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golden runners team  The weather was perfect!  The atmosphere festive!  Everyone having a great time!  We had 70 teams running this year – last year we had 37.  Bimbo Bakeries USA provided great treats for all the runners – a hit for sure!  Wishard Eskenazi Health came with the most company teams – five teams – and plans on having more next year.

Thanks to all the teams that came out to run and support BoMF!  A round of applause  to all our volunteers (many who were our Residential Members) who helped with registration, course set up and take down, and on the course cheering our runners on! Thanks to our Relay Committee and Board Members who helped with promotion and prizes.   Many thanks to the JW Marriott and Starbucks who provided the coffee for a chilly morning!  A big thanks to Rochelle Butler who volunteered her time and talents to take photos of the race! (we will have these up on our website soon) All of you made this race a success!
As always, a HUGE THANKS to our non-residential team members who came out to run with our guys.  You are the best volunteers by far – thanks for all you do to support our Residential Members!





603693_10200287337004108_1469953829_nShoe Size? 9

Favorite post run food? Chocolate milk

Why do you run? In addition to keeping me sane most days, it centers me and helps me be a better person.

How many marathons/half marathons/5ks have you done? 4 marathons, around 10 half marathons and no 10k or 5ks.

Favorite race you’ve ever done? The Chicago Marathon, my first one, many years ago.

Bucket list item you plan to cross off soon? Learn to swim

Favorite music? I love all kinds, could never narrow it down to a favorite. Although, Jimmy Buffett is high on my list this time of year.

Favorite vacation spot? “Up North” Michigan

Family? Husband, John, and 2 kids. Vincent is 11 and Sydney is 7.

How did you hear about BoMF? What has BoMF meant to you? Why did you stick with it? I heard about BoMF through a friend at the same time I was looking for some new volunteer opportunities. I have loved every minute I have spent with BoMF. Through all the people I have met, residents and non-residents, they have inspired and encouraged me to learn to love better those around me and to always be grateful. Once you start, it’s easy to stick with because of the people. I continue to be humbled by the amazing people that I am surrounded with each time I show up to run.

What is your favorite memory of a time with BoMF so far?It’s hard to narrow it down. I have many great memories. If I had to narrow it down though, it would be a tie between running the Carmel half marathon with Joe, Barb and Deb and attending the BoMF Birthday Bash. It was especially great seeing all the guys,not only in the daylight, but also, all dressed up and looking sharp!

Advice for people who might want to start running with BoMF? 5:45am is not as early as it seems :). It’s a great way to start the day.


Thanks for your dedication to the team Lori!  Keep up the great work!

IMG_2754Running Shoe Size: 11
Home Town/Family: Indianapolis, two sons
Fave Athletes/Coaches: Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson
Fave Music: Jazz and R & B
Fave Post Race Beverage: Gatorade
Fave Food: Greens, macaroni and cheese and fried chicken.
In what branch did you serve? I served in the Army as a medic.
Most memorable BoMF event? I’d say it was my first race. It was the 5K at the Monumental.  I was running with another guy that was new to BoMF and we just stayed with each other.  He was a better runner than me at the time and he encouraged me at the beginning of the race. Near the end his knees started to hurt and I was encouraging him. We wouldn’t leave each other behind.
Why did you come out for the BoMF team?  I joined to meet people as soon as I got to HVAF. That was back in October 2012. I also saw that BoMF had a willingness to help those people who wanted help. BoMF’s incentives enabled me to get a laptop for school and paid for my books for school. They also helped me focus on incremental steps to move out by October. For example the Financial Literacy classes helped me re-learn how to budget money.
What’s the most challenging aspect of your life right now and how are you meeting that challenge? I just don’t want to stagnate; I want to aim higher. When I arrived to HVAF my goal was to be out in one year.  I got back in school and BoMF gave me a way to get my mind clear.
What races have you run in with BoMF? The Monumental was the first and then came the Drumstick Dash last November. I’ve also run the Winter Run at Marian University, the Bull Dog Jog, the Fast Flash and Joseph Maley at Eagle Creek Park.
Could you share more about the position you recently accepted? Once I received training and obtained my certification I was offered a position at the Veterans Administration Medical Center as a peer specialist. Many vets are in a critical stage of homelessness (over 2 years homeless) and they need help meeting basic needs such as obtaining food, shelter, transportation to medical appointment, etc. Sometimes I share my story and history with homelessness and addictions.  I do  a lot of transporting and relationship building to help support the case  managers in their work with the veterans.
What do you like to do in your spare time? Just relax! I enjoy listening to music and spending time with family.
We give a runner’s salute to Earl for his commitment to the Warman Warriors Back on My Feet Team and for his ability to set goals and meet them!

Earl and Scott getting it done at the Monumental

Earl and Scott getting it done at the Monumental

Monumental 5K Finisher

Monumental 5K Finisher

Earl and his Warman teammates just before the start of the Winter Run

Earl and his Warman teammates just before the start of the Winter Run

Running Shoe Size: 8

Tony enjoying a little of his fave post face food with Jamie Burns.

Tony enjoying a little of his fave post face food with Jamie Burns.

Home Town:  Shelbyville, IN

Fave Music:  Heavy Metal and Rock N Roll

Fave Post Race Food: Bananas

Fave Food: Pepperoni Pizza

In what branch of the military did you serve?  Marines

Most memorable BoMF memory? “Probably the Joseph Maley Run last July. I set a goal of 35 minutes and I met it.”

Why did you come out for the BoMF team?  “My leg was in bad shape and I thought coming out to run with Back on My Feet  would help.”

What difference has BoMF made in your life? “My leg feel feels better and I’m in much better shape.  The friendships are a positive influence and the volunteers are encouraging. And of course I appreciate the grant money.”

What’s most challenging aspect of your life right now and how are you meeting that challenge? “Getting up in the morning. I am NOT a morning person.”

What races have you run in with BoMF? “A bunch – I’ve been running with the team for about a year. Some of the races are Carmel 5K, Out Run the Sun, Pogue’s Run, Eagle Creek Trail Run, Indy Monumental 5K and the BoMF 42K Relay

What do you like to do in your spare time? “Well I’m a pretty good car mechanic and I like to play chess online.”

BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) “I want to secure a steady income and my my own place.”

We give a runner’s salute to Tony for his commitment to the team and a pat on the back for improving his running times and distance.


Shoe Size?  Running shoes – 9; non-running shoes – 7.5

Favorite post run food?  Coffee since it’s usually early in the morning!

Why do you run?  I love the challenge and the “me” time to clear my mind, and I love my friendships that have developed from running.  My closest friends started out as running partners before we really knew one another.

How many marathons/half marathons/5ks have you done?  Zero marathons; 6 half marathons, lots of 5Ks

Favorite race you’ve ever done?  Nashville Half Marathon

Bucket list item you plan to cross off soon?  Completing my first full marathon this year, along with getting married and turning 30!

Favorite music?  Anything with lyrics, I like it all!

Favorite vacation spot?  Anywhere by water- I love the beach, northern Michigan, my parents’ lake house!

Family?  Getting married in April- so that will make a husband, Peter!  I have one sister who is marries with 2 kids.

How did you hear about BoMF? What has BoMF meant to you? Why did you stick with it?  My friend was the sales assistant for the JW Marriott and did the launch event for BoMF Indianapolis.  She emailed our friends trying to raise money for BoMF and as soon as I read about it, I knew I wanted to get involved.

What is your favorite memory of a time with BoMF so far?  I really enjoyed the 42K relay last October, and I have a particularly fond memory of one of the resident members laying out his plan on how he was going to better his situation during one of our Saturday morning training runs.

Advice for people who might want to start running with BoMF?  You don’t have to be a runner to join!  But it’s difficult not to be motivated when you’re surrounded by a group of runners.  It’s a great way to meet all different types of people and help a great cause while you’re doing it.


Name: Richard

Age: 55


Branch of the military: Army, Navy and Marine Core for 16 years; Philippines was his favorite place to be stationed

Hometown: Florida and Ohio. Richard hitchhiked from Santa Barbara in the late 70’s to get to Indianapolis

Favorite Color: Teal

Favorite Movie: Forest Gump

Favorite Music: New Age like Enya, it helps him relax

Favorite place to visit: San Antonio

If Richard could go anywhere in the world, he’d go back to: Southeast Asia

What does he like about BoMF: It wakes me up, gives me a good outlook on life and the day. It’s good for my mental health and physical well being. I’ve also met a lot of great people.

What do you want people to know: How much everyone means to me. I hardly ever see a negative attitude. Everyone is always happy and has a smile on their face, it puts me in a good mood. Thank you!

Richard’s long-term goal is to stay sober, he’s working on his program as he has four months clean.


Erika and Joe!

Shoe Size? 9

Favorite post run food? I would have to say pizza.

Why do you run? I love how running makes me feel happy.

How many marathons/half marathons/5ks have you done? I just completed my 10th marathon in November!

Favorite race you’ve ever done? My favorite race is Tecumseh Trail Marathon because it was my first full marathon, plus I’m a big fan of trail running!

Bucket list item you plan to cross off soon? I would like to someday finish a half Ironman distance triathlon.

Favorite music? Christian and Pop/Rock.

Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere warm and near the ocean!

Family? I have one younger brother who runs the Indy Mini with me every year along with our mom. My dad isn’t a runner, but enjoys walking his dog.

How did you hear about BoMF? What has BoMF meant to you? Why did you stick with it? I heard about BoMF from a friend at church who is a non-resident runner, Andy Chandler. Andy mentioned BoMF several times and I finally went to a meeting to see what it was all about. BoMF has shown me how the power of community can help us become better people. Alone, we’d probably not be exercising outside in the early hours of the morning or building these friendships. However, together, we are able to become healthier physically, as well as emotionally. I stick with it because I am always in a better mood after running with BoMF!

What is your favorite memory of a time with BoMF so far? I remember one morning last spring we were running downtown from Warman and saw a mouse! I don’t want to name any names, but the little mouse really frightened one resident!

Advice for people who might want to start running with BoMF? I think that the most important thing to remember is always give your best. This is easier said than done, but I know that most of us are stronger than we think!


Circle up with Mike, Erika, Barb, and Joe on a freezing cold race day!

Running Shoe Size:10

Joe, Tom and Brian before the BoMF 42K Relay.

Home Town/Family: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, two sisters, one brother

Fave Athletes/Coaches: Tim Duncan, (center San Antonio Spurs), Tom Brady (QB New England Patriots), Bobby Knight (former IU basketball coach)

Fave Music: Easy Listening

Fave Post Race Food: Fruit

Fave Food: Baked Chicken

In what branch did you serve? Navy, four years as a machinist

Most memorable BoMF memory? Climbing what seemed like mountains in the Planet Adventure trail run. Leon and I were jumping logs and encouraging a group of female runners and they were doing the same to us.

Why did you come out for the BoMF team?  To be part of a group and be held accountable. It makes you get up in the morning and run. I like the races, the individual accomplishments and cheering each other on.

What difference has BoMF made in your life? I’m more physically fit and mentally tough.

What’s most challenging aspect of your life right now and how are you meeting that challenge? Right now it’s getting a job.

What races have you run in with BoMF? Which one was your fave? Outrun the Sun, Joseph Maley Run, Drumstick Dash, Planet Adventure Trail Run, Trinity Trot and the BoMF 42K Relay. I’d say the 42K Relay and the Planet Adventure Trail Run were my favorites.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to watch movies, all kinds like action, tech movies and even love stories.  It takes a really funny movie to make me laugh though. I also like to read. Dr. William Glasser is one of my favorite authors.

Joe’s BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). I’d like to find consistent employment and complete the RN program that I will start in April. It should take about a year. Eventually I’d like to return to Milwaukee to be closer to my parents and siblings.

We give a runner’s salute to Joe
for his commitment to the Warman Warriors
Back on My Feet Team, his kind eyes and million dollar smile!

Joe finishes strong with his BoMF 42K Relay Team of Tom, Leon and Emily

Crossing the finish line at the Planet Adventure Trail Run

Taking it easy before Outrun the Sun


Shoe Size?  10.5 B

Favorite post run food?  I crave salty things after running and will let myself have a bit to replenish some of what I lost on a run. But since I have high blood pressure I try to limit that. Lately I’ve been introduced to post-run smoothies in hot weather or hot chocolate in colder weather and taken a liking to them.

Why do you run?  Lots of reasons. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a family history of heart disease. Running isn’t enough, but it helps to keep some of those things in check. While that is an important reason, however, it more than that. Running takes me back to playful times as a child and track and cross country as a teen. It is fun to test yourself and see what I am capable of accomplishing. But primarily because running makes me feel better. Physically, yes, but it also helps with your mental attitude. I love music and I love running … but I don’t listen to music while running (with occasional exceptions when the treadmill is the only way to get in your long run). Running is my time to think and sort out what is happening in the world and my life if I’m running alone or to talk and share experiences with friends if running with them.

How many marathons/half marathons/5ks have you done?  Marathons: 13; Half-marathons: 22; 5ks: Not more than 5?

Favorite race you’ve ever done?  Different faves for different reasons. Grandma’s Marathon because it was my first. Columbus Marathon because it was the first time I didn’t hit the wall. Big Sur Marathon for the scenic beauty. Twin Cities Marathon because it was my Boston qualifier. My first Boston because I left everything out there and met my goal. My second Boston because I took it easy and savored the crowd and the experience. JFK because it taught me that I could not only survive, but thrive, at longer distances. Running the 1st 42k relay as The Lone Ranger and being juiced off all the other teams cheering each other on. And the Detroit Free Press Marathon because it was a shared experience in a place that I lived and worked for many years.


Favorite music?  Varied — classic rock, alternative, folk, jazz, blues, country.

Favorite vacation spot?  Anywhere with access to outdoor activities & nature.

Family?  I hail from Michigan’s great Upper Peninsula where my mom and older sister still live. My younger sister migrated to Mid-Michigan. I kept running further South.

Bucket list item you plan to cross off soon?  First overseas marathon … possibly the Dingle Marathon in Ireland this September. Maybe pacing someone at Leadville this August.

What is your favorite memory of a time with BoMF so far?  There are so many because it is so neat to see how the guys develop and progress… but probably the time that I was running with one of the Warman Warriors who didn’t usually say much and on this particular day he had a lot to share about things that were happening in his life. I’d ask a question here and there but mostly let him talk. He spoke of the challenges he had faced and that he still faced and how important running was to him in helping him deal with the challenges in positive ways. At one point he said — “This running, it’s really good for dealing with stress.” I replied to him that, yes, it most certainly is — and smiled a big smile knowing that he was now likely a runner for life.

How did you hear about BoMF? What has BoMF meant to you? Why did you stick with it?  I had read about Anne and the original Philly BOMF chapter in Runner’s World a few years back and had thought that if something like that ever came to Indy that I wanted to take part. In early 2011 I got an email from The Blue Mile saying that BOMF would be starting here in a couple of months. So I went to an orientation and have been involved ever since. BOMF isn’t about me running — it is about sharing running with others. I keep with it because of the difference it makes for the residents. Some get more out of it than others — but it is really special to see the difference it can make over the course of several months or a year.

What made you decide to be the Team Coach?  Brian made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Advise for people who might want to start running with BoMF?  Come out give it a try. There are lots of people who go through an orientation that never end up participating. I think if they come once they are likely to return — and if they return they are in for a treat … seeing the role that running, and the importance of interacting with others who participate in BOMF, has in helping to transform their lives.


Karen and Jay at the BoMF Christmas Party!

Shoe Size? 10 Narrow

Favorite post run food? Chocolate Milk!!!

How many marathons/half marathons/5ks have you done? 5 half marathons in 2011

Favorite race you’ve ever done? Dances with Dirt – A relay race through the hills, trails, and streams of Brown County.  Every leg is different – and each person runs three segments.  The total race is 100K (62 miles) so each person runs close to a half marathon distance.  Bring a change of shoes and clothes for each leg – because you will be wet and muddy!  And bring a sense of humor – there are costumes, themes, music along the way and a pig roast at the end.

Favorite music? Jam bands – some old (Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic) and some newer (Dave Matthews, Umphrey’s Mcgee)

Favorite athlete/team/sport? IU Basketball – Go Hoosiers!

Favorite vacation spot? Tough call, because I love to travel and try new places.  But, my favorite vacation was probably when we went to the Grand Canyon.  We went on a week long rafting trip from Marble Canyon to the Grand Canyon National Park and hiked out the Bright Angel trail.  We are part of a group of about 25 people.  We did many side hikes along the way and camped out under the stars every night.  The best part was 7 days with my family (including two teenage boys) with no electronics – no email or work disruptions for me, and no texting or electronic gaming for my boys!.

Tell us about your family? Married with two young adult boys (Patrick, 20 and Michael, 17) and a Golden Retriever (Sadie).  My mom, sister, 2 nieces and 2 nephews live in town, and my brother and his family are in Trujillo, Peru.  I also have more cousins around the world than you can count!

What is your most memorable BoMF memory? Running the Women’s Half.  BoMF had a water station set up in a spot where we were able to see the guys on the way out and on the way back, so it was a great support on a hot, steamy day.  The best memory, though was coming back to run with the group on Monday morning and being told by one of the BoMF runners, “yeah, you all looked good going out, but you girls weren’t looking so pretty on the way back!”  Truer words were never spoken! : )

How did you hear about BoMF?  Why did you stick with it?  What has BoMF meant to you?   I decided to start running with BoMF after seeing the group at the Joseph Maley run at Eagle Creek.  I could tell they were a close group, and I wanted to learn more and to be part of the fun.  I have loved getting to know the many runners in the group;  seeing the newer runners achieve running goals they may have never considered before – finishing their first 5K, half marathon or full marathon; while at the same time achieving their personal goals of new jobs, new housing.  I now look forward to my morning runs with BoMF.  Not only do I get my work out done by 6:30 am, but I get to start my day with good conversation, the support of the group, and an abundance of hugs!  What a great way to start the day!