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Though a month far more mild (weather wise) than expected, Back on My Feet Chicago found plenty of ways to spice things up.  From our annual pre-Thanksgiving fun run to ever-expanding morning circles, there wasn’t a dull moment this month for our teams.

At Team Uptown, we celebrated the enrollment of Residential member Frank into Inspiration Corporation’s Culinary Arts training program.  This terrific program helps participants learn the meaning of commitment and responsibility while also learning their way around a restaurant kitchen.  We wish Frank well there and hope for his success! We also send well wishes and hopes for speedy recovery to the areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy.  Teammate Danny was planning to run the NYC Marathon (he grew up in New York) but instead volunteered for a few days in clean-up efforts.  Uptown enjoyed time spent at the Feaster 5k, always a favorite BoMF event, and we were especially proud of Lee for running the 3.1 miles.  NonRes Monika, Eric, Jaya, and Beth were there to support, run, and contribute delicious eats!

Smiling at the end of our Feaster 5k!

Team Lake View took to the lakefront and enjoyed the Feaster 5k as well.  Carmelo was proud of his first place finish, and though a backache slowed Omar down, he too had a successful race.  Team Coach Stephen—who literally just happened to bump into him along the route—jumped into the race and helped him to the finish line! Lake View also enjoyed a special Thanksgiving lunch on the actual holiday.  Team leader Jay and NonRes Julie helped to coordinate a wonderful afternoon full of food and good company.  It was a real treat to share holiday time with the Back on My Feet family, and everyone left stuffed.

Lake View celebrates Thanksgiving together!

Though the theme of November can often seem like it is food, the focus at St. Leonard’s this month was on homes too! We had two Residential Members move out and into their own apartments. Both Issac and Jorge are proud to have places to call home, and it is all the more exciting to make this move just in time for the holidays.  They still plan to run with the team when they can! In the meantime, new members eagerly fill our ranks.  Both Ron and Willie joined the team this month, and completed their first 5k fun run.  Ron’s enthusiasm was unmatched as he cheered, “Back on My Feet! We’re taking over Chicago!” We certainly hope so…

Ron at the finish of his first 5k!

Last but certainly not least, Lawson House too had a month full of accomplishments.  Residential teammate Dawn celebrated two exciting things—both her birthday and reaching 50 miles!  A few teammates, with Wahid at the forefront, remain involved with Streetwise Neighborhood Carts and keep busy vending fruit.  Carney finds himself equally busy as a delivery person with UPS… and knows that December will only be busier as holiday packages fill up the delivery trucks.  Lawson House runners—among them Team Coach Dave and Res Al, Wahid, Anthony, and Carney—are happily logging long Saturday miles as they train for January’s half marathon.

Though we don’t know when exactly winter will hit, or what it may bring to us in Chicago this year, we look forward to the months ahead and hope they stay as hectic and happy as November has been! 

Our last cheer in short sleeves, maybe!

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