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Duane (our yoga guru) in the warrior pose



At the Lake View YMCA this past Sunday, BoMF Chicago took a momentary breather from the busy holiday season and enjoyed a yoga session together.  Residential Members from three teams came together to practice stretching, breathing, and relaxing.  Some were brand new to yoga, like Dawn of Lawson House and Willie of St. Leonard’s, but others were quite familiar with yoga and all its benefits.  Duane, of St. Leonard’s, had practiced yoga for a year and half, and told us, “Keep at it, it works!”  Denis, from Lawson House, was giving it a try for the first time but prepared for the session by reading a yoga book!



Our whole crew hard at work!



All participants tried downward dog, warrior, and even a balancing act of a pose called the “crow.” Joe from St. Leonard’s said when we finished up, “I feel muscles I’ve never felt before!” Everyone agreed that yoga was much harder– but more beneficial– than we might have first thought.  Our instructor, Cari, reminded us how important it is, as runners, to take the time to stretch and relax! Everyone enjoyed the session and looks forward to  “keeping at it,” as Duane recommended.  We may just need to have another yoga class again soon!

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