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Our new additions to the team in May were Edward B., Eric B. and Dave H. The guys are enjoying their time with the team and are already starting to increase their mileage. Andrew F. and Moses J. celebrated one year of sobriety and graduated from HUM.

On May 15th, several of our teammates ran in the Delaware Marathon and Half Marathon, while other teammates were there cheering them on in support.  It was a humid day, but the runners pushed through the tough conditions and gave all they could to put another great race in the books.  Barry B. and Mike H. ran the marathon, while Zac ran the half marathon.

As the team grows, so does the list of accomplishments!  Dave H., Eric B. and Edward B. all reached 5 and 10 miles with the team.   Tom C. and Jimmy M. received their 50 mile medals.  Stephen L., Brian L. and Eric L. hit 25 miles with the team.  Nicko R. hit a big milestone of running 100 miles with BoMF!

On May 22nd, the Sports Legends Museum was opened up by our teammate Greg Schwalenberg for BoMF team members to get a tour and a behind the scenes look at the museum.  It was a fun excursion and a privilege to be able to see how memorabilia is processed and preserved.

team THUMB


Moses J., Member of the Month

Shoe size: 8

Member since: December 2010

Miles accumulated: 126.5

Best BoMF moment: Finishing my first race.

Biggest challenge with running: Finishing the things that I start and being able to run as much as I can.

Goal in the next three months: Run, stay clean, and work with the program.

What do you think about when you’re running?: How good and healthy this feels.

What’s the next race you’re doing with the BoMF crew?: MCVET 5k

“Moses is not a man of many words, so when he speaks, people listen.  He doesn’t want to be the center of attention, Moses just wants to go out, run and feel good.  I sense that Moses is grateful for his sobriety and all of the things he has now in life; he doesn’t spend time dwelling on the negative any more.  And he definitely seems comfortable when running. He runs so effortlessly and people are usually surprised by just how fast he is!”   Rob Carfagno, team leader


Amie B., Member of the Month

Member since: September 2010

Best BoMF moment: It’s hard to pick just one moment..Before Back on My Feet, I never would have considered running a half marathon, but some of the best moments with the team have included all the support I received during those long Saturday training runs and the awesome support and encouragement I received during the Nikia half, particularly from Emily B. who kept pushing me through all those miles!

What do you think about when you’re running?: When I’m running by myself, I think about and process some of the day-to-day stressors that come up. When I’m running with the team, I usually think about whatever I’m talking about with a teammate, such as strategizing about how to be a better runner with Mike H., and I think about how awesome and inspiring the people are that I get to run with!

What’s your next race with the BoMF crew?: the MCVET 10k

“I enjoy seeing Amie at our morning circle and I admire the way she has become committed to our team.  Amie is a fast runner and she continues to improve her racing times, but there are plenty of days that she chooses to run at a slower pace just to support a teammate.  She understands that BoMF is not about running as fast as you can every run, it’s about helping people through running.  By simply running and talking with someone, she can make a huge difference in their day and life.  It’s been fun for me to watch Amie get more involved with our teammates and I feel lucky that I can call her my friend!”   Rob Carfagno,  team leader