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With the excitement of the Delaware Marathon and MCVET 5 and 10k races in our rearview mirror, June certainly had the potential to be an anticlimactic follow up to May, but that was not the case for Team MCVET.  We started off the month by welcoming Dale B as the newest member of the team.  The first weekend saw members participate in the Torchbearer 5k and the very next week, several of our non-res Cores participated in the Eagleman Half Ironman in Cambridge.  It was Team Organizer, Amy L’s very first Half Distance Tri, and several of our MCVETers battled the weekend beach traffic to come out and watch and cheer their teammates on,.

The next weekend was marked by what has become a tent pole event on the BoMF Baltimore calendar, the Baltimore 10 Miler .  We gathered together at CP the night before to fuel up on carbs at a delicious potluck dinner, where we had the chance to meet Autumn, our newest executive director.  The next day several of our members charged through the hilly course and were well supported by several teammates at the Mile 4 and Mile 9 mile points. Special thanks to Walker, who basically single-handedly manned the Mile 4 waterstop with the help of his 17(?) children!

The team wound down the month with our Third Annual MCVET Team BBQ at Corbett Farm in Monkton.  We carpooled up to the NCR trail together, where we worked up our appetites over a long run before enjoying fresh local burgers, good company, and games up the road at the farm.

With another great month in the books, we’re eagerly anticipating July when we hope to welcome several new members to the team!


Jay (left) with teammates Henry and Mike at the Baltimore ten-miler pasta party.

Shoe size: 13

Member since: May 2011

Miles accumulated: 52.5

Best BOMF moment: Running the MCVET 5k and meeting a great group of people.

Biggest challenge with running: Increasing my stamina! To be honest though, I don’t really have a lot of challenge because I enjoy running a lot, so I enjoy runs even when its a little tough.

Goal in the next three months: The Half Marathon in October. To finish the race RUNNING, not walking – and have FUN doing it.

What do you think about when you’re running?: I plan my day out, I pray to the God of my understanding and thank him for giving me the strength to run.

What’s the next race you’re doing with the BoMF crew?: The half marathon in October. Pray for me, haha!

“Jay’s constant smile conveys the energetic and positive spirit he brings to the team runs each morning. At the pre-BBQ run on the NCR Trail, Jay confidently declared, now that he has this running thing down, he would like to give biking a try. Sure enough at the end of the run (his longest yet!) a bike was sitting there with a sign that read, “Please give me a good home,” and with a little love and elbow grease, Jay now has it going again.  That moment was so indicative of Jay. That positive spirit continues to guide him in the right direction and when given an opportunity he’s quick to take on a challenge (with a big smile of course). With this combination of determination and optimism, surely good things will keep coming to Jay.  We are looking forward to joining him on the most recent challenge he has set for himself, to run and complete the Half Marathon at this October’s Baltimore Running Festival.” – Peter Jackson, MCVET team leader


Ricky with MCVET teammates (left to right) Maria, Catlin and Audrey.

Shoe size: 8

Member since: February 2010

Best BoMF moment: Seeing res members restructure their life and get back on their feet!

What do you think about when you’re running?: Try to relax and just take in the scenery or plan my daily or weekly schedule. If I’m running with someone, general conversation to take my mind off running. Music is always a good companion on a long run when I run alone.

What’s your next race with the BoMF crew?: If work does not get in the way, I plan to run the DUthe2. I’ve never done a duathlon. I think some the BOMF crew are running/biking this race.

“Ricky may quite possibly be “the most interesting member of Team MCVET.” In addition to a hefty running and workout schedule, Ricky is active in the BoMF and Baltimore community. He has served in an Army Airborne units, run countless half marathons, and most recently spent a weekend becoming a certified spin instructor. We are so grateful that he still finds time to join us out at MCVET and appreciate the gracious offer he and his wife, Kimberly (who organized the Torchbearer 5k) made to BoMF to secure race entries for our members earlier this summer. Stay active my friend, stay active!” – Peter Jackson, MCVET team leader

On Sept. 19th, 2010 there were a number of firsts to happen: it was the first year for the Woodrow Wilson Bride Half Marathon, it was the first race over an 8K that Back on My Feet D.C. participated in, and, for 14 of our members, it was their first half marathon!

Amidst a crowd of 4,000, BOMF residential and non-res members kicked asphalt the entire 13.1 miles.

There were 14 resident members and 20 non-residents from Emery House, Blair House, Clean and Sober Streets and 801 East teams running the race. We additionally had more than 20 BOMF-ers volunteering or cheerleading throughout the course.

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