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November was a great month for Back on My Feet Baltimore!  We opened the month with the Tuerk House 5k, a favorite race of many of our teammates.  It was a nice, cold day like years past and BoMF Baltimore showed our great spirit once again.  On November 15th, BoMF Baltimore inducted another class of proud alumni and also celebrated several new senior members.  There were about 100 teammates in attendance, including many alumni, who came out to share in the accomplishments of the new alumni and senior members.  During this holiday season we are once again thankful for all that Back on My Feet gives us, most of all the friendship of our teammates.

Team SoBo:  Several SoBo’ers participated in the Tuerk House 5k – Eddie, Ervin, Joe and George along with several non-res enjoyed a crisp morning.  BoMF Inducted George H. into Alumni and welcomed Eddie P. and Roderick T. as Senior Members.  BoMF Baltimore staple, Greg S., shared some good stories about George.  Several other races SoBo’ers participated in – Philly full and half marathon, Richmond Marathon, Rock and Roll Savannah GA Half, Gobble Cobble Turkey Trot to name a few.   Several non-res served dinner at Baltimore Station on November 28th.  It was great to hear and share stories about Baltimore, running, and life.  Many SoBo’ers were in attendance at BASH and would like to thank all the people involved in putting on such a fun evening.  SoBo wedding bells Kari P. and Craig L.

Team Christopher’s Place:  Arnell became a senior member and has moved into his own housing (with family).  Ricky ran his first race, Tuerk House, and is looking forward to the next.  Jonathan found employment and is working on balancing running and working.  George and Kani were officially inducted as alums. Tony, Jonathan R., Hatchett, and Ricky T all showed up to alumni inductions!  Members of Team CP non res are continuing with their Rehoboth half marathon training.  Had a great 10 mile run up on the NCR and brunch at Diane’s house.

Team Helping Up Mission:  THUMB welcomed 3 new runners this month: Dan D., Tim F. & Tim G. Our team has over a dozen active members and several alumni members who are still involved with the team!  On Saturday, November 3rd, several teammates participated in Tuerk House 5k at Druid Hill park. This is a great race and once again BoMF Baltimore showed great spirit. One of our newer teammates, Chris H., won his age group!  On Monday, November 5th, our team gathered in Towson for movie night!  A group of about 15 of us watched “Rocky” and enjoyed snacks and good times together.  It was a fun night and maybe the start of a new tradition.  On November 15th, another class was inducted as alumni of Back on My Feet, including HUM teammates Dave H. Joe M. & Anthony B. “Blue”. Bryant J. and Frank P. were named senior members. The event was held at the American Brewery and about 100 people attended this amazing event. It was a great night of celebration for BoMF Baltimore and one of the key successes that our organization is all about.  On November 18th, several our teammates ran the Philly marathon and half marathon. It was an amazing day filled with many great successes and support from so many.

In June, Back on My Feet Baltimore got to showcase our spirit at the Baltimore 10 Miler! Not only did we have a huge crew of runners, but we had the most spirited water stop at mile 9. It was a great day for Back on My Feet Baltimore and we look forward to this race again next year.

The 6k/30day challenge has taken place in June, which is a challenge to see if the Baltimore and Washington, DC chapters could run 6,000 miles in 30 days. Baltimore’s goal is 4,000 miles and was easily going to crush this! Over 100 people pledged for the miles run and at the end of the month Back on My Feet will have raised thousands of dollars for the local chapters. The spirit in Baltimore around this challenge has been as amazing as everything we do as a chapter!
May closed out with our alumni induction ceremony where several members of our team moved on to the next part of their journey with Back on My Feet. These members have secured jobs and stable housing and continue to move their lives forward. Even though they may not be able to come out and run very often, they are still loved by their teammates and an important part of our teams. In each of them we can see the success of Back on My Feet. At this ceremony, several members were also recognized as senior members for all of their hard work and accomplishments.

Beginning on July 2nd, two of our Baltimore teams, Baltimore Station and American Rescue Workers, will merge to form Team SoBo! On the morning of July, 2nd all Baltimore teams will come together and circle up in the Inner Harbor to launch the new team. This merger will help to strengthen the teams of South Baltimore and Back on My Feet Baltimore is very excited to have this awesome new team!
Training is about to begin for the Baltimore Running Festival, which is one of the premier events for Back on My Feet Baltimore. We will have teammates running the marathon, half marathon, marathon relay and the 5k as well volunteers at a water stop on the course. Over the next few months, dozens of teammates will train hard for this grand event.

Team Baltimore Station: June has been our last official month as team BSTAT, and what a phenomenal month it has been. We started out the first two days of the month by logging over 200 miles and seeing almost every single one of our active members in the circle… doesn’t get much better than that! We are thrilled to be on track to run 1,000 miles as a team this month, crushing our original goal and helping with the chapter’s 6k/30Day success. As for individual efforts, June saw great finishes in the Baltimore 10 Miler for Roderick, George, Len, Dana, Lissan, Kelcy, and Jessica, and our very own Fast Dan placed third place in the race! No doubt the encouragement at our BoMF water stop helped him to that finish; the stop was enthusiastically manned in part by BSTATers Eddie, Erin, Mark, Christine, Jared, Victoria, Bryan, and Sarah. We also welcomed Ervin and Kirt to our circle and are so happy to have them as new Res. As we transform into Team SoBo in July, we can’t wait to have even more new teammates. With so many people, we expect to make an even stronger showing in this year’s WipeOut! Look out, everyone, here comes SoBo!!

The Back on My Feet DC chapter had a great showing at the Run for Shelter 10k on April 28th, 2012. There were over 20 resident members running and numerous more cheering at the finish line. The D.C. April Members of the Month are:

Blair House:

Res Member: Mike for his consistence and eagerness to keep running when the last race just didn’t seem long enough.

Non-res Member: Barbara for always being cheerful, and bringing muffins to the team meeting!


Res Member: Rodan for being ready to go each morning and always wanting to run more.

Non-res Member: Amber for her energy and commitment to the team.

Emery House:

Res Member: David for his great attendance and taking the extra steps necessary to make morning runs.

Non-Res Member: Wayne for always helping out the guys and giving training tips whenever needed.

La Casa:

Res Member: Steve for keeping up 100% attendance and helping the team through a tough transition.

Non-Res Member: Carolyn for a great positive attitude and her dedication to the team.

N Street:

Res Member: Tacarra for her cheerful attitude and welcoming demeanor.

Non-Res Member: Chris for consistent attendance and helping NSV get stronger.

April has been an great month in Baltimore.  Nikia’s Nippy Nor’easter Half Marathon and Relay was a resounding success for all!  All of the teams ran with a great group from the National Transitional Jobs Network, a new partner with BoMF.  The Friday before Easter, the teams met at the harbor and had a city wide easter egg hunt!  The non-residents and alumni celebrated BoMF with an appreciation breakfast.  Congratulations and a big thank you to Rob C. from Team Helping Up for all his work in coordinating long runs on Saturdays.

April has been a BUSY month for Baltimore Station!  Teammates came out in full force for the Nikia Half, all with the hopes of beating Dan, Greg, and the rest of the race committee to the finish line. Eddie (with 100 miles under his belt) participated in his first Back on My Feet race by running a relay leg, and Roderick experienced BoMF spirit for the first time by joining teammates to cheer for the runners! Both Roderick and Jason started running at the end of March and really hit their strides in April, reaching 25 and 10 miles, respectively, and now two more resident members, Kurt and Al, have come on board, running their first few miles this month! And in other great news, after being sidelined by surgery, George is getting back to running again. The non-resident members have been busy running and racing too with the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, Baltimore’s Sole of the City 10k, and even the Boston Marathon all featuring a few BSTATers. BSTAT looks forward to finishing out April with Operation Oliver and a BSTAT Bowling Night, and May promises even more excitement!

April has been awesome for Team CP with a GREAT turn out at the Nikia Half and Relay. Jerome ran his first half marathon and crushed it in an hour and a half! Plus George, James, William, and Jordan all ran legs of the relay. Even Arnell came out to cheer and join with the CP band. The non-res came out in force as well, with many running the half marathon and relays. Team Triple Threat made up of Diane A, Nikia’s mom, and Bonnie won the oldest team award. They sure looked stylish out there! Christopher’s Place’s coaches have kept the team busy this month with track workouts, timed miles, and new routes. Four of the resident members reached their capstone, which means they are job ready. Congrats to William, James, Jordan, and Arnell! In fact, Jerome, George, Robert, and Dean Michael, are all working! And Jordan just got a job as well. The non-res have been busy this month as well between a happy hour at Sticky Rice and a few people ran the Sole of the City. Special shout out to MJ for winning second in her age group. Congrats to William (res) and Kevin (non-res) as CP’s members of the month. The team is looking forward to the Oliver 5K and the Maryland Half. The team is looking forward to introducing three new members on our team: William, Daryl, and Brandon.

April was a great month for Team Helping Up Mission! A new Rez member, Joe K., joined the team and the rest of the team is strong as always! There were several teammates who closed out March by running the Nikia Half Marathon and Relay and several who are training for the MD Half Marathon in May. Helping Up hosted a few All Team Saturday runs in April, which are great because the Helping Up runners get to see members from the other teams. The team is gearing up to run the Operation Oliver 5k on Saturday, April 28th. Also, on Sunday, April 22nd, several teammates celebrated their graduations from Helping Up Mission with a great ceremony at Martin’s West. Some teammates sponsored a table and enjoyed the very emotional ceremony. Everyone is always proud of the residential member teammates not only for what they are doing when they run, but for all they are accomplishing in their lives!

Team MCVET continues to grow! This month 3 new res members (Chris, Anthony and Terrance) were welcomed to the team as well as 6 new non-res members. Fresh off some stunning performances in the relay at the Nippy Nikia Half, team members are eagerly looking forward to the Operation Oliver 5k at the end of the month. Not only will it be a first race for several of MCVET’s newer members, it’s also a chance to get to see what many of the non-res members are involved in as it benefits the 6th Branch, a veteran-led nonprofit group that several of the team’s newest teammates are involved with. The team looks forward to getting some miles in while supporting a good cause!

Last month was full of races with the St. Patrick’s Day 8k, the SunTrust Marathon, and the NSV Invitational. Members came out in full-force for each of the races—helped by very mild March training weather and some good racing days. The D.C. Members of the Month are:

Clean and Sober Streets:

Res Member: Orlando for keeping a strong attendance rating, increasing his mileage, and being on track to reach 100 miles in his first 3 months!

Non-Res Member: Eileen for always being an active, strong supporter of the CSS team!

Emery House:

Res Member: Edward P. for his consistently strong, upbeat presence at morning runs and speaking up to recruit new members at Emery!

Non-Res Member: Wayne D. for encouraging members to push their limits and being a strong team coach.

La Casa:

Res Member: Alphonso R. for having a great attitude, keeping up attendance despite late work nights, and quickly running over 50 miles!

Non-Res Member: Ann D. for being so active in the mornings and carrying out her team leader duties.


Res Member: Tonya for battling through her first month in the program and maintaining 100% attendance despite injuries.

Non-Res Member: Chris for consistently being active during the runs and helping N Street move forward!

February kicked off incredibly well for Back on My Feet Baltimore, with a flag football showdown at Dunbar Field early on Superbowl Sunday morning. In a feisty competition pitting Baltimore Station and MCVET against the rest, many runners showed off fancy footwork and clever plays. It may have been a more exiting match up than the real event later in the evening! The following weekend found BoMFers off the field and back on the course, with a wet and wintry Valentine’s Day 5k at Kinder Farm Park. This sold-out race was, for many, a stepping stone toward the Nikia Half Marathon. Training (and enthusiastic betting, FundRacing, and costume-planning) is well under way for the big spring race, and all teams are focused on having a great showing! As for what else each team has been up to…

ARW is thrilled to announce that Joseph Wheeler reached 500 miles this month. This wonderful accomplishment was celebrated by ARW (with the help of other teams passing through) at Inner Harbor on February 17th. Joseph has been running with Back on My Feet since American Rescue Workers became a team in March 2010 and says he will continue to run as long as he can. He insists that “If I can do it, anyone can do it!” Congrats to Joe!

Baltimore Station also saw a member reach the 500-mile-mark; congratulations to Len on this success! Teammate Eddie reached 50 miles this month as well, and BSTAT hopes he will continue to say his catchphrase, “I made it,” after many more runs and miles. Two of our loyal Res have moved from BSTAT, but Gary and Daniel promise to return and keep training when they can.  BSTAT also welcomes new Non-Res members Jessica and John, and welcomes back an old friend in Katie.  We look forward to a team dinner coming up soon, and of course, to the spirited competition sure to be found as many of our teammates run in the Nikia Half.

For Team Christopher’s Place, February has been an awesome month. We had five guys run their first race! Even the guys that couldn’t run came out to support their fellow teammates by participating in the now famous CP band.  We also had eight members reach their capstone in February, which means they have graduated and are job ready.  Congrats to Tim, Dean Michael, Brian, Sheldon, Robert, Charles, Paul, and Brendan on this awesome accomplishment.  Dean Michael was voted this month to be team co-captain to assist Jerome in motivational duties.  George has also found employment at Mercy and will hopefully be starting soon.  We’ll miss him in the morning, but he’s still committed to evening runs and weekends to keep training for the Maryland Half.  Sarah M has taken over for Amy U as our Non-Res coordinator full time.  We fully appreciate everything that Amy has done and welcome Sarah to the core group at CP.  We also had a dessert happy hour(s) hosted by Amy and Scott.  Delicious cakes, pies, cookies, etc. were had by all.  I don’t think anyone left without being in a sugar coma ;).  Training for the Nikia Half is still going strong.  We thank Team HUM for their hospitality on longer distances Saturday runs.  It’s been great for all of us to have some new and familiar faces when getting out there for long distances.  We’re looking forward to acquiring a few more guys to round out a full 15-person team in the near future.  Go Team CP!

As for Team Helping Up Mission, in February we added 3 new teammates – Dwayne L., Joe M. and Ryan T.!  The team continues to remain strong with generally 20 – 40+ teammates attending each run.  Several of our teammates have increased their distances while training for the Nikia Half Marathon and others are taking part in training for the MD Half Marathon which just began.  Both races promise to be filled with lots of excitement and celebrations…and watch out for the amazing spirit that HUM teammates will bring!  Several teammates ran the Valentine’s 5k on February 11th with the following times:  Bryant J. 28:58, Dave H. 25:57, Mike B. 20:33, Frank P. 21:16, Barry B. 25:42, Tim B. 24:49 and Paul P. 23:42.  We also had a crew of boisterous supporters!  On February 12th, we went ice skating at Patterson Park Ice Rink and found out why most of us are runners and not professional ice skaters!  That is of course with the exception of the lovely Amie Bettencourt who dazzled us with her jumps and spins!  We had a great time and another fun social event is in the books.  We are looking forward to a fun March, including the Nikia Half Marathon!

All of Back on My Feet is excited for springtime weather, the sun coming up during morning runs, and of course, much racing and reveling ahead.


Circling up for the Frozen Finger 5 Miler

January was a fun month, starting with the Frozen Fingers 5 Miler, which had a mix of cross country, a road course and even some laps on a track.  A crew from Baltimore also traveled to Washington, D.C. to take part in Snowlympics, a field day filled with games and friendly competition among the teams. On January 18th, Orientation 2.0 took place where members shared their personal stories of addiction and how it has affected them and their families.

Training is underway for the 3rd Annual Nikia’s Nippy Nor’easter Half-Marathon and Relay which will take place on March 31st.  Several of our teammates will participate in this race, some of them running their first half marathon.  There are also relay options so this race has something for everyone.

Team Baltimore Station has charged headfirst into the new year, with excitement and eagerness for what 2012 will bring. Residential members Len and Gary hope to run half marathons again this year, and Daniel has started training for his very first half! Many non-residential members are lacing up their shoes for the Nikia Half too, and hoping to fare well on the NCR trail. Also, Mid-January saw a changing of the guard at BSTAT. After a send-off breakfast for Fast Dan (who stepped down so he could step up his training and become even faster!), Sarah took over as team leader. Her mile times might not look like Dan’s, but her smiles—and jokes and weekly videos—will hopefully make up for it. All of BSTAT looks forward to a great year ahead!

Team Christopher’s Place has had a lot of change and good times during January.  Jordyn took over as team leader and Ben H. has stepped up as the Social Coordinator.  He is SUPER enthusiastic and excited to share his ideas with the team.  Sarah M. has also stepped in to assist Amy U. as the non-residential member coordinator since the CP non-res contingent has grown to be so big!  This month we had a happy hour at the Green Turtle that was well attended.  As for the residents, EIGHT guys went down to D.C. to participate in their Snowlympics.  A good day was had by all, and the CP band lives on strong!  Residential member Jerome is now working!  While he misses some of the regular runs, he still is there when he can and is still training for the Nikia half.  George ran his first 5 miler at the Frozen Fingers race and loved every minute of it!  He is now considering training for the Maryland Half. Coaches Paul and Kevin are thinking up new ways for CP to eat hills for breakfast and are adding new fun runs including “Freaky Fridays” and “Wacky Wednesdays” to the weekly schedules.

Team McVET has had plenty of exciting news as 2011 came to an end and 2012 kicked off. Right on the heels of the birth of Maya’s daughter and Darryl M’s daughter, Walker welcomed his fourth child, JP, into the world.  Paul D. announced that he’s now expecting a fifth child so soon enough, the two of them will be able to field an entire baseball team for the rest of us to cheer on! In addition to newborns, the team welcomed Odell and Joy as our newest residential members! Also this month, existing members took on new opportunities. Ja-Aura started dental school and Tim secured an interview and a new job in Port Covington! Longtime non-residential member Lauren L. also took on duties as part of her role as an intern with BoMF Baltimore and began rotating her running schedule among all 5 teams.

Team Helping Up Mission welcomed one new member this month, Paul P.  Paul is already a runner and is very excited to be part of the team.  We had three guys run the Frozen Fingers 5 miler, Mike B. 36:22, Frank P. 37:01 and Barry B. 44:43.  We celebrated a few big accomplishments this month as Mike H. celebrated two years of sobriety and Tim B. graduated from Helping Up Mission.  After a little over a year with the team, Mike B. moved back home to get started on the next part of his journey. We are sad that Mike will no longer be at the morning runs, but very excited that things are going well for him. We love to see him so happy and able to make this step in his life!

We’re already looking at the end of 2012’s first month, and our January has been the best kind of winter! We’re thankful for warmer-than-usual temperatures on most days, snow-free sidewalks and a team that just keeps running! The votes are in, and DC’s January Members of the Month are:

Clean & Sober Streets (CSS)

Resident Member: David C. –

And, congrats to Gary D. for his newly-elected Captain status!

Non-Res. Member: Linday M.



Resident member: LaJuana C -showing strong leadership from the start, and she’s already motivating new team members!

Non-Res. member: Sarah B – a smile that can brighten everyone’s morning, a good attitude and consistent attendance to our morning adventures!

La Casa

Resident member: Michael “Heavy” H – doing wonderfully at his new job, and now officially moved into his own apartment! Heavy continues to show tremendous dedication to his BoMF team, still joining for weekly morning runs.

Non-Res. Member: Sandra – shows up rain, shine or sub-freezing temps, with her cheerful and motivating attitude!


Resident Member: Duane W. (see picture below)

Non-Res. Member: Kyle R (see picture below)

December has always been one of the busiest and most exciting months for all of Back on My Feet Baltimore and 2011 certainly was no exception. The month kicked off with Baltimore Bash, a truly wonderful evening hosted by the Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards where friends, members and supporters of Back on My Feet Baltimore came together to reflect and celebrate the past year’s feats and accomplishments. Highlighted by a great group of speakers and a silent auction that featured a personal training session with Ray Lewis and his trainer Monte Sanders, the night was a huge success for Back on My Feet and helped raise more than $50,000 for our chapter!

As the month continued, there were plenty more plenty more reasons to celebrate both with the holidays and with a bevy of personal milestones and accomplishments in our members’ lives.

Team MCVET welcomed several new members to the roster this month including three new residential members: Chris M., Jason L., and Walter L., as well as two newborn Team MCVET’ers! Congratulations to Maya and her husband Ian on the birth of their daughter and alumni Darryl M and his wife Keta on the birth of their first child! We wish them all the best and expect to see them out running with us soon!

Team Christopher’s Place has also been growing at a rapid pace with nine new residential members joining the roster this month alone! Meanwhile, George and Jerome both graduated from their second phase at Christopher’s Place and Kani is already employed! In addition, all-star CP team member Dom, fresh on the heels of completing his first marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival has committed to and signed up for the D.C. Rock n’ Roll Marathon in March and has already started training!

Team Helping Up Mission welcomed two new teammates, Frank P. and Dre D., to the team while also celebrating Eric B. and Dave H.’s graduations and stalwart Back on My Feet’er Barry B. celebrated his third year of sobriety!

Some longtime Back on My Feet Baltimore members are transitioning into new roles as Jordyn will take over for Sadie as Christopher Place’s new team leader, Sarah steps into Fast Dan’s (bright orange!) shoes as team leader for Team Baltimore Station, and Henry T. passes the MCVET team captainship to Tim R.

December, of course, marks the holiday season, and Back on My Feet soaked up the holiday spirit with teams planning evening runs through the Miracle on 34th Street, cookie bakes, and of course the annual holiday party and Celtic Solstice 5 miler! The holiday party was highlighted by crock pots, ugly yet festive sweaters dug out from our grandmothers’ closets, and the joy of being able to come together as a chapter to celebrate and thank each other for our commitment to Back on My Feet.  During the evening’s events, the member of the year award winners were announced to the cheers of their teammates. Mike B., from Helping Up Mission, was recognized as the Residential Member of the Year while Diane was awarded the Non-residential Member of the Year award. Congratulations to Mike and Diane, and thank you both for the hard work and time you have given to BoMF and its members over the course of the past of the year to make this such a memorable program for all of us.

Celtic Solstice Circle

Well-fueled on oatmeal, holiday cookies, pasta and chili dishes, BoMF Baltimore came out in full force for the Celtic Solstice 5 Miler in Druid Hill Park the next morning. Alumni, res, non-res and family members were all well represented among the field of more than 3,000 runners. While the day saw several PRs, first time racers, and Santa Claus costumes, it was highlighted by the return of our dear friend and teammate Sean F., of Team MCVET to the starting line. Sean was struck by a car while running on his own one night in July and after months in the hospital and physical therapy, took the starting line alongside his teammates at the morning’s race. His strength and resolve in getting there the past few months has captivated and inspired all of us and truly demonstrated that through hard work, grit and teamwork, no obstacle is too great. Sean continued to pick up more teammates as he made his way through the course, finishing alongside a huge pack of caroling and cheering teammates.

As we move into a new year, we are thankful for all the great memories and accomplishments that 2011 brought us and look forward to another great year in 2012.

Back on My Feet at the BRF

October for American Rescue Workers (ARW) was an amazing and exciting time. As the temperatures started to dip, our spirits stayed high! Patrick instilled Fun Fridays to keep that momentum going. No matter if it was Crazy Hat Fun Friday or Favorite Sports Team Fun Friday, Team ARW got up ready for fun on the run!

The Baltimore Running Festival had a lot of firsts for the team – with many members running their first marathon or half marathon. Floyd sped through the finish line at 2:15 – very impressive for his first half marathon! Quentin teamed up with three guys from Christopher’s Place to run a relay – beating the rest of his team’s splits! Finally, Harold PR’d from Nikia’s Nippy Nor’easter 5k with a time of 36:06. Alumni Darius ran a really strong half too! Thanks to Harold, Kevin, and the rest of Team ARW for helping at the Mile 22 water stop – we never could have run those last couple miles without your tasty beverages!

In other very exciting Team ARW news, Kevin A. was inducted as a Back on My Feet Baltimore Alumni. Current Alumni Darius was on hand to present Kevin with his monumental award along with a few touching words. We are so proud of Kevin as he moves his life forward with a great big smile on his face! Stay cool Kevin!

October was a big month for team Baltimore Station. At long last, October 15th brought the Baltimore Running Festival – the pinnacle of many impressive training efforts. We had two residential members participate in the half marathon, Len L. with a time of 1:53:16, and Gary A. with a time of 2:41:33. It was Gary’s first half marathon, and Len pointed out that he had run another half more than 20 years ago only a couple minutes faster. As he put it, age has not slowed him down very much! We also fielded a marathon relay team, with three of the four spots taken up by Baltimore Station members. Kenny M., Sam M., and George H. each ran a leg of approximately 6.5 miles. Another runner from Philadelphia joined them to fill out the team. Eight of our non-residential members joined the party as well, many running the half marathon.

Team Christopher’s Place also had a great showing at the Baltimore Running Festival with more than 15 non-residential members running, and almost all of our residential members participating as well! Kani, George, and James all ran the 5k, while Jerome, Solomon, Abdullah, and Steven raced in the relay! Brian cut 30 minutes off his marathon time and Dominique completed his first marathon and crossed the finish line with the support of team Christopher’s Place and other Back on My Feet Baltimore runners. If you haven’t seen this video yet, chronicling his journey, you have to check it out! Even Tony and Ricky, alumni, came out to cheer us all on, and several Christopher’s Place teammates manned the BoMF water stop. It was a day many of us will never forget.

In other news, many of our members are also are looking forward to the Tuerk House 5k on November 5th to cut time off of their previous races.

Finally, Team Christopher’s Place is happy to report that Erick got a job working for the MTA and Michael got a new job in the kitchen at the NSA. We’re also very excited to celebrate the alumni induction of Johnathan and Brian this month.

October was also a great month for Team Helping Up Mission Baltimore (THUMB)!  Many of our teammates ran in the Baltimore Running Festival, with several running a distance for the first time. It was quite a celebration with all five Baltimore teams as well as Philly and D.C. in attendance.  Here is a recap of the time for the members who ran:  5k – Eric L. 34:50, Stefan B. 28:49, and Bryant J. 30:07.  Relay (approx. 7 miles) – Eric B.  1:07:00. Half Marathon – Nicko R. 2:05:13, Tim B. 1:58:25, Steven W. 3:11:53, and Dave H. 2:11:10. Marathon – Barry B. 4:44:54 and Mike B. 3:46:52. We are so proud of all our runners!

Not only did Eric L. run the 5k at the Baltimore Running Festival this month, on October 7th he graduated from Helping Up Mission. Congrats, Eric! Steven W. celebrated 250 miles with the team and ran his first half marathon while Mike B. passed 500 miles and completed his first marathon!

Team MCVET also had an exciting October. Alumni member Carlos entered the Baltimore County Fire Department. Residential members Tim, Ja-Aura, and Jay all ran their first half marathons at the Baltimore Running Festival, while Kevin and Henry ran the 5k. Alums Greg and Arnold ran the half marathon at BRF and also ran the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct 30 (the third marathon for both of them). Greg was inducted into alumni status on October 27th. Finally, non residential member Ricky O. left for a year-long deployment with his Airborne Unit in Kuwait. Our thoughts are with him and we are looking forward to running with him when he returns!