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Our Philadelphia chapter recently collected some quotes from members for a document, so we thought we’d share some here:

“Back on my feet has helped me prepare for basic training. I feel stronger and ready for training now that I have participated with Back On My Feet. I am going to miss everyone so much when I leave at the end of June.”

– Jorell, Team OBP

“These people encourage you. They don’t view you differently because of your past,” “I look and I see unity of the group. I see friendship. These people are my friends.”

– Antonio, Team RWA told the Daily News

“Back On My Feet has taught me to maintain discipline and the motivation to get myself in shape again.  It is going to take a while, but with Back On My Feet’s help I believe I can do it!”

– Rich A, Team St Johns

“I like to come out because I like to see everyone including myself getting in shape and circling up as a group.  I like to see everyone out there doing something positive together rather than something negative. It makes my morning!”

– Shabazz, New Jerusalem

Sharing a story of homelessness can remind us of the humanity and tenuous balance of life. Sharing a story of overcoming the obstacles that come with addiction can embolden others to do the same.

Antonio LaBoy has a warmth that makes becoming friends easy.

“Antonio is one of those special people in this world who has the ability to make you smile and laugh and feel welcome and belonged the moment that you meet him,” wrote a volunteer and teammate of his from Ready Willing and Able in a letter of reference.

Below, read more about Antonio and hear from him, in four different videos.

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