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Name: Kevin Fine

Why did you decide to FundRace for Back on My Feet: Back on My Feet is the most inspirational running group I have ever been a part of… it is the least I can do to try to support it!

How long you’ve been running- Running was always a punishment or conditioning for the other sports I played…I hated it… but for some reason in 2003 I took my first steps and got hooked!

Favorite Athlete: Tough one… Lance Armstrong or Michael Phelps… though I wish controversy or issues would not follow them!

Favorite Race: Tie between BoMF 20 in 24 Lone Ranger or the Philadelphia Marathon

Favorite post run food: Italian Beef Sandwich from Fat Dan’s in Broad Ripple

What kind of music gets you pumped up to run: U2… especially Live recordings.

What races are you running for BoMF: Kevin’s Midwest Triple- Flying Pig Marathon, 500 Festival Mini Marathon and the Carmel Marathon.

Name: Holly Plotnick

Why did you decide to FundRace for BoMF: I was inspired by the dedication and hard work of each resident member that has participated in this journey.

How long you’ve been running: Since High School; started around 1991

Favorite Athlete: Drew Brees

Favorite Race: Disney half-marathon

Favorite post run food: Corndog

kind of music that gets you pumped up to run: 80’s music

Name: Amy Gnagy

Why did you decide to fundRace for BoMF: The night I heard Anne speak something clicked.  I knew that I had to commit to running this race on behalf of BoMF.

How long you’ve been running: Oh boy – too long!  18 years?

Favorite Athlete: Mary Lou Retton – call me old school

Favorite Race: Indianapolis Town Trek.  We ran around town solving clue Amazing race style.  That’s me running the race (actually solving a clue)

Favorite post run food: Bananas and bagels

Music that gets you pumped up to run: really have a huge variety on my iPod.  I can never resist “Baby Got Back”

This is my 7th half marathon!

Name: Jaime Feller

Why did you decide to FundRace for BoMF: “I run because I can”. The BoMF res members have that same opportunity, and I wasn’t about to let money stand in the way of helping them getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other. I knew I could do something…anything…to help.

How long have you been running: 3.5 years

Favorite athlete: Phil Mickelson;

Favorite runner: Shalane Flanagan

Favorite Race: Chicago Half Marathon

Favorite Post Race Food: Anything I can get my hands on!

Music that gets you pumped up to run: Pop, Hip Hop, Rap

It has been such an honor to raise money for Back on My Feet. If between my FundRacing and talking about the organization I have increased even one person’s awareness, then I am helping :)

Name: Michelle Fox

Why did you decide to FundRace for BoMF: We all have our downs, and I hope that someone is there to help me when I need a hand.  I felt moved by the efforts of Back on My Feet, but am unable to do weekly runs right now.  FundRacing for BoMF was the right thing to do!

How long you’ve been running: One year

Favorite Athlete: I am motivated by the stories of “average people” who juggle it all – work, run and strive to make a difference in their community.  Reading about volunteers with programs like Back on My Feet and Run Buddies in Runner’s World magazine inspires me.  Favorite elite athlete – Joan Benoit Samuelson.

Favorite Race: 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Favorite post run food: Pizza

Music that gets you pumped up to run: Love lots of music – from Pink to Simon and Garfunkel!

Thank you all so much for everything-  you guys are all kicking butt and we appreciate every bit of your efforts!

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