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Christopher’s Place’s Members of the Month: Sheldon and Ben

Sheldon N. joined Christopher’s Place in December 2011 and has accumulated 48.6 miles. After running for about two months, he signed up for the Valentine’s Day 5K.  Sheldon says “Hills!” are the most challenging part of running, but he still bested them all at the 5K race. He says, “I was really happy to finish my first race.” He certainly follows him own advice for a new runner to “be persistent.” Through the program, Sheldon looks to start and graduate from the culinary program at the Maryland Food Bank. Although he knows how to roll sushi, his favorite post-race meal would include a salty-sweet combo of oranges and pretzels and a carb-reload with bagels.

Sheldon’s team leader, Jordyn Manucci, says, “Sheldon is hilarious!  When you run with him, it’s like a comedy club most of the time.  The miles go by so fast with him as he just keeps you engaged the whole way.  It’s been great seeing him go from running one to two to three miles on a consistent basis.”

Ben H. joined Christopher’s Place as a non-residential member.  While an awesome runner, Ben has expanded his horizons and gained some experience with the CP Band at the Valentine’s Day 5K.  His favorite memory with Back on My Feet was while cheering for people running on the National Mall at SnOlympics.  His advice for a new runner would be “When you need to run slow, run slow. When you need to run fast, run fast.” He’s training for his first marathon, the D.C. National Rock-and-Roll Marathon, after which he’ll enjoy his favorite Cool Mint Clif Bar and a banana washed down by chocolate milk.

Jordyn Manucci says, “Ben has been a great member of the team since he started.  He brings this incredible energy to the circles.  He’s also great in that you know he is training for a much longer race than what many others are currently training for, but is more than willing to just walk a mile or do some easy work to get to know people.”

Helping Up’s Members of the Month: Tony and Nathan

Tony B. started running with Helping Up last November and has already run 71.5 miles. An experienced 5K runer, Tony ran his first 5 miler, which was his favorite memory with Back on My Feet. He says it’s challenging “to get my feet and my mind to work together.” To continue moving forward, Tony says, “I want to get my license back and the get my CDL license.” He’s looking forward to running with some teammates for the Nikia Relay in March.

Tony’s Team Organizer, Meredith Eppley says, “”Tony (Blue) has been a wonderful addition to THUMB!  Not only does he bring smiles to people’s faces, his character beams determination and perseverance, which permeates to other members.  Even though he has been nursing an old ankle injury it hasn’t deterred him from coming out and bringing all that he has to the table.  It was awesome to run with him for his first road race – the Celtic Solstice, which wasn’t a 5K, but a 5 miler!  He ran it strong and made a sprint into the finish with a huge smile on his face.  His next race is the Nikia Relay.  Don’t let his timid personality fool you at first, he can crack jokes left and right and he also has some suave dance moves! Blue’s a wonderful teammate and friend.”

Nathan B. joined Helping Up as a non-residential member last month and remembers “THUMB’s epic comeback tiein the Super Bowl flag football game.” When he’s out running, he’s thinking about breakfast. “I eat a lot for a skinny guy.” But when he’s racing, he’s thinking about how to be super spirited.  His next race with Back on My Feet will be the Nikia Half-Marathon and Relay. “Farmer, Greg and I will be out in full costume… be on the lookout!”

Rob Carfagno, Team Leader of Helping Up, says, “Nathan has been a great addition to our team!  He is so enthusiastic and friendly and has already taken part in many team events in the short time he’s be on the team.  You can tell that he genuinely enjoys being a part of the team and he’s always smiling.  I’m excited to see the great things that the future holds for Nathan and our team!”

MCVET’s Members of the Month: Arnold and Melissa

Arnold S.‘s Team Leader, Peter, says, “Arnold was one our original residential members and although he’s been officially an alum for almost a year now, his recent accomplishments deserve special recognition.  After enrolling in a radiography program through Essex College during our first year running together, he recently graduated last month and received his Associate’s Degree! The manner with which he went about achieving this goal was most praiseworthy as well, choosing at one point to delay graduation in order to take on two jobs in order to fufill all his obligations. Over the years, our team has seen him cross the finish lines of 3 marathons (Baltimore, Delaware and Marine Corps), been greeted by him at the Aquarium where he still works, watched him testify in the Senate, and now receive his college degree. Through it all, he’s been a steadfast and dedicated friend to all of us and we look forward to seeing where life continues to take him.”

Melissa S. has been running with MCVET since November.  Having recently moved to Baltimore in July 2011, she says that running gives her a chance to learn the city.  She likes to be aware of who is running with her and chat with them. “But the moment that sticks out most in my mind was MCVET’s run to see the lights on 34th Street. Since it was my first Christmas in Baltimore, it was exciting to see a Baltimore holiday tradition. And pairing it with a run and hot chocolate and cookies, couldn’t have made it any better. Having everyone come together to  see the lights was a great moment.” While she’s only planning to cheer at the Nikia Half and Relay, her next race is a 10 miler in May and maybe the Baltimore 10 Miler in June if she stays injury-free. Her biggest challenge is staying healthy. “I’ve had a few stress fractures and bruised bones that have sidelined me from running in the past. But by keeping my mileage low and running every other day, I’ve been stress-fracture free for a year. ”

Peter says, “A recent transplant from BoMF’s hometown of Philly, Melissa has wasted no time in becoming a fixture of Team MCVET.  Her joyful and positive attitude are a welcome addition to the circle and she’s quick to help out the team as whole or any of its individual members, whether it’s baking cookies for everyone to enjoy over the holidays or devotedly playing the role of navigator and making sure her teammates don’t get lost during our more circuitous morning runs.  Her fiancee, Jeremy has even become a welcome addition to team social events and outings joining us for runs through Hampden to enjoy the “Miracle on 34th” or for weekends ice skating in Patterson Park.  We’re lucky she chose to join us at MCVET and are delighted to help introduce her to Baltimore.”

When it rains it pours, and that was certainly the case for Team MCVET this month.  In addition to all the wet weather, April brought many more accomplishments and great memories to all of our members.

To kick the month off, we welcomed Henry T. and Dennis W. as our two newest residential members.  Dennis quickly established himself as one of the fastest members ever to hit 10 miles with the team, upping his mileage with every run.  We had plenty of reasons to celebrate our fellow team members’ accomplishments as the month continued.  On the evening of April 14th, MCVET runners Arnold S. and Jeff W. were formally recognized as BoMF Alums at the Alumni Induction Ceremony.  It was a truly tremendous evening, and there was an overwhelming number of MCVET team members on hand to offer their support and congratulations. It especially great to see was the number of MCVET alums who came out to welcome their teammates to alumni status. Alum Darryl M. spoke at the event, offering his own reflections on the significance of becoming a Back on My Feet alum and maintaining close relationships with the team. Read more…

Three classes have now been inducted.  If the evening could be summarized in one word, it would have to be foundation.  Each successive induction has drawn a larger crowd, indicative of an essential key to success – something to stand on.  The BoMF community creates this for each other and this growing alumni network continues to create a standard for success by which to support and challenge each other.  Last night was a living testament to the fact that this foundation is cumulative and continues to aggregate.

Representatives from all three classes were in attendance yesterday evening. Of 21 active alumni, 15 were present.  Old teammates were there to support new ones.  Founding teammates were there to pass on the BoMF legacy.  Teams were there to support other teams.  By the end of the evening, we had woven a new fabric interlaced with 10 new members, further bolstering the BoMF Baltimore foundation.  Both Mitchell Stallworth (BSTAT) and Darius Tabrizi (ARW) were both among the first alumni inducted from their respective teams.  CP had the largest contingent including Michael Fewster, Ricky Penn, Leon Pumphrey, Leonard Thomas and Donnell Williams, many of whom were working and could not be in attendance.  Arnold Shipman, the longest standing res member of BoMF was joined by absentee MCVET teammate Jeff Whitaker and Mike Hoffman from THUMB rounded out the honorees.

Congratulations to the new Alumni, many thanks to Rob Carfagno, Emily Bendann, Erin Dorrien, Dan Miranda, Brian Carlson, Christina Gallo and Sarah O’Connor who have stepped up to support their teammates as boosters, and kudos to Jennifer Manning, Todd Gaddy, Dan Miranda, Sue Demirkaya and Diane Amin who presented their teammates and touched the room with team remarks.  Thank you also to Charlie Tiller, Carlos Bailey, Barry Burnett, Darryl Mitchell (keynote speaker!), Michael Purdum, Jesse Rengesamy, Joshua Wingo, Wayne Turner and Terrell Stokes, all former alumni who came back to christen the new alumni and a heartfelt thanks to our Member Services Manager Nikia Williams for the graceful way she makes the alumni program possible.  Congratulations Class #3!

June 2010 has been a great month for Team MCVET.

Team members Charlie, Andre, and Torry were able to get full-time jobs, and Darryl M. moved into his own place!

The entire team celebrated, along with our friends from Marriott, and “Bad”  Burt’s lovely wife sent a delicious cake and cupcakes to make the celebration official. Our littlest teammate, Solveig, wore more of the cupcake than she ate, but we’ll let her get away with that because it was adorable, after all. Read more…

May has been one of the most exciting and inspirational months that the MCVET Back on My Feet team has experienced yet! We were joined by new team members Joe and Anthony, and said a fond farewell to non-rez member Laurin W. who returned home for the summer and will be studying abroad next semester. Rez member Patrick reached his 50-mile mark and logged his first 5-miler with the team, while Joe has already crossed the 10-mile mark.

Among the most amazing accomplishments took place in Delaware on May 16th

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Twelve runners from the Baltimore chapter, nine of whom were first timers, took to the streets of Wilmington to participate in the Delaware Marathon on Sunday.

The morning was an overcast 68 degrees, perfect weather for a run. Seven a.m. marked the starting cannon and the runners tore off down the road.  The BOMF cheering section waited patiently for the runners to return through the complicated twists and turns of the course.  Armed with posters, slow claps, birthday songs, name chants, hand clappers, and high-fives, the support team from BOMF represented loudly and proudly.

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Arnold Shipman, a member of the MCVET team in Back on My Feet Baltimore, testified before a Senate committee hearing on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ plan for ending homelessness among veterans, on Wednesday, March 24, 2010.

Video of the testimony from Shipman, a U.S. Air Force veteran, can be seen here. He enters around the 98-minute mark. Additionally, read his full testimony here.

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Thank you to all who attended the Bash! Around 250 members, volunteers and corporate sponsors attended the event. Through ticket sales, corporate tables, the silent auction, raffle tickets and merchandise, the event netted nearly $20,000 for the Baltimore chapter!

Kent Krabbe and Damian O’Doherty received the awards for “Board Member of the Year”. Arnold Shipman, who was recently featured in the article in Urbanite Magazine, was named “Member of the Year”. Team Leader Mike DiJulia was awarded “Non-residential Member of the Year” for his dedication to the program over the past few months.

A surprise to many in attendance was the arrival of a large cake –in the shape of a shoe! Duff and Lauren of Charm City Cakes generously donated a cake to the Bash. And where Charm City cakes go, so does the camera crew! Ace of Cakes was there to film the arrival of the cake and its grand presentation during the event. Don’t worry — no one dropped it!

Thanks again to everyone for supporting the Back on My Feet Baltimore Chapter! A wonderful night was had by all.

CLICK HERE to see photos from the event.

Back on My Feet would like to give special thanks to the following sponsors of this event:

American Radiology

Brown Advisory Board


KO Public Affairs, LLC



o3 World