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CHRIS R - Omar

Omar, on the left, poses with Ravens Running Back Ray Rice.

Residental Member of the Month: Omar

Omar joined the team at Christopher’s Place on October 17 and has made great strides, already accumulating 52 miles.  He has quite a few greatest moments, but the one that stands out is when he attended the pasta party at Christopher’s Place and was able to sit and talk with some really great people.  He recalls that evening as having such a positive and relaxed environment.  Omar finds running longer distances to be his biggest challenge, but he hopes to run a race in the near future.  He basically thinks about putting one foot in front of the other when he runs.  Team Leader, Diane calls Omar “the team’s number 1 cheerleader at all the Back on My Feet races!!”

Non-Residental Members of the Month: Chris and Brockett

CHRIS NR - Chris and Brockett

Chris and Brockett, also the “Dynamic Duo,” run with Christopher’s Place.  Brockett first joined BoMF in 2008, is one of the founding members of team CP, and continues to be a vital part of the team.  Chris joined in 2011 because he saw how happy Brockett was when she came home after her morning run.  Chris’ favorite moment since joining, was seeing Arnell’s pride at finishing the Baltimore half.  Brockett loves the feeling of being inspired to be part of a group of unlike people who are so alike.  When these two are running, they tend to think about each other.  Brockett hopes that Chris’ knee isn’t hurting, and Chris is hoping that Brockett’s IT band isn’t hurting.  Other than that, they count Ravens jerseys.  You may not know this, but Brockett and Chris dated for eleven years before getting married.  And they are the cutest darn couple,” says Team Leader Diane.

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