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When we land in a new chapter city, we always want to make as much of a splash as we can, so we try to convey to local media the compelling stories of our members and the work our organization does.

It’s not about vanity. It’s about using the natural time hook to spread widely our mission and our organization, for volunteers and support there. It’s about finding partners to offer our members a wider array of opportunities.

Well, after a gear fitting for our inaugural members there now, tomorrow our fifth chapter officially launches in Boston tomorrow. As we try to encourage more coverage, we’ve had about as auspicious start as one could have in New England. A 1,000 word feature story on our chapter launch hit the front page of the Sunday Boston Globe metro section today.

Last year at this time, Karl Holden was downing a 12-pack a day and struggling to find work and a place to stay. One night in August it almost came to an end. After a night of drinking, Holden, a Worcester native, led a Connecticut State Trooper on a high-speed chase that led to his arrest.

Last week, on a narrow street in Roxbury, in the city that hosts the world’s oldest annual marathon, Holden took what he hoped would be the next steps to a new life. Wearing baggy jogging shorts, he and a group of recovering addicts laced up their running shoes and headed out for a jog. This was no fun run. They were asked to be the first members of the new Boston chapter of Back on My Feet, a nationally recognized nonprofit that uses running to help the homeless rebuild their lives.

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