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Since joining the REST team in early November, Charles has been a model teammate, missing only one run on the way to amassing over 150 miles in 4 short months. His 99% attendance is tops on the team, and his warm smile and laughter are contagious in the early morning.  Charles’ journey to BOMF has been long and arduous, and in some ways his participation today is nothing short of a miracle.  “Coming from the South, I was exposed to a lot of poverty, violence, drug dealing, a lot of negative influences.  I began to follow those influences, and they led me down to a lot of dark roads, a lot of dark alleys.  One of those alleys, I ended up being shot.  I was shot 13 times with an assault rifle.  The goal was to kill me, but god had other plans.  I went through 6 surgeries and 7 blood transfusions.  I was told I might never walk again by my orthopedic surgeon, and that if I did, I would walk with a limp.  Ever since then, I’ve worked hard to overcome, and do everything I could to literally get back on my feet.  I walked for the first time on Feb. 14th, 2009.  Soon after, my mother got sick and had a slight heart attack.  I was in New Hampshire at the time with my girlfriend.  I had to go to court, and was released to my mother.  That’s when I came to Chicago on Aug. 8th, 2010. Since then I’ve been diligently working to get myself independent, stable, and on my feet.  I’m back in school studying automobile technology, and I’m working hard for a brighter future.  I really appreciate BOMF for the motivation and the inspiration.  Just the wording alone – Back on My Feet – is inspiring.  It’s something a lot of people want to be, but that many aren’t willing to take the steps to actually do it.  However, since I got back on my feet, I’ve been walking, running, and doing whatever I can to stay back on my feet.”


  1. TSantez Phillips March 10th, 2011 10:58 am Reply

    I am glad to be a member of such skilled runners. I have learned so much from this group that will and has aided me in my ambitions to becoming a better man, father, and a friend. I still have my own issues to deal wit. Im coping with a traumatic past but looking forward to a progressive future. I am again basking in such a glory to recieve this honor. It has truly been an experience to live on. I THANK YOU ALL, Coach Debbie. MS. Julie, Abbey, Amy, Kori, Mark, Geno, and any one else that I may have forgotten. you all have shown me that through support and a small amount of sleep. anything in life is doable. I am grateful for the time you all have invested and committed. Our teams are applauding the tough and compassionate love that we re all shown. This is my close. Love you all, alil… lol

  2. pingback May 31st, 2011 12:22 pm

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  3. Brittany Williams October 4th, 2012 1:01 am Reply

    @TSantez Phillips
    I am so proud of everything you have overcame. I really wished you would have shared more, but either way I am proud of who you have become keep it up!

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