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Every year, a diverse array of runners from across the country join together to form the esteemed Back on My Feet Boston Marathon Team, Team Running Home. This April 15, team members will descend upon Boston from as far away as Georgia to run one of the world’s premier marathons while raising money and awareness for the Boston chapter.

As of today, the team has raised more than $14,000 towards their collective goal of $81,000. We’ll be highlighting runners from Team Running Home each week so everyone can get to know this phenomenal team a little bit and cheer them on from near and far. I asked each runner to answer three short questions about themselves, and I’ll share those with you here. You can help support the 2013 Team Running Home here.

This week’s Featured FundRacer is Heidi Wheatley. Heidi was the first official member of Team Running Home for the 2013 season and her enthusiasm was the perfect way to kick off the 2013 Boston Marathon at Back on My Feet.

Heidi takes this year’s prize of Farthest Teammate, hailing from her home in Acworth, GA. She’s been a member of the Atlanta chapter of Back on My Feet since the chapter’s inception and is lucky enough to be sisters of one of our most dedicated Boston Non Residential Members and Team Running Home Members, Erika Mark. Awesomeness must run in this family.

Meet Heidi.

Q1: If you had to sum yourself up in 140 characters or less, what would you say?
A1: Can’t get enough of running, my family or watching Law and Order reruns.

Q2: What does running mean to you?
A2: Running is my sanity. It has helped me get through challenging times and encourages me to push myself.

Q3: Why Back on My Feet?
A3: Running has been so good to me … I love sharing it with others. I believe that the way to change a life is to be supportive and provide the tools needed for them to do so. BoMF stresses self-sufficiency and not dependence … right up my alley. I am constantly inspired by our res members and think that they give me way more than I give them.

Support Heidi by donating to her campaign today!

Heidi with her son Colton and dog Abby: "I am in love with running but Colton is my heart -- I don't know who I am without either. :-)"

Heidi with her son Colton and dog Abby: “I am in love with running but Colton is my heart — I don’t know who I am without either. :-)”

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