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Andy, Todd, Anthony and Wahid have been training hard for the CARA FirstMerit Bank Lakefront 10 Miler and they all completed the race on April 28th. Despite the rain, all four of them got their best times to date! Congrats!

On April 25th, the non-residential members surprised the residential members with breakfast at Elly’s Pancake House. The team ran to Elly’s from Lawson House and then sat down for a delicious breakfast. This was definitely a fun break from our usual morning runs and a great opportunity to bond with all of our residential members!

Two of our residential members and 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon finishers, Wahid and Andy, were featured in Street Wise this month! In fact, Wahid ended up scoring a spot on the cover! They did a wonderful job representing Back on My Feet Chicago!

April has been an exciting month for the Lawson House team, and we are hopeful that May will bring great things as well!

Non-Residential Member of the Month: Melissa

The Lawson House team feels so lucky to have Melissa. Her excitement and dedication have brought so much to the team. And Melissa can tell you how much Back on My Feet has impacted her life as well:

“Being part of Back on my Feet has been a truly incredible experience.  I am so happy and honored to have met such amazing, enthusiastic, and kind people through the Lawson House MACHINE!  I’ve been with the group ever since I heard about it at the Santa Hustle 5K in December and knew that I had to get involved.  Little did I know the tremendous positive impact it would have on me! I became an avid runner about 5 years ago and have always trained for races and run on my own.  Now, my favorite runs are the ones that are with our team.  Before BOMF,  I never thought it was possible to be excited to see people before the sun rises.  The great energy of our team not only motivates me to get up in the morning, but it sticks with me through the rest of my week.  Our team is filled with such positive and inspiring individuals – I am very lucky to have such a great family to run with.  We all come from different walks of life and are fighting different battles, however at 5:45AM we are all people who want to run, walk, and laugh together.  It’s a community that will always be there for you, rain or shine (literally-we’ll run in just about anything!)  I have already learned so much and have had so much fun with our BOMF family – I look forward to many more runs to come.”

Residential Member of the Month: Todd

Todd was drawn to running from the moment he joined the YMCA Lawson House Back on My Feet team in October 2011! In the seven months since, he has accrued over 300 miles while maintaining 95% attendance at morning runs. Todd’s long-term goals include staying healthy and getting back into the workforce. With the skills Todd has learned in Accenture’s Tools for Success courses and the life lessons he has learned from his team, we are confident Todd can achieve his goals! Todd can tell you how much he enjoys being a part of the YMCA Lawson House team:

“I’ve really had a good experience with Back on My Feet. I really enjoy getting up and running and I enjoy the people that I run with! I have a good time with it. It motivates me in the morning to want to do more things and it’s just really motivating me! It’s been a new thing for me from what I used to do. I’m enjoying the running and it’s a good experience for me. Everybody is good to me and I really like everybody I run with there!”

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