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Running Shoe Size:10

Joe, Tom and Brian before the BoMF 42K Relay.

Home Town/Family: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, two sisters, one brother

Fave Athletes/Coaches: Tim Duncan, (center San Antonio Spurs), Tom Brady (QB New England Patriots), Bobby Knight (former IU basketball coach)

Fave Music: Easy Listening

Fave Post Race Food: Fruit

Fave Food: Baked Chicken

In what branch did you serve? Navy, four years as a machinist

Most memorable BoMF memory? Climbing what seemed like mountains in the Planet Adventure trail run. Leon and I were jumping logs and encouraging a group of female runners and they were doing the same to us.

Why did you come out for the BoMF team?  To be part of a group and be held accountable. It makes you get up in the morning and run. I like the races, the individual accomplishments and cheering each other on.

What difference has BoMF made in your life? I’m more physically fit and mentally tough.

What’s most challenging aspect of your life right now and how are you meeting that challenge? Right now it’s getting a job.

What races have you run in with BoMF? Which one was your fave? Outrun the Sun, Joseph Maley Run, Drumstick Dash, Planet Adventure Trail Run, Trinity Trot and the BoMF 42K Relay. I’d say the 42K Relay and the Planet Adventure Trail Run were my favorites.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to watch movies, all kinds like action, tech movies and even love stories.  It takes a really funny movie to make me laugh though. I also like to read. Dr. William Glasser is one of my favorite authors.

Joe’s BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). I’d like to find consistent employment and complete the RN program that I will start in April. It should take about a year. Eventually I’d like to return to Milwaukee to be closer to my parents and siblings.

We give a runner’s salute to Joe
for his commitment to the Warman Warriors
Back on My Feet Team, his kind eyes and million dollar smile!

Joe finishes strong with his BoMF 42K Relay Team of Tom, Leon and Emily

Crossing the finish line at the Planet Adventure Trail Run

Taking it easy before Outrun the Sun

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