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Sharing a story of homelessness can remind us of the humanity and tenuous balance of life. Sharing a story of overcoming the obstacles that come with addiction can embolden others to do the same.

Antonio LaBoy has a warmth that makes becoming friends easy.

“Antonio is one of those special people in this world who has the ability to make you smile and laugh and feel welcome and belonged the moment that you meet him,” wrote a volunteer and teammate of his from Ready Willing and Able in a letter of reference.

Below, read more about Antonio and hear from him, in four different videos.

Antonio got caught up in drugs in D.C. after losing a son. Dealing and addiction took him to places he never thought he’d go — places he doesn’t want to return to. He moved to Philadelphia and got involved with the RWA program, got clean, earned CDL and passenger CDL licenses and completed a computer certification program at RWA.

In another letter of reference, a volunteer wrote, “I consider Antonio one of our most reliable members of our team.”

He was recently promoted from part-time to a full-time employee at a valet parking . He is a “constant source of support” for his sister in New York, who is battling breast cancer, that volunteer notes.

Below, watch Antonio talk about running with Back on My Feet.

Below, Antonio talks about the path he’s taken and what brought him to RWA and running with BOMF.

Below, Antonio talks about the value of living at RWA.

Below, upon hearing about Back on My Feet’s D.C. chapter, Antonio talks about his time there.


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