time road racers aside to put them through their paces. The results speak for themselves. Through her training guidance, one resident member successfully completed the Boys and Girls Club St. Patrick’s Day Road Race in South Boston and a couple of other resident team members experienced similar results as they completed the BAA 5K race the day before the Boston Marathon. Jeanne is currently working with a host of new Common Ground resident members to get them ready for the Jim Kane 5K race in South Boston this summer while she readies herself for the Run to Remember over Memorial Day weekend and the BAA 10K in June.

BoMF could not function without the ongoing selfless dedication shown by non-resident volunteer members like Jeanne. Although she really won’t be chiseled into the proverbial Mt. Rushmore of Boston sports greats any time soon, we sure do appreciate what she’s done to get our resident members road race ready. And for that we would like to name “coach” Jeanne Monaghan BoMF Boston’s Non-Resident member of the month!

Last week, world famous ice cream slinger Ben & Jerry’s went head to head against everyone’s favorite local burger joint, b. good, in an ice cream truck battle royale to see who had the tastiest treats: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or b. good milkshakes. And the sweetest part? All proceeds from the ice cream truck battle benefited Back on My Feet Boston!

Members of the Back on My Feet b.good Burger Brigade were on the scene collecting donations from the public as two Berklee student bands set the mood with some background jams.

The Kerin sisters -- Courtney, Katelyn, and Christy -- collected donations with other members of the Burger Brigade (and a little extra help from their "slider").

If you missed your chance at some free ice cream and shakes, don’t fret! There will be an Ice Cream Truck Battle re-match THIS THURSDAY at CITY HALL PLAZA from 12-3:30 p.m. Once again, all ice cream and shakes are free, but Burger Brigaders will be on hand collecting donations for Back on My Feet.

Come on down and support the Brigade. They have less than one week to go before they take on the historic Boston Marathon course in their burger and fry suits — all for Back on My Feet!

Don't miss the final Ice Cream Truck Battle this Thursday!

You can check out some of the press from last week’s battle from

Back on My Feet is being honored in Boston with our very own Ben & Jerry’s Flavor: the Back on My Feet Runner’s Treat.  Back on My Feet Runner’s Treat is a healthy blend of vanilla Greek frozen yogurt, blueberries and raspberries, topped off with some crunchy granola. And trust us, it’s DELICIOUS.

You can grab a cone at the Harvard Square location of Ben & Jerry’s. All proceeds from the sales go to Back on My Feet. But hurry, Back on My Feet Runner’s Treat is only available for the month of April! We suggest seriously stocking up. Who knows when an treat this sweet will ever roll around again.

Back on My Feet Boston was given the opportunity to provide entries into the 2012 Boston Marathon to a few (very) lucky BoMF Res Members thanks to our partnership with the John Hancock Boston Marathon Charity Bib Program. Over the next six weeks leading up to the Boston Marathon, we’ll be highlighting some of the runners on this year’s Back on My Feet Boston Marathon team, including the five Residential Members who will be lacing up on April 16: Austin Baker, Brian Doucette, Wahid Chaudhary, Jared Gately, and Chris Hatton.

Chris has been featured a number of times on the Back on My Feet blog. This is Chris’s story.

“The more time you spend trying to help somebody else, the more energy you have.”

This idea is at the core of Chris’s thoughts and activities for today and tomorrow. Through running and yoga Chris has found a sense of community and support, friends and family that he knows he can count on when times are rough. “Once I started running with the group, I felt a sense of family, a sense of belonging, a purpose greater than myself, a sense of support – a family that has really helped me get through a lot of things.”

Like most runners Chris has also found in running a deeper sense of personal accomplishment and peace that so many are looking for. However, Chris’s life did not start off this way and it is the path that Chris has taken to get to where he is today and his goals for the future that make Chris such a remarkable man. (Watch an interview with CSN)

Chris moved around a great deal when he was growing up. From an early age, he had a sense of rebellion and defiance, which later caused him a great deal of hurt and pushed him to seek an escape from this pain. Turning to drugs and crime as an outlet only brought more difficulty and pain to Chris’s life. A brief stay in juvenile detention and rehab didn’t help Chris very much he wasn’t ready to change what he needed to in his life. Chris fell back onto the wrong path after rehab and ended up spending the next 14 years of his life in jail.

In many respects, Chris’s life in jail was not very different from his life on the outside. There was still a great deal of hurt and suffering that he couldn’t escape. The first five years in jail were very difficult, being shipped between several different facilities, and it wasn’t until Chris made it to Memphis, Tenn. that he found what he had been looking for.

His roommate there got him started on exercising and running. He fell in love with running, handball, and lifting. With a new focus on his physical health Chris was also able to start working on his mental health by practicing meditation and for the first time in a long time he began to feel good about who he was as a person.

As with all runners, Chris’s new found passion became a chance to improve upon his self discipline and goal setting. Chris set his sights on running a marathon on his 26th birthday. On a rainy day in early October Chris went out into the prison yard at 6 a.m. to set up his water and food to prepare for the day’s run.

There weren’t many other people out there watching, but Chris wasn’t running for others, he was running a marathon to prove to himself that with a lot of hard work he could accomplish whatever he set his mind to. Running became a spiritual thing to Chris, a way for him to really go inside and see who he is.

Running broke down the barriers he had around himself, brought him to a point of realization of the interconnectedness of all things and helped him find freedom and peace within his life. And he completed that first marathon — all within the walls of prison.

After his birthday marathon, Chris began helping out a friend who was teaching a yoga class, and like running, immediately fell in love with it. Yoga was an excellent compliment to his running, both in terms of the physical and mental strength that it helped him develop.

After his friend was transferred to another facility Chris assumed the role of teacher for the class, learning everything he could through books and videos. Chris started letter writing campaigns to get teachers to come in from outside the prison to teach his students, but none were ever able to come.

These efforts have certainly shaped Chris’s future plans to develop a yoga program to take back into prison to help those still incarcerated. Currently Chris is teaching yoga classes at No Excuse Workout in Washington, DC. He is working towards his yoga instruction certification in order to be able to help those who still need it. “Yoga helped to transform me while I was there, and if the gap could be bridged between the inside and the outside you can provide a constructive way of rehabilitation, and yoga can be that bridge.”  He wants the men and women still on the inside to know that someone still cares about them.

Last year, Chris was the first Back on My Feet DC member to run a marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon, almost one year to the day that he was released from prison.

“I have this goal in front of me, I don’t have a lot of time to think about going out to get high, if I’m depressed or down, I have this goal, let me go out for a run, or for a walk, and let this help me clear my head.”

Since his first “official” marathon, Chris has gotten a lot of attention in the DC area which we covered here and here on the Back on My Feet blog.

Since tucking the Marine Corps Marathon under his belt, Chris officially turned his ambitions to the north: the legendary Boston Marathon. It had been on his radar for 10 years or so, and this year Chris’s MCM time qualified him for the Boston Marathon, but he was not able to register in time before the race sold out. Lucky for him though, we had one ready for him. Check out this video when Chris learns he’ll be running in the 2012 Boston Marathon.

You can read more about the members of Team Running Home and support them as they tackle the infamous Boston Marathon course in just a few weeks. For more ways to help Team Running Home cross the finish line of the 2012 Boston Marathon, contact Vic Acosta at

Milton and Jen, Marriott Downtown employees, before the start of the B1G Hoops Day 5k

Jen started running with the Progress House team in early January. The cold weather sometimes makes it difficult for some people to commit, but not Jen, she runs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with the team since joining. Jen has become the resident photographer and we always look forward to seeing the candid photos she has captured with her Iphone!

Shoe Size: 10

Favorite post-run food: Pancakes-definitely

How many marathons/half marathons have you done?

I have actually only done 2 half marathons so far…but planning on 10 this year, and MAYBE the Monumental Marathon….still debating.

Favorite race you’ve ever done?

My favorite race so far has been the Colorado Half Marathon in Fort Collins (which I did last May).  I trained and ran with a good friend of mine and we dressed up in matching outfits.  It was really fun running through the mountains!

Favorite music:

I like various types of music, but my favorite band (as most know) is Dave Matthews Band.  I’ve been to TONS of shows throughout the years, and look forward to more this summer 

Favorite athlete: Dallas Clark

Favorite vacation spot: Boston!

Why do you run?

I’m really big on routines, so running daily is part of my schedule.  It helps me clear my mind and always puts me in a better mood when I’m not feeling that great.   I run mostly, though, for the health benefits that it provides me.


Most of my family is in the Indianapolis area, except my sister who currently lives in Alabama.  I have a 7 year old Akita named Carter, who is basically the best dog EVER.


Currently, I work at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown in the Front Office.  I have worked in a hotel for about 10 years (Marriott for 8), since before I graduated from college in 2004.  Recently, I decided to finally go back to school to become a high school social studies teacher, after many years of wanting to do so.  Wish me luck!

Why did you choose Progress House over HVAF?

I actually chose Progress House because it was closer to my home.  The later I can sleep in the morning, the better!

What has BoMF meant to you?

I feel really lucky to have found out about Back on My Feet.  I initially heard about it through my company in May and I was interested, but when I heard about the 5:45 runs, I immediately said no way. Over the next few months I kept thinking about the group, and finally in December I decided that maybe I could run in the morning just one day a week.  After attending orientation, I was really excited and now I can’t imagine NOT showing up! (Thank you Marriott Downtown for sending Jen our way!) It is truly a wonderful group of people and I enjoy spending my mornings with them.  I love seeing how dedicated some of these guys are.  It inspires me.

You have a pretty strong connection with some of the guys, what made it easy to connect with them and why?

Well, for me, I am very social and I really like to get to know each individual and learn about their background.  I bug them in the mornings and ask them what is going on in their lives, etc.  I see them as good friends.

Advice for people who might want to start running with BoMF:

There is no way you will regret it!!  Running together with these guys as a group is a great start to your morning, and the connections that you make are lasting.

Anything else you want to share with readers:

I like quotes, so this is a good one that relates to running and moving forward in life.

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
-John Bingham

Back on My Feet Boston was given the opportunity to provide entries into the 2012 Boston Marathon to a few (very) lucky BoMF Res Members thanks to our partnership with the John Hancock Boston Marathon Charity Bib Program. Over the next six weeks leading up to the Boston Marathon, we’ll be highlighting some of the runners on this year’s Back on My Feet Boston Marathon team, including the five Residential Members who will be lacing up on April 16: Austin Baker, Brian Doucette, Wahid Chaudhary, Jared Gately, and Chris Hatton. This is Brian’s story.

Brian (far left) poses with fellow BoMF Team Running Home Boston Marathoners Austin (far right) and Wahid (center) at last week's Quincy Half Marathon.

Brian Doucette never expected to find himself homeless. The founder and owner of a successful catering business in Massachusetts, he had always been a hard worker. He had to be. And he thrived in busy environment of catering. Through all the ups and downs of life, Brian had hung on to his small business.

When the economy soured however, Brian’s business dried up and before he knew it, he was closing the doors of his company for the last time. With what felt like little left, he turned heavily to alcohol. Eventually, Brian really did have nothing left, including a place to live.

Since then he found himself a place at the Somerville Homeless Coalition. He got sober, got a job, and began putting the pieces of his life back together. Then he found Back on My Feet. He has now been sober for almost two years, and credits Back on My Feet for putting him in a much better head space to stay strong against the disease.

“As long as you have hope and faith and are willing to reach out to those programs like Back on My Feet and the Somerville Homeless Coalition, you can turn your life right back around,” says Brian. “I could go on all day about how much this means to me.”

Most people can find something to complain about at 5:45 in the morning. Brian, however, is not one of those people. He is simply ebullient. His positive attitude and encouraging words for his teammates haven’t been the only thing Brian has brought to his team runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:45 a.m. Whenever he can, he likes to surprise his fellow team mates with small treats to celebrate special days such as holidays and birthdays.

This positive attitude, combined with his dedication to his fellow running group members and humorous antics, make daybreak runs well worth getting up for everyone else on his team. Outside of running, Brian has demonstrated a great commitment to his job, and recently moved into a new apartment.

Read about the other members of Team Running Home. A new member will be featured each week!

Back on My Feet Boston was given the opportunity to provide entries into the 2012 Boston Marathon to a few (very) lucky BoMF Res Members thanks to our partnership with the John Hancock Boston Marathon Charity Bib Program. Over the next six weeks leading up to the Boston Marathon, we’ll be highlighting some of the runners on this year’s Back on My Feet Boston Marathon team, including the five Residential Members who will be lacing up on April 16: Austin Baker, Brian Doucette, Wahid Chaudhary, Jared Gately, and Chris Hatton. This is Jared’s story.

When Jared Gately first found himself on the steps of the addiction treatment program on Farnham Street, he wasn’t sure what to expect. It was March of 2011 and the 24 year old had just been kicked out of his parents’ house for his addiction and turned to Hope House for a chance to turn his life around before it was too late. Jared was nervous about what might lay ahead.

What he didn’t expect was the many, many, many miles that lay before him in addition to the counseling and drug treatment options offered at Hope House. Because not long after entering Hope House, Jared found himself standing outside of Hope House’s doors in a circle of people dressed in spandex tights and running shoes, blowing into their hands and hopping from foot to foot to keep them warm at 5:45 on a dark and chilly Monday morning last March.

Jared, a life-long boxer, had always been in shape. So when he noticed other residents at Hope House coming in from their morning runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at about the time the rest of the house was rising for breakfast, he decided to give Back on My Feet a try. It could be good for him, he figured. And Jared was looking for anything that could be good for him.

It wasn’t long before Jared latched on to running. Every month he participated in races with his BoMF teammates and last August he found himself toeing the line at the legendary Falmouth Road Race. From then on, Jared really had the road race bug. Running with Back on My Feet felt good mentally and physically and gave Jared new goals to reach for, which crossed over onto his life out of running shoes.

Soon his life took off as fast as his running. He moved out of Hope House and now lives in Southie, working full time as a masonry worker. When Back on My Feet gave him the opportunity to join the BoMF Boston Marathon team as an alumni member, he jumped at the chance.

Jared’s goal is to prove to himself and to everyone that he can complete the marathon. He has been training with other members of the Hope House BoMF team, and feels closer every week to making that dream come true.

Read about the other members of Team Running Home. A  new member will be featured each week!

Back on My Feet Boston was given the opportunity to provide entries into the 2012 Boston Marathon to a few (very) lucky BoMF Res Members thanks to our partnership with the John Hancock Boston Marathon Charity Bib Program. Over the next six weeks leading up to the Boston Marathon, we’ll be highlighting some of the runners on this year’s Back on My Feet Boston Marathon team, including the five Residential Members who will be lacing up on April 16: Austin Baker, Brian Doucette, Wahid Chaudhary, Jared Gately, and Chris Hatton. This is Austin’s story.

Austin Baker’s story, while filled with heartbreak, is sadly not unique to many men in Boston. A father of two, he had been living around the corner from his children in order to help care for his autistic son. Born prematurely and slowly nursed to health, Baker’s son meant the world to him. That’s when everything was swept away in a single swoop, Baker says.

Baker had been searching for a work after being laid off from his job as an operating room nurse’s assistant. While out of work, he had been staying at his ex-girlfriend’s parents’ house, where he helped the aging couple keep up the property and paid for the utilities in return for their kindness. After two years however, his children’s grandmother suffered a stroke, permanently paralyzing her right side. When they moved her to a nursing home, family members take over and demanded that Baker vacate the house. Without any legal say for the house, he had no choice.

Without anywhere else to go, Baker entered Father Bill’s Place in Quincy the next morning. He states that first night without his son was one of the loneliest of his life. “Here you are with nowhere to go at a place where you don’t know anyone and you’ve got to try to put your life back together.” Baker says of his first few days in the shelter. “I said I need to do something about this. The morning after my first night there, I got on my bike and rode to the beach and I stood up there on the rocks at Wollaston and I said I will get myself back on my feet, no matter what.”

From then on, Baker pledged that each step he would take would be a positive one.  That’s when he joined Back on My Feet. During that first morning run in the summer or 2011, he made it abundantly clear that he was serious about running. And he wasn’t kidding. In simmering summer heat, Baker would take off on team runs and lead the pack by barreling toward Wollaston Beach at a torrid pace that was hard match. With an athletic build more suited for a linebacker, he took that same competitive drive and desire and put it to good use at a number of local road races.

As his running progressed, Baker became hooked on the idea of running the Boston Marathon. Fully aware of the competitiveness and near impossibility of getting a number for someone in Baker’s shoes, his teammates encouraged his marathon dreams by highlighting other marathons in area, but Baker wouldn’t budge. Months later, when he found out that he would, in fact, be representing Back on My Feet on the Boston Marathon course, the 54 year old was nearly speechless. “This is one of the best days of my life,” he said.

“Sometimes it’s hard to not feel like things will never go right for you,” Baker says. “Running turns that around.  Running makes you think about yourself and the changes you need to make. You feel good. No one can take that away from you.”

Currently working as a landscaper, Baker is still searching for full-time, non-seasonal work. He’s honed his interviewing skills and updated his resume thanks to classes offered by Back on My Feet. He hopes to be able to put both to good use soon with goals of one day working again as a nurse’s assistant so he can get out of the shelter and back to his son.

You can support Austin and the rest of Team Running Home by making a tax-deductible donation to the team. For more ways to help Team Running Home cross the finish line of the 2012 Boston Marathon, contact Vic Acosta at

Perhaps there is no marathon in the country — even the world — more sought after, admired, and feared than the legendary Boston Marathon. It’s no wonder that a few of our most passionate BoMF Boston Residential Members have subtly hinted at their wish to one day run the race. But the Boston Marathon? You have to qualify to get into that one. You need to be fast. Really fast. Or raise money. A lot of money. It’ll probably never happen. It’s probably better to set your sites on something smaller, easy to get into, right?

So imagine our delight when we were given the opportunity to provide entries into the 2012 Boston Marathon to a few (very) lucky BoMF Res Members thanks to our partnership with the John Hancock Boston Marathon Charity Bib Program, which supplied BoMF with a number of bibs to the 2012 race to use for fundraising.

This is the Boston Marathon. This is much bigger than 26.2 miles. The experience of training for and running a marathon is transcendental. When these guys cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon, they will have proven to themselves and to everyone that there’s nothing they can’t do. This will be the first of many more major finish lines of their lives, be it completing a degree, landing a secure job, or moving into permanent housing; all of which they’ll be working towards as they train for April 16. As we say at Back on My Feet, running is the perfect metaphor for life because hard work, dedication, and perseverance, do and eventually will pay off.

Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting all of the runners on this year’s Back on My Feet Boston Marathon team, including the four Residential Members who will be lacing up on April 16: Austin Baker, Brian Doucette, Wahid Chaudhary, and Chris Hatton.

But we need your help getting them across the finish line! You can sponsor a runner, support the team, or get your company involved. Contact for more information about supporting Back on My Feet’s Team Running Home or donate today!

Have a look at one team member, Austin Baker, as he learns he’ll be running in the 2012 Boston Marathon. “This is the happiest moment of my life.” Please help us get Austin and his teammates across the finish line. And stay tuned for more information on the team, the Residents, and the Non Res who will help get them there.