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Every year, a diverse group of runners from across the country join together to form the esteemed Back on My Feet Boston Marathon Team, Team Running Home. This April 15, team members will descend upon Boston from as far away as Georgia to run one of the world’s premier marathons while raising money and awareness for the Boston chapter.

As of today, the team has raised almost $25,000 towards their collective goal of $81,000. We’ll be highlighting runners from Team Running Home until April 15 so everyone can get to know this phenomenal team a little bit and cheer them on from near and far. I asked each runner to answer three short questions about themselves, and I’ll share those with you here. You can help support the 2013 Team Running Home here.

This week’s Featured FundRacer is Erika Mark. Erika is sisters with Team Running Home member Heidi Wheatley. Awesome must run in the family, because Erika is the epitome of the word. She has been a member of BoMF Boston’s Team Hope House since the chapter’s inception in May 2010 and has been one of the team’s most diligent Non Res members since the get go.

Erika helped shape the face of Hope House through the team’s ups and downs and always brings her smile and contagious laugh to the morning circle. This is her first year running the Boston Marathon and we’re honored she chose to make her miles count for Back on My Feet.

Meet Erika.

Q1:  If you had to sum yourself up in 140 characters or less, what would you say?

A1: Enthusiastic BOMFer; coffee-aholic & am coming to appreciate running in the city.


Q2: What does running mean to you?

A2: Running can be a friend or a foe (depending on the day!).  It may take all my will-power to get out the door, and even if its only for a quick 3 miler, by the time I’m done, I feel like a million bucks just for having done it – ESPECIALLY with the winter we’ve had!  Its easy to run on a “perfect weather day” –  its the days when its gusting wind, blowing snow and 10 degrees out that I feel like a REAL runner!


Q3: Why Back on My Feet?

A3: I first heard about BoMF when I read about it in Runners World.  It was just launching in Baltimore when I moved to Boston.  In Baltimore, there is a large homeless population and I was intrigued by Anne’s idea to sew the seeds of running into such a diversely challenging population (mental health, addictions, etc).  When BoMF launched in Boston I jumped at the chance to become a part of the Hope House team.  And despite the heartache sometimes associated with the attachments that are inevitably made with our guys (seeing them through many successes and sometimes failures), I have nothing but respect for the BoMF mission and believe that we are doing our best every day to make a difference in our community.  Running the Boston Marathon for the first time and fundraising for such a unique and important organization was a no-brainer.  GO BoMF!

Help Erika get to her fundraising goal of $5,400. Team Running Home can’t do it without your support!

Erika earning her finisher's medal with Steve and Joey, two Hope House teammates

Erika earning her hardware with Steve and Joey, two Hope House teammates

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